NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis


NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

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In this comprehensive review and analysis, we delve into the details of the NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog. We'll dissect every aspect of the game, from its highs and lows to its overall impact on the gaming community. By the end of this article, we'll have formed an opinion on whether this new mode lives up to the hype.

Earning My Team Points in NBA 2K24

One standout feature in the NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog is the new methods of earning My Team (MT) points. The game developers have made it easier to generate MT points by simply playing the game, a marked improvement from previous versions where the primary way to earn points was through opening packs or sniping. This is a significant upgrade, addressing one of the most prominent flaws in the previous versions.

Changes to Card Tiers and the Auction House

In addition, the developers have introduced a restriction on card tiers, with 92 to 94 overall cards being the highest tiers for the first two seasons. This is a positive move towards improving the pace of the game and keeping the competition balanced.

However, a striking change in NBA 2K24 is the disappearance of the Auction House. In its place, we now have the Player Market, a platform where players can buy and sell cards with MT points. This change comes with its own set of pros and cons. On one hand, it provides a more streamlined way to acquire cards, but on the other, it might lead to an increased spend for players to build a competitive team.

Card Grading and Value Depreciation

The game has also introduced a card grading system. The higher the grade of a card, the more it sells for. This means that a card's worth is not just determined by its player but also by its grade, adding another layer of strategy to the game. Another interesting feature is that cards do not depreciate in value. Regardless of how long you've owned a card, it will still sell for its original value. This means that even if a card becomes less relevant in gameplay over time, it doesn't lose its value in the market.

Earning XP and Season Rewards

In NBA 2K24, players earn XP through gameplay and limited-time challenges. This makes the process of levelling up more engaging and challenging. The season one rewards include a level one LeBron James and a level 40 Kyrie Irving. However, to unlock the ultimate reward, a Brandon Roy card, players need to complete every single game mode.

Changes to Agendas

The game's developers have revamped the agendas, making them more integral to the gameplay. Instead of just offering XP, the new agendas provide specific cards and other in-game items, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The Salary Cap Mode

One feature that has stirred up some debate is the new salary cap mode. In this mode, a card's salary is determined by its usage, not its quality or tier. This could potentially create imbalance, especially if a lower-rated card that's popular among players ends up costing more than a higher-rated but less used card. Such a system might discourage the use of budget players in the salary cap mode, which could be a concern for players who prefer to build teams on a budget.


The NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog brings a host of changes to the game, some exciting and others controversial. While the ease of earning MT points and the elimination of card value depreciation are welcome changes, the removal of the Auction House and the introduction of the salary cap mode have raised some eyebrows. It remains to be seen how these changes impact the gaming experience in the long run. But for now, the NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog is an intriguing addition to the franchise, promising a new era of strategic gameplay and intense competition.

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