Beginner's Guide to Winning in the Goblin Map: Priest Class and Strategies


Beginner's Guide to Winning in the Goblin Map: Priest Class and Strategies

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Are you a newcomer looking for tips and tricks to excel in the Goblin Map? Look no further! In this guide, we'll introduce you to the Priest class, share skill recommendations, and provide effective strategies to increase your chances of victory. Let's dive in!

  • Choose the Priest Class: The Priest class is an excellent choice for newcomers due to its exceptional healing abilities as an Advanced Therapist. Additionally, Priests are skilled in shield mastery, enhancing their survivability. Give it a try and experience the advantages firsthand!

  • Level 10 Recommendation: Once you reach level 10, we highly recommend unlocking the Brewmaster talent. This talent provides significant advantages in battles, granting you an edge over your opponents.

  • Level 15 Talent Options: Upon reaching level 15, you have two excellent talent choices: Perseverance and Holy Aura. Both talents offer valuable benefits to your gameplay, so choose the one that aligns with your preferred playstyle.

  • Primary Skill: When selecting your first skill, opt for Smite over Holy Purification. Smite proves more effective when individually attacking monsters, enhancing your combat prowess. Holy Purification, on the other hand, may attract unintended attention from enemies, making it less suitable for newcomers. However, once you become familiar with the game mechanics, feel free to experiment and switch to Holy Purification.

  • Secondary Skill: Spell Memory is your secondary skill, and we recommend learning the following spells: Lesser Healing, Sanctuary, Protection, and Blessing. These spells will provide you with essential healing and defensive capabilities, ensuring your survival in challenging situations.

  • Pre-Battle Preparation: Before engaging in combat, remember to apply Protection and Blessing buffs to yourself. Protection creates a shield that blocks 20 points of physical damage for 20 seconds, while Blessing slightly increases your strength. These buffs will significantly bolster your combat effectiveness.

  • Self-Defense Strategies: As a newcomer, it's advisable to avoid player battles in the Goblin Map. However, if the situation demands it, your self-defense abilities will prove invaluable. Lesser Healing is a quick self-healing spell ideal for countering poison damage. Sanctuary offers continuous healing, making it an excellent choice when facing poison-related challenges.

  • Benefits of the Priest Class: The Priest class boasts high healing capabilities, making it a strong choice for newcomers. Additionally, exploring the map during the early stages will help you familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Compared to other professions, Priests possess superior survivability, granting you an advantage against opponents.

  • Utilize the Brewmaster Talent: If you acquire Brew, take advantage of the Brewmaster talent. Before engaging an opponent, activate Blessing and Protection, consume the beer, and attack with a stick. This combination significantly increases your chances of victory.

  • Poison Tactics: With Lesser Healing and Sanctuary at your disposal, you can endure poison damage and sustain yourself without relying on other players. When encountering opponents, consider leading them into poison-infested areas. Typically, other players will hesitate to follow, giving you an opportunity to heal and engage in combat, potentially securing a kill.

  • Evacuation Point Strategy: In the center of the map, you'll find the crucial evacuation point. This point opens in the later stages of the game, allowing a designated person to evacuate. To optimize your chances of survival, explore the area and complete your search before waiting for the evacuation point to open. Once available, make your way to the evacuation point for a safe escape.

r/DarkAndDarker - In solos these stairs are a 1 time use static extraction. The gate opens randomly, and sometimes not at all. Have fun camping :)

By following these tips and strategies, you'll enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success in the Goblin Map. Embrace the power of the Priest class, master your skills, and adapt to different scenarios for a thrilling and victorious journey!

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