FC 24 daily news#1



BuyMMOG BuyMMOG    2023-09-25 12:36

Welcome to this edition of the daily news. Let's start by taking a look at today's briefings. Patch 1 for the PC version is soon to be released, addressing stability issues for players' gameplay.

Next, we have some new additions. One SBC and two missions have been introduced. The basic lineup features Akpon with a cost of 75,000, consisting of an 84-rated and an 86-rated team. The player is a versatile center-forward with a height of 6'1",3 star skill and 3 star weak foot utilizing a high and average model with excellent attributes in speed, shooting, and physicality. The player's overall performance reaches its peak in the game's big model, making it an impressive choice. However, there are some noticeable drawbacks. The star player requires a certain level of skill for the fancy moves and the reverse foot technique. It may also present challenges in the Dutch league. If you plan to acquire this card, completing the upcoming tasks would be advisable.

Squad Foundations:Eredivisie is up. By accomplishing the specified tasks, you can obtain three Dutch league players and some combination packs. On the goalkeeper position, we have Cillessen, standing at 6”1’ tall, slightly shorter but still a chem link card. On the left back, we have Smal, a left-footed left-back with a 2-star skill moves and 3-star weak foot rating. With a height of  6”0’, he follows the high and average model. However, it's recommended not to use his fancy moves and reverse foot technique as a full-back due to his slower speed. As a chem link player, he doesn't meet the highest qualifications.

Driouech is a left-footed winger with a 3-star skill moves and 3-star weak foot rating. At a height of 5”9’, he also follows the high and average model. Although his fancy moves, reverse foot, and intermediate skills are average, he compensates with his speed, 98 agility, and 96 balance. His physical attributes are also impressive, making him a reliable option for the wing position. Those interested in Akpon's card should pay attention to these details.

Additionally, there is a new friendly match task called the Evo Lounge. By achieving 7 victories in the friendly match mode's Evo Lounge, you can complete all the tasks and receive two 83+ rated players as the final reward.

Today, there are four promotional packs available for refresh. If you wish to open packs, it is recommended to open two Gold promotional packs. However, it is currently not advisable to open non-tradeable packs during the early stage of the game, as they may result in losses. If you obtain unusable cards, they cannot be converted into coins. Therefore, it's not recommended for players to open two non-tradeable promotional packs.

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