EA FC 24 officially launched, in the end should buy the ultimate edition or the standard edition


EA FC 24 officially launched, in the end should buy the ultimate edition or the standard edition

BuyMMOG    2023-07-24 15:40

EA SPORTS has officially released their latest football game, EA SPORTS FC 24, and pre-orders are now available. Many players are wondering whether it's worth buying the Standard Edition or the Ultimate Edition for PS, Xbox, Switch, or PC. Today, we will analyze the differences between the two versions.

We will only discuss the differences between the Standard Edition and the Ultimate Edition today. As for when to buy, we will discuss it in another topic later. Firstly, let's take a look at the previous years where the NS version suffered from serious restrictions in graphics quality and physics engine. This year, the physics engine for the Switch has been significantly improved and the game will use a new Frostbite engine for the first time. Additionally, there will be upgraded game features. Therefore, this generation of the game is a significant improvement for Switch players and is worth buying. However, since the UT market for Switch may not be connected to other platforms, the purchase of the Ultimate Edition may not be meaningful for most Switch players. For those who mainly play single-player games, the Standard Edition would suffice.

As for PS5, Xbox Series S, and PC, the next-generation consoles and PC players can all use the EA FC24 with the new hyper motion V physics engine, which makes players highly anticipate the game. However, since EA has not provided a clear video simulation of the new physics engine, we do not know what improvements it has made.

Regarding the price, the official price of the Standard Edition is 69.99$. Compared with last year's policy, there is not much change. The price of Ultimate Edition is 99.99$,it can enjoy a 10% discount before August 22 in the PS and Xbox next-generation console versions, and before September 29 for the PC version. Therefore, if you are a single-player manager or career player, I personally feel that the scout career points given as a gift may not be of significant use in actual gameplay. It may be better to wait until the game is available with an EA membership discount of 10% or even higher before buying it before the official release on September 29.

Now let's take a look at the advantages of the Ultimate Edition. The additional content is mostly required for UT online play. The biggest advantage is the seven-day priority access, while the Standard Edition requires waiting until September 29 to play. Therefore, for UT players who plan to play the game for a long time, it is recommended to choose the Ultimate Edition. Although the advantage of buying the game early may not be as significant for some players who plan to spend little or no money on the game, the snowball effect of getting the initial advantage can be significant.

For those who plan to buy the physical disc for the purpose of selling it after the next generation version is released, it may not be very profitable. Also, for PC players who mainly play single-player games, buying the physical disc may not be necessary. Additionally, since the anti-cheat system will be strengthened this year, some players' computers, especially those who have upgraded to Windows 11, may face a new decryption process. Therefore, it may not be worth the risk of logging in early for limited benefits. For UT players on PC, the price of the Ultimate Edition is only half of the main game, so it is expected that a large number of players will choose the Ultimate Edition. In a sense, the advantages of being the first to enter the game are becoming increasingly significant. Those who have the financial ability may consider purchasing the Ultimate Edition during the pre-sale period to gain an advantage. However, for students, it is recommended to consider their own practical situation.

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