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Welcome to today's daily news.    First, let's take a look at the latest card news.    The pre-loaded interface for the RTTK event is shown below and will be launched this week.    The official upgrade rules have also been announced.    For Champions League cards, winning the group stage earns an additional point, and advancing to the round of 16 earns another point.    For Europa League and Europa Conference League cards, winning the group stage and winning the remaining two matches each earn an additional point, and advancing to the round of 32 earns another point.    Currently, six players have been leaked, including players from Manchester City and Manchester United: Haaland and Bruno Fernandes.    The leaked values are as follows, and there are also leaks about De Paul and Saka.    The official announcement includes three players: Openda, Bernucci, and Machado.

Next up is today's briefing.

The Week Black event will go live this week, featuring Kane, Son Heung-min, Kanté, Cancelo, Savic, Tazgo, Ramos, Mitoma, and other practical players.    Overall, the quality is quite good.

The first week of FC24's weekly competition will be delayed and start on October 6th.

The September La Liga Player of the Month nominees have been announced, with Berenham once again making the list along with Lewandowski and Williams.    Who do you think deserves the Player of the Month award now?

All formations with five defenders and three defenders will be banned in professional tournaments.    This change is intended to enhance the enjoyment of the matches.    What is your evaluation of the "park the bus" formation?

Moving on to today's new additions, an SBC and a task have been added.    The loan Basic Hero Players selection is now available, costing 8,500 for a set of 83-rated players,The significance of this SBC is unclear.    The Theme Team Chase task is now available, with a final reward of a pack containing five 80+ players.    The requirements for the four tasks can be combined in pairs, and it is estimated that six SBCs can be completed in six matches.    The current SBC takes 8 minutes per match, so it's quite good to finish it within an hour. 

Two promotional packs have been refreshed today.

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