Madden 24 Beta: A Comprehensive Review on Franchise Mode and the Emergence of Mini-Games


Madden 24 Beta: A Comprehensive Review on Franchise Mode and the Emergence of Mini-Games

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The Grand Reveal of Madden 24

On June 8th, the gaming world was set ablaze with the unveiling of the much-anticipated Madden 24. With the Buffalo Bills' star quarterback, Josh Allen, gracing the cover, the release has left an undeniable impression on the gaming community. The closed beta offered a sneak peek into what this year's Madden edition has to offer, with particular focus on the franchise mode and the intriguing return of mini-games. Despite the closed nature of the beta, we were lucky to get an exclusive look at the NFL game's promising new features.

Madden 24's Franchise Mode: A Familiar Feel with Novel Touches

The franchise mode, an essential component of any sports video game, stands as the backbone of Madden 24. Despite criticisms in past editions, the Madden series continues to forge ahead, with Madden 24 promising a unique and immersive experience. While the franchise mode may seem similar to previous installments, there are several noticeable tweaks that add depth and nuance to gameplay.

One such adjustment concerns the customization options for coaches and players. Although the lack of variety in face scans remains a persistent issue, Madden 24 steps up by offering more options than previous iterations. The coaching trees have been revamped, now featuring more things to unlock and more scheme-specific aspects, thus enhancing the gaming experience.

Trading and Strategy: Madden 24 Ups the Ante

The trading system has been overhauled, with six trade slots now available instead of the previous three. Teams can also trade draft picks up to three years into the future, providing an additional layer of strategy. Moreover, the improved trade logic, based on our initial impression, has made computer teams more active in sending trade offers, making the trading experience more dynamic and exciting.

The weekly strategies, another returning feature, offer a familiar yet refined approach. The strategic decisions made will provide your team with boosts during match-ups, thereby adding another layer of tactical depth. For instance, choosing to defend against the opponent's short passing attack will grant a defensive boost in pass rush and improve both man and zone coverage.

The Exciting Return of Mini-Games in Madden 24

One of the highlights of Madden 24 is the triumphant return of mini-games. These games focus on individual players, especially the rookies, adding an extra layer of immersion and fun. These mini-games will allow players to hone their skills, improve their stats, and ultimately impact their performance in the main game.

Immediate Relocation and New Locations in Madden 24

Madden 24 also introduces an exciting feature: the ability to immediately relocate your franchise. A wide array of new locations and team names have been added to the game, each with a unique market size and personality, thereby providing a more realistic and immersive team management experience. From Houston to Tokyo, Madden 24 offers a global stage for your franchise.

Enhancements to Player Abilities and Contracts in Madden 24

In Madden 24, not just quarterbacks, but all players can now have up to four X-Factor abilities, a feature long requested by fans. This change will make those with superstar abilities much more formidable as their overall increases. Additionally, the ability to restructure contracts has been added, offering more flexibility in managing a team's salary cap.

While the NFL Draft in Madden 24 may seem underwhelming at first glance, EA promises that draft classes will be more dynamic, with many superstar players drafted out of college. Some of these players may even debut with key stats maxed out, while others may need to switch positions to maximize their potential.

The Verdict on Madden 24 Beta

Despite it being a closed beta, our initial impressions of Madden 24 are largely positive. The franchise mode, with its tweaks and enhancements, seems promising. The return of mini-games adds a fresh element of fun and skill development, and the ability to immediately relocate your franchise offers a new level of immersion. While not perfect, the changes and enhancements in Madden 24's franchise mode and mini-games are a step in the right direction, and we're excited to see how these features evolve in the full release

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