FC 24 daily news#2



2023-09-26 14:33

Raazer has leaked several second-week black ball players, including Kantemir Mitoma. The predicted values are as follows:

Raazer has had instances of inaccurate leaks, so it is not recommended to consider Raazer's leaks as a market standard. Please use them as a reference only.

Next is today's briefing:

Patch 1 has been fully updated, resolving some issues that may have affected game stability for PC players. 

In UT mode, if your lineup or substitutes include Hegerberg, the match will not start. Placing Hegerberg within the club will resolve this issue. Currently, EA is working on fixing this problem. EA is investigating the cause of disconnections with opponents in Club mode after starting a match. 

The FC24 Professional Tournament Qualifiers will begin on October 1st, and online registration will be open. Interested players can visit the official website for instructions.

Next is today's added content: 

There will be one new SBC and one task recently added. The 78+ upgrade will be available, costing 8 gold cards. The SBC will last for 3 days and can be repeated 4 times daily. This time, the task is "Me & Swoosh Classic." Completing the task will reward you with 4 legendary rental players: Ronaldinho, Henry, Carlos, and Scholes.

Two promotional packs will be refreshed today.

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