BuyMMOG    2023-10-11 17:28

Welcome to this edition of the daily report. Let's start by taking a look at the latest news. 

A large number of TOTW players have been leaked, with the most notable ones being Valverde and goalkeeper Giroud. Even EA is getting in on the official activities. 

There are two fast wingers, Coman and Sterling. 

The data predictions are as follows: Lukaku and Romelu are also selected for the weekly black team. 

Additionally, there are Aubameyang,Tavernier,Milinkovic-Savic and McTominay. 

The candidates for the best player of the month in Ligue 1 have been announced as follows.

Next up is today's message. The 87+ hero draw has been leaked and will be available soon.Finally, we can start drawing. 

Moving on to today's new content. Today, one SBC and two missions have been added. The UEFA Bergwijn SBC costs 30,000. It is a 4-star, 2-reverse, low-medium type with a height of 178. The Stockey model controls the acceleration type. The data for the reverse mentality is average, unless used with Eredivisie players, I do not recommend making it. 

The new mission, "Winner's Lounge," requires you to achieve 20 victories in the DRG camp, and you can get a very handsome VIP area decoration.

There are two refreshed sales packs today.

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