EA FC 24 New Manager and Career Mode Content Released


EA FC 24 New Manager and Career Mode Content Released

2023-08-01 16:50

Finally, the long-awaited new content for EA FC 24's Manager and Career modes has been released. EA Sports officially announced the renamed game last night, along with changes to the new Manager and Career modes. In the new Manager mode, EA will add assistant coaches to the team. The star level of each assistant coach will directly determine the growth of the player in their respective position. In the new version, you can adjust the focus of player training and even matches. For example, if there is training before a game, you can choose to have players participate at low intensity. If your core players have multiple games in a week, you can choose to rotate players in some games to ensure they gain growth experience while also allowing for appropriate distribution of physical fitness.

In addition, the new version will also include pre-match preparation reports. This new feature will provide information about the opposing team's tactics and some countermeasures. The optional tactics have also become standard, such as "Two Wings Fly Together," "TIKI-TAKA," "High-Pressure Pressing," "Long Pass and Run," and "Versatile Eight." Furthermore, the new Manager mode will determine the transfer budget for the next season based on the player's completion of the board's goals. Different seasons will have different goals set by the board. Completing these tasks will earn you the corresponding transfer budget. Of course, the specific amount of unlocked funds will depend on the team's wealth and budget.

Regarding the appearance of the game, more jersey designs have been added. Players can choose their own sponsors on their jersey and receive corresponding sponsorship budgets. Accessories such as protective goggles and mirror masks have also been added in the new version. In addition to the Manager mode, there have also been significant changes to the Career mode. The biggest change is the introduction of player agents. These player agents can guide your career path, comment on your achievements, negotiate potential transfers and contracts with clubs, and help you shape your future. Most importantly, players can finally choose their desired club, and the agent will help you develop the growth direction to gain the favor of the club.

Aside from the above two regular modes, the development team at Emo has also returned. Players are eagerly anticipating the online Manager mode. In an interview, the two producers stated that the online Career mode will not be released soon and is still being studied to improve the technology. The development team is also studying the direction of the entire game market to make the future online Career mode a more accessible game mode.

That concludes our interpretation of EA FC 24's new Manager and Career modes. We will continue to follow up and report on any updates.

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