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The Top FIFA World Cup Icons Available in Ultimate Team in FIFA 23

2022-12-16 15:30

The World Cup is now the focus of FIFA 23's Ultimate Team, and the FIFA World Cup Icons have arrived. FIFA 23's second season has featured a number of promotions, including World Cup Stories. In FIFA, icons are renowned star players who are regarded as the game's most elusive cards. For the first time ever, the World Cup will take place in the middle of the season, allowing players to pack and add World Cup icons to their primary Ultimate Teams.


Though not every FIFA 23 icon will get a World Cup edition, the campaign does include the majority of iconic stars. The final World Cup icons are anticipated to be revealed before the World Cup final. Every week during the World Cup, the World Cup icons have been published in squads. The majority of the promotion's cards are available to be opened in packs, but some can only be found by achieving goals, winning SBCs, or gathering the FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Tokens.


Pele, a legendary striker and the highest-rated star in FIFA 23, has a rating of 96, the same as with regular Icon cards. But even without the addition of any chemistry styles, Pele has remarkable figures, with four important characteristics scoring at or over 90, including 96 paces. Ronaldo, a star from Brazil and for a while the best figure in international football, excelled at the 2002 World Cup and led his country to their fifth World Cup victory. Despite the fact that Pele is still a superior option due to his enhanced physical numbers, Ronaldo is still one of the finest cards in FIFA thanks to his overall 95 rating, which is one of the highest in the entire game. Fellow Brazilian superstars Garrincha and Cafu are also among the highest-rated World Cup icons, with the former's right back made available as part of the FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps campaign.


Zinedine Zidane, a former Real Madrid teammate, is rated 95 points higher than Ronaldo. The offensive midfielder is best known for his horrific headbutt in the World Cup championship match; however, the talisman also assisted France in winning the championship on their own turf in 1998. Zizou is the ideal all-purpose attacking midfielder who is like a cheat code for teams that pack the Frenchman. Zidane is the finest creative midfielder in the FIFA 23 squad thanks to his strong shooting, passing, physical, and pace (84) characteristics.


Eusabio and Johan Cruyff, two iconic World Cup strikers, are also highly regarded cards, but for players up front, Robbie Keane's FIFA 23 World Cup Heroes card is still a stronger option. Lothar Matthaus is the star performer at the defensive end of the field, while most of the top World Cup icons are offensive performers. The German can switch from his natural position of defensive midfielder to center back, where his speed, strength, and defense numbers are on par with any of FIFA 23's top players of the present. Center-backs Bobby Moore, Carles Puyol, and Fabio Cannavaro are rated 91, making them the top three World Cup Icon defenders.


By completing the Squad Building Challenges, FIFA 23's World Cup Icon, the year's best card, can completely change a team.The promotion's cards are all wonderful additions to any squad, but they all have hefty price tags. The finest World Cup icon card in FIFA 23 for those who can afford it is fellow Brazilian Ronaldo, who has the highest rating despite costing an estimated 10 million coins. the last ones anticipated to be made public before the World Cup championship game. The majority of the promotion's cards are available to be opened in packs, but some can only be found by achieving goals, winning SBCs, or gathering FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps tokens.

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