A detailed analysis of the new features in EA FC 24's Ultimate Team mode


A detailed analysis of the new features in EA FC 24's Ultimate Team mode

BuyMMOG BuyMMOG    2023-08-14 16:01

EA recently released a teaser trailer for the new features of the Ultimate Team (UT) mode in FC 24. Let's take a look at some of the main changes.

Firstly, in UT mode, FC 24 introduces a player upgrade system where players can level up by completing specific tasks. Upgradable aspects include the overall player rating, specific attribute data, skill move levels, weak foot levels, attacking and defensive work rates, traits, secondary positions, and card effects. Upgraded player cards are permanently valid and cannot be traded. Upgrades cannot be reverted, but players can be sacrificed in SBC (Squad Building Challenges) if desired. Upgrade tasks will be regularly released each season, with some tasks having time restrictions. Certain tasks may require spending coins or green points to unlock, while others have specific conditions, such as using only silver cards or selecting three-star weak foot defenders. Based on this, it won't be possible to obtain top-rated players with 90+ ratings within 100 hours of gameplay at the start. Additionally, the selection of players for upgrades depends on the specific task requirements, and it is not limited to upgrading a single player. Early tasks may require bronze or silver cards, while later stages may introduce upgrades for higher-rated players. If a player meets multiple upgrade requirements, they can be upgraded multiple times. However, only one player can be activated for upgrade tasks at a time, and it's not possible to upgrade multiple players simultaneously. After completing a task, it's generally not possible to repeat it, so choosing the right player for upgrades is important. Overall, player upgrades are a positive addition that allows lesser-known players to have a chance on the field. Whether this feature will be highly praised or ignored depends on how EA plans the upgrade tasks.

The second major change is the inclusion of women's football. UT mode in FC 24 confirms that male and female players can play together, including the English Women's Super League, French Women's Division 1, Women's Bundesliga, Spanish Women's League, National Women's Soccer League, and some clubs that qualify for the Women's Champions League. The player pool now includes 1600+ women's football players. The treatment of male and female players will be completely equal, and female players will also have Hero and Legend cards. Women's football players can participate in upgrade tasks, engage in market transactions, and be sacrificed in SBC. Various task rewards will also include women's football player cards. Moments gameplay will also feature women's football content, and women's football player cards can be selected in the Squad Builder mode. Women's football players will also be included in player packs. EA's goal is to provide players with more choices and create diverse lineups, allowing them to build their unique Ultimate Team. As for how women's football players will perform on the field, we'll have to wait for the game's release to evaluate it properly.

Regarding the newly introduced playStyles system in UT mode this year, there are some notable features. Players with playStyles+ will have the skill icon displayed directly on their card, making it clear and identifiable. The most important aspect of playStyles is how to obtain and upgrade them. Based on the information provided, playStyles come fixed with player cards and cannot be individually selected or equipped, nor can they be purchased on the market. Apart from the upgrade system mentioned earlier that allows completing tasks to upgrade playStyles for specific players, various events accompanying the continuous release of new cards by EA throughout the year will feature different signature skills.

As for the Chemistry system, EA has adopted the same system as FIFA 23 this year. The Chemistry Points for each player are calculated based on nationality, league, and club affiliation. However, there are two new changes. Firstly, legendary players can provide two Chemistry Points to players of the same nationality, and this year they can also provide an additional Chemistry Point to players from the same league. If there are two legendary players in the squad, an extra Chemistry Point will be added for the league. Additionally, female and male players from the same club can benefit from club affiliation chemistry, such as Chelsea's female player Kerr and male player James. However, the English Premier League and the English Women's Super League are considered two different leagues, so they won't have league chemistry together. Considering the ability of legendary players to add league Chemistry Points, the role of legendary players in bridging the gap between male and female players will be crucial.

Apart from the major updates mentioned above, EA has made some smaller changes. Firstly, the menu interface has been optimized for better layout, making it easier for players to navigate and quickly access desired tasks. Task rewards can now be redeemed simultaneously with a single click, eliminating the need to redeem rewards individually. Card designs have also been updated with an additional 30% space, allowing for more content display in future activities. Player photos and portraits will also have more space for creative utilization. The top left corner of the card will display a number indicating the card's version. Special version player cards will have more elaborate designsand unique visual effects to distinguish them from regular cards.

In terms of gameplay, EA has introduced several improvements. The AI-controlled players' positioning and decision-making have been enhanced, making them more intelligent and responsive on the field. New animations have been added to enhance player movements, aiming to provide a more realistic and immersive experience. Dribbling mechanics have also been refined, allowing for more precise control over the ball. Shooting mechanics have been adjusted to provide a better balance between power and accuracy, making it more rewarding for players who can master the shooting technique.

In addition to these changes, EA has promised regular updates and content releases throughout the year to keep the Ultimate Team mode fresh and engaging. This includes new player cards, events, challenges, and more, ensuring that players have a continuous stream of new content to explore and enjoy.

It's important to note that the information provided is based on the teaser trailer and official announcements made by EA. The actual gameplay experience and implementation of these features may vary, so it's advisable to refer to the official sources and reviews for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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