Monopoly GO! Goes Wild: Introducing the Game-Changing Wild Stickers!


Monopoly GO! Goes Wild: Introducing the Game-Changing Wild Stickers!

02-23 15:17

Calling all Monopoly GO! collectors! Get ready to unleash your inner sticker sleuth with the newest game-changer - Wild Stickers! These aren't your average adhesive companions; they're the ultimate wild cards, ready to complete your sets and albums with a roar.

But what makes them so wild? Imagine a sticker so powerful, it can morph into ANY missing treasure you desire, from common to rare, even the coveted Gold Stickers! No more agonizing over incomplete sets or the near-impossible hunt for that elusive diamond design.

How do you get the Wild Stickers?

Every players who login after the update will get one wild sticker.The final reward in the Vault has been changed from a Galaxy Pack to a Wild Card. This is a signal that events that previously rewarded Galaxy Packs may now send Wild Cards instead. For example, placing high in a daily tournament, completing a partner event, or participating in an upcoming Galactic Treasures event could all potentially send you a Wild Card.


  • This is your golden opportunity to snag that last Diamond Sticker or conquer an entire album.

  • Use your Wild Sticker immediately upon acquiring it. Don't wait for the perfect moment, seize the sticker destiny!

  • Unleash your collecting spirit and embrace the wild!

With Wild Stickers in your arsenal, the thrill of the hunt transforms into the satisfaction of completion. So, prepare to chase, conquer, and celebrate your sticker supremacy, Monopoly GO!

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