Hot Rod Partners Event: Launching on March 8th


Hot Rod Partners Event: Launching on March 8th

03-06 17:02

Hot Rod Partners Event: Launching on March 8th


Get ready to rev up your excitement! Confirming the swirling rumours, the eagerly awaited Hot Rod Partners event is all set to hit the tracks on March 8th, 2024!

Important Note: Event details are subject to adjustments until launch day.

Event Schedule

Start: March 8th EST 7:30 AM EST

End: March 13th, 2:59 PM EST

What Makes Partner Events in Monopoly GO Special?

Monopoly GO is renowned for its diverse array of tournaments and events, keeping players engaged with exciting gameplay. Partner Events, in particular, stand out as a highlight each month, fostering collaboration among players to achieve common goals and unlock exclusive rewards.

Hot Rod Partners Event Rewards

During the Hot Rod Partners event, players can join forces to reach various milestones and objectives, earning exclusive rewards. Participants have the chance to unlock Sticker Packs, Cash, and free Dice rolls, enhancing their gameplay experience.In the fourth reward box, the 30-minute High Roller will make it easier for you to complete tasks and earn event pieces. In the fifth reward box, the 15-minute Sticker Boom will help you acquire more stickers to complete your album.

Additionally, winners of the Hot Rod Partners event will be rewarded with the prestigious Diamond Dragster token upon completing all four slots. This coveted token symbolises victory and achievement, adding an extra layer of excitement to the competition. Alongside the Diamond Dragster token, winners will receive 5,000 dice and a Wild Sticker, enhancing the thrill of the race.

Stay tuned for more updates as we gear up for the exhilarating Hot Rod Partners event in Monopoly GO!

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