Monopoly GO Dot Com Dash Tournament: Unveiling Rewards and Achievements


Monopoly GO Dot Com Dash Tournament: Unveiling Rewards and Achievements

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Embark on the Monopoly GO adventure with the exhilarating return of the Dot Com Dash tournament. This 24-hour event promises an array of 25 milestones and rewards, creating a buzz among mobile gamers. Join us on Jan 15, 2024, as we delve into the exciting world of Monopoly GO and discover the enticing prizes that await.

Dot Com Dash rewards and milestones

Rewards Overview:

Explore the Dot Com Dash rewards and milestones, each adding a layer of excitement to your gaming experience. From Dice to Cash, Sticker packs, and exclusive power-ups, there's something for every enthusiast. Let's break down the highlights of this dynamic tournament.

Dot Com Dash Milestones and Rewards:

MilestonesTokens/PointsDot Com Dash Rewards
13540 Dice
240Sticker Pack (one-star x2)
39070 Dice
4130High Roller for five minutes
511080 Dice
7900Sticker Pack (two-stars x3)
8250Mega Heist for 15 minutes
9225Sticker Pack (three-stars x3)
10275175 Dice
12400Sticker Pack (four-stars x4)
13375250 Dice
15500Rent Frenzy for 20 minutes
16600375 Dice
17550Sticker Pack (four-stars x4)
19800500 Dice
221,300750 Dice
231,500Cash Boost for 15 minutes
252,0001,200 Dice

Dot Com Dash Duration:

Immerse yourself in the Dot Com Dash tournament, a thrilling 24-hour event that concludes on Jan 16 at 11:58 am CT. Don't miss your chance to seize these exclusive rewards within the limited timeframe.

Is Dot Com Dash Worth Playing?

For avid players seeking free Dice and valuable Stickers, Dot Com Dash is a must-play. With reasonable milestones up to milestone 17, players can strategically use the earned Dice to aim for coveted five-star Sticker packs in the concurrent Equity Extravaganza solo event. Ensure to maximize your multiplier for an enhanced gaming experience.

How to Play Dot Com Dash in Monopoly GO:

Participating in Dot Com Dash is simple. Land on Railroad tiles to trigger engaging Bank Heist or Shutdown mini-games. Dot Com Dash follows this standard, offering more tokens/points for a Bank Heist over a Shutdown.

Bank Heist Dot Com Dash Rewards:

  • Small Heist: 4 tokens

  • Large Heist: 6 tokens

  • Bankrupt Heist: 8 tokens

  • Mega Heist: 12 tokens

Shutdown Dot Com Dash Rewards:

  • Blocked: 2 tokens

  • Shutdown success: 4 tokens


As of Jan 15, 12 pm CT, all Monopoly GO Dot Com Dash rewards and milestones have been updated, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for all participants.

Join the Dot Com Dash excitement now and elevate your Monopoly GO journey to new heights!

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