NBA 2K23 Season 5: New Additions for Players and Rewards

2023-02-23 10:24

NBA 2K23 Season 5 is set to release on February 24 and will feature Tyler Herro, the reigning Sixth Man of the Year.  With the launch of Season 5, players can expect exciting new additions and rewards in MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W.  Here are the details:

MyCAREER Rewards and Additions

Players will have access to new tropical rewards in MyCAREER, including a Hawaiian shirt, Ja Morant shoes, and an all-new Pocket Bike.  These rewards can be unlocked as players progress through the game and reach Level 40 in The City (New Gen) or The G.O.A.T. Boat (Current Gen).

MyTEAM Rewards and Additions

MyTEAM in Season 5 will offer the first-ever 99-rated card for reaching Level 40 in NBA 2K23 - a Dark Matter Tyler Herro card.  To help you on your journey to Level 40, players will receive a Free Agent Miami Heat LeBron James card.  This season, MyTEAM rewards are plentiful, and players can earn over 400 new cards, including '23 NBA: Series 2 cards with 30 new Pink Diamond Collection Complete Rewards available to earn.

The W Updates

Season 5 updates for The W feature new content surrounding the reigning champs, the Las Vegas Aces.  Players can expect new rewards such as a Becky Hammon Head Coach card, T-Shirt, and more.  Updates also include Clothing Bundles, Player Boosts, and more.

2K Beats NBA 2K Producer Series

2K Beats continues its NBA 2K Producer Series this season, featuring all-new beats from top producers such as BoogzDaBeast, JohnG, Kosine, Big Duke, Bizness Boi, and WondaGurl.  Players can even record their own verses over these beats and share them on social media using #NBA2KProducerSeries to showcase their talent to the world.

In addition to the above features, Season 5 of NBA 2K23 will also include an all-new tracklist available in-game, and global artists can submit their best verses for a chance to be featured.  Season 5 will also see the exclusive debut of Dayne Carter's new song, "Ten Toes," which will be featured in a trailer scheduled to arrive on Friday.


NBA 2K23 Season 5 promises to be an exciting update for players, with new rewards and additions in MyCAREER, MyTEAM, and The W.  With the opportunity to unlock tropical rewards, earn new cards, and enjoy new content, there's no better time to start playing NBA 2K23.  Be sure to check out the latest Courtside Report for more details on NBA 2K23 Season 5.

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