BuyMMOG    2023-10-09 16:20

Welcome to today's daily news. Let's take a look at the latest card news. The four players shown in the image have been leaked but have not yet made their debut. They are expected to be released in the coming days.

Next up is today's briefing. The mini team of RTTK Team 2 has made their appearance. The players featured are Matić, Hincapié, and Götze. Here are their stats:

The progress of the Best of September in the top five leagues is as follows: the La Liga SBC has already been released, the Premier League and Serie A are about to be announced, and the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 will soon announce their list of candidates.

The Amazon Prime Member Combo Pack has been added to the code repository and continues to be a great pack released monthly.

Next, let's talk about the new additions. There is a new SBC with a task to complete. The legendary Beckham is available for 400,000 coins. He has three-star weak foot and three-star skill moves, high composure, and stands at 182cm tall. His traits include control and acceleration. He has a golden free kick trait and is known for his shooting, finesse shots, through balls, long passes, crosses, and volleys. As an attacking midfielder card, Beckham's data and model are solid, and his passing ability is even top-tier. However, the downside is his three-star weak foot and skill moves. Considering the cost of 400,000 coins, slightly higher than the market price, it is reasonable. But from the perspective of his strength and cost-effectiveness, it is not recommended to complete the SBC. Beckham fans might want to try the loan task first. If it feels good to use, then you can consider completing it.

There is a new Champions League game event with a 6-day duration. You can participate in 4 matches each day. Winning ten matches will reward you with a pack containing five 80+ rated players. Your Division Rivals rank will affect the matchmaking mechanism for some friendly matches. The difficulty of the tasks is relatively high.

Lastly, there are updates on three promotional packs.

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