Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen: The Anticipated Face of Madden 24


Buffalo Bills Quarterback Josh Allen: The Anticipated Face of Madden 24

2023-06-03 10:50

Speculation Surrounding Madden 24's Cover Star

As the much-anticipated release of Madden 24 fast approaches, the gaming community is buzzing with rumors and speculation about who will grace the cover of this iconic game. The latest chatter points towards Josh Allen, the acclaimed quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, being the prime candidate for the coveted spot. Buffalo Fanatics, a dedicated fansite for the Buffalo Bills, has fueled this speculation by presenting Allen as the likely cover athlete for Madden 24.

Unveiling the Mystery of Madden 24 Cover Athlete

The source of these rumors is currently shrouded in mystery, leaving us to ponder whether they are purely speculative or derived from an inside scoop[^5†source]. As a dedicated fansite to the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Fanatics may be expressing a fandom-inspired dream rather than a confirmed fact. 

Regardless, if these rumors prove true, it would mark a milestone for both Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills. Allen would become the first player in the team's history to be featured on the cover of the Madden gaming series.

A History of Quarterbacks as Madden Cover Athletes

While Allen would be the first Buffalo Bills player on the cover, the spotlight isn't new to quarterbacks in general. The Madden franchise has a rich history of featuring leading quarterbacks as their cover athletes. Madden 23 broke this trend by paying homage to the late John Madden, but prior to that, the three preceding editions all showcased quarterbacks.

Madden 22 displayed the dynamic duo of Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, symbolizing a generational handoff. Lamar Jackson took the center stage in Madden 21, followed by Patrick Mahomes making his cover debut in Madden 20.

Josh Allen: A Contender for the Madden 24 Cover

Josh Allen is undeniably a strong candidate for the Madden 24 cover. At 27 years old, he has already established himself as one of the premier quarterbacks in the league. Despite often falling just short of victory, many attribute this to the unfortunate circumstance of his career coinciding with that of Patrick Mahomes.

In a parallel universe where 13 crucial seconds might have swung differently, Allen might already be sporting a Super Bowl ring[^5†source]. His undeniable talent and likability make him a fitting choice for Madden 24's cover, should the rumors hold true.

The Madden Curse: A Consideration for Bills Fans

However, a potential cover position for Allen isn't without its concerns. The Madden curse, a superstition among fans that posits a trend of cover athletes experiencing a downturn in their career or an injury following their Madden cover feature, may give pause to some Bills fans.

The Buffalo Bills have their sights set on the Super Bowl this year, and to secure victory, they will need a healthy Josh Allen leading the charge. 

In conclusion, while the rumors surrounding Josh Allen as the cover athlete for Madden 24 are still unconfirmed, the prospect has certainly stirred up excitement within the gaming community. If the rumors prove true, it will mark a significant milestone for both Allen and the Buffalo Bills. However, the Madden curse looms in the background, adding a layer of complexity to the situation. Regardless of who ends up on the cover, the anticipation for Madden 24's release continues to build.

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