Monopoly GO Gardening Partners Event: Unveiling Rewards, Milestones, and Strategies for Success on January 8th!


Monopoly GO Gardening Partners Event: Unveiling Rewards, Milestones, and Strategies for Success on January 8th!

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Get ready for the much-anticipated Monopoly GO Gardening Partners event, set to kick off on January 8th likely at 10 AM ET! This cooperative event promises a fun and engaging experience, akin to past successes like Gift Partners, with a plethora of enticing rewards. 

Coming January 8th: Gardening Partners

Event Overview:

In Gardening Partners, form four partnerships with three other players and embark on a quest for points by spinning an event-specific wheel using tokens. Earn tokens through diverse methods, including landing on specific board spaces, reaching milestones in events and tournaments, or grabbing Quick Wins and free gifts in the Shop. Don't miss the chance to explore free dice links! The event is scheduled to run until January 14th.

Milestones and Rewards:

Partnering up opens the door to five tiers of rewards, culminating in the Grand Prize. Here's a detailed breakdown:


Points Required




200 Free Dice Rolls






250 Free Dice Rolls + Cash (Blue Vault)



High Roller Boost + 400 Free Dice Rolls + 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack



500 Free Dice Rolls + Cash + 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack

Grand Prize


5,000 Dice Rolls, 5-star purple sticker pack, dog emoji with sunglasses, Green Garden Cat board token

How to Find Partners in Monopoly GO:

Ensure your success by teaming up effectively:

  • In-Game Suggestions: Utilize the game's partner suggestions.

  • Online Communities: Engage with dedicated partners in online communities like the Monopoly GO Discord server for a reliable experience.

  • Invite Friends & Family: Simplify gameplay by inviting friends already playing, creating a focused team.

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Note: The absence of purple and Galaxy sticker packs may be due to the new Monopoly Origins sticker album. Look out for potentially better rewards in upcoming partner events in February and March 2024.

Strategies and Tips:

Maximize your success with these strategies:

  • High Roller Bonus: Keep an eye out for this significant boost in the main event and tournaments.

  • Reconnect with Reliable Partners: Strengthen your chances by teaming up with reliable partners from past events.


That wraps up our comprehensive overview of the upcoming Gardening Partners event in Monopoly GO. Stay tuned for the latest updates as the launch date approaches. Roll the dice, collaborate effectively, and reap the rewards in this exciting cooperative gaming experience!

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