NBA 2K24 Player Ratings Revealed: Who Tops the List?


NBA 2K24 Player Ratings Revealed: Who Tops the List?

BuyMMOG    2023-07-21 15:26

As the highly anticipated release of NBA 2K24 nears, leaked player ratings have surfaced, piquing the curiosity of gamers worldwide. The MyTEAM mode, a fan-favorite, lets players assemble a dream team of NBA athletes, fine-tune their team dynamics, and take to the court for some basketball action. This mode's popularity lies in its ability to satiate the fantasy of crafting the perfect team and leading a squad of all-stars to victory. To keep the experience authentic and current, player ratings are regularly updated based on the ongoing NBA season.

In NBA 2K24, every player is evaluated based on six key stats: Inside Scoring, Outside Scoring, Athleticism, Playmaking, Rebounding, and Defending. These parameters collectively contribute to an overall score that can reach up to 99. Players also have Archetypes that highlight their unique skills and Badges that grant them special bonuses in their area of expertise. Although having a team stacked with high-rated players can be advantageous, strategy and coordination are just as crucial. Here are the top-rated NBA players in the upcoming NBA 2K24 game.

8. Jayson Tatum

Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum, a versatile player capable of playing both power forward and small forward, has received a solid rating of 95. Tatum excels in Outside Scoring, complemented by his high shot IQ and consistent offense. His high Layup stat also makes him a potent threat in Inside Scoring. His Badges, including Blinders and Guard Up, grant him an edge when blocked, while the Volume Shooter Badge enhances his success rate with increasing shots.

7. Stephen Curry

Golden State Warriors' veteran point guard, Stephen Curry, boasts an overall rating of 96 in NBA 2K24. His prowess in Outside Scoring is unmatched, with a perfect three-point shot rating of 99 and a corresponding Agent 3 Badge. Additionally, his high Pass Accuracy and Ball Handling make him a decent playmaker. However, his lower Defending stat and lackluster Offensive Rebounding make him less balanced as a player.

6. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant, debuting in NBA 2K24 after his move to the Phoenix Suns, also sports a 96 rating. Durant shines in Outside Scoring and holds his ground in Inside Scoring. His Close and Mid-Range Shots are among his best attributes, and his Badges, including Blinders, Deadeye, and Guard Up, provide advantages against various defenders. Durant's 2-Way 3-Level Playmaker Archetype makes him adaptable in passing and Ball Handling.

5. LeBron James

LeBron James, the small forward and point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, enters 2K24 with a 97 rating. LeBron thrives at close range, bolstered by his high Inside Scoring stat, Layup, and Driving Dunk skills. His exceptional Athleticism, coupled with his superhuman Stamina, keeps him going when others are flagging. LeBron's 2-Way Slashing Point Forward Archetype and Badges like Chase Down Artist and Fearless Finisher enhance his gameplay.

4. Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid, the reigning NBA MVP, has earned a 97 rating in NBA 2K24. Embiid, a center for the 76ers, excels in both Inside and Outside Scoring. His Close and Mid-Range Shots are formidable, and his Anchor and Backdown Punisher Badges give him an edge in defense.

3. Luka Dončić

Luka Dončić, the 2K22 cover star, returns to NBA 2K24 with a 97 rating. A point guard and small forward for the Dallas Mavericks, Dončić is a member of the Versatile Offensive Force Archetype. His high Pass Accuracy and Ball Handling, along with Badges like Floor General and Space Creator, make him a vital asset to any team.

2. Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Milwaukee Bucks' point forward and center, also holds a 97 rating in NBA 2K24. With his highest stat being Athleticism, Giannis excels in Inside Scoring, particularly with his Layup stat of 97. His 2-Way Slashing Playmaker Archetype and Bully Badge make him a formidable opponent on the court.

1. Nikola Jokić

Following an impressive performance that led the Denver Nuggets to their first-ever NBA championship, two-time NBA MVP Nikola Jokić tops the list in NBA 2K24 with a 97 rating. His Outside Scoring is his strongest attribute, with his Inside Scoring not far behind. His Diming 3-Level Scorer build and Masher Badge boost his performance, although Defending is not his strong suit.

Remember, these ratings are not set in stone. They willbe updated regularly throughout the NBA season to reflect the athletes' real-world performance.

While having a team of high-rated players can offer certain advantages, remember that game strategy, player synergy, and understanding each player's strengths and weaknesses are vital to achieving victory.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to hit the court in NBA 2K24!


1. What are player ratings in NBA 2K24?

Player ratings in NBA 2K24 are numeric scores assigned to each player based on their skills and performance. These ratings determine the player's effectiveness in various aspects of the game, such as Inside Scoring, Outside Scoring, Athleticism, Playmaking, Rebounding, and Defending.

2. How often are NBA 2K24 player ratings updated?

Player ratings are updated regularly throughout the NBA season. These updates aim to keep the game as realistic as possible by reflecting the players' real-world performance.

3. What are the highest possible and lowest possible player ratings in NBA 2K24?

The highest possible player rating in NBA 2K24 is 99, while the lowest possible rating is yet to be revealed. However, in previous NBA 2K games, the lowest rating has typically been in the 60s.

4. How can I improve my player's rating in NBA 2K24?

In MyCAREER mode, you can improve your player's rating by gaining Virtual Currency (VC) through gameplay and using this currency to upgrade your player's skills. In MyTEAM mode, you can improve your team's overall rating by acquiring better players through card packs or the Auction House.

5. What are Badges in NBA 2K24?

Badges in NBA 2K24 are special skills that players can earn to enhance their gameplay. These badges can provide various bonuses and special abilities, such as improving a player's shooting ability or enhancing their defensive skills.

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