Monopoly GO New Sticker Album Season: Monopoly Origins Unveiled


Monopoly GO New Sticker Album Season: Monopoly Origins Unveiled

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A vibrant wave of excitement has swept over Monopoly GO for 2024 with the arrival of the Monopoly Origins Sticker Album season. Featuring 21 captivating Sticker Albums, this season promises a thrilling adventure with enhanced rewards and surprises. As we bid farewell to the festive holidays, Monopoly Origins steps in, elevating the gaming experience to new heights.

What Defines a Monopoly Origins Season?

Seasons in Monopoly GO typically span a month or two, offering a blend of daily tournaments and extended solo events. However, the heart of each season lies in the Sticker albums. The Monopoly Origins season stands out, courtesy of Scopely's dedication to elevating the player experience by increasing the number of Sticker albums and the associated rewards.

Key Dates for Monopoly Origins:

  • Season Duration: January 4, 2024, 1 pm CT, to March 28, 2024.

Sticker Albums and Rewards

Each Sticker album, also known as a deck or set, comprises nine slots, providing ample opportunities for collecting Stickers rated through a Star system. Duplicate Stickers transform into Stars based on their rating, and every deck offers rewards based on Stars and Sticker quality, ranging from Standard to Gold.

Special Rewards in Album Seven:

  • Water Works shield

  • Deck 13 with a Fancy Duck token adorned with a top hat.

The Monopoly Origins rewards are varied, with higher-rated Stickers (three to five stars) in Monopoly GO albums yielding superior rewards compared to their one or two-star counterparts.

Highlighting Token and Shield Rewards

One of the distinguishing features of the Monopoly Origins season is the introduction of special rewards in certain albums, adding an extra layer of excitement.

Sticker Album

Monopoly Origins Rewards

Best Beginnings

175 Dice and 3.59 million cash

The Top Hat

200 Dice and 4.34 million cash

Across the Board

225 Dice and 4.66 million cash

The Battleship

250 Dice and 5.73 million cash

On a Roll

275 Dice and 6.1 million cash

The Thimble

300 Dice and 6.48 million cash

Card Quest

325 Dice, 7.17 million cash, Water Works shield

The Iron

350 Dice and 7.17 million cash

Maximum Occupancy

400 Dice and 8.94 million cash

The Boot

500 Dice and 10.1 million cash

Utility Fun

600 Dice and 12.6 million cash

The Cannon

700 Dice and 14.4 million cash

Free Parking

800 Dice, 17.9 million cash, Fancy Duck token

Railroad Tycoon

900 Dice and 19.7 million cash


1,000 Dice and 21.5 million cash

Launch Day!

1,200 Dice and 26.9 million cash


1,400 Dice and 30.4 million cash


1,600 Dice and 35.1 million cash

Game Awards

1,800 Dice and 39.4 million cash

Ms. Monopoly

2,000 Dice and 44.7 million cash


2,200 Dice and 48.3 million cash

Album Completion Rewards

Completing the Monopoly Origins album is a journey laden with rewards:

  • First Completion: 15,000 dice, cash bonus, and a pink Free Parking car token.

    Free Parking Car token

  • Second Completion: 20,000 dice, additional cash, and an exclusive gold Free Parking car token.

    Golden Free Parking Car token

  • Third Completion: An extra 30,000 dice.

Set Rewards

Specific sets within the Monopoly Origins album offer additional rewards:

  • Set #7 (Card Quest): 325 dice, cash, and a Water Works shield.

    Water Works shield

  • Set #13 (Free Parking): 800 dice, cash, and a Fancy Duck token.

    Fancy Duck token

As the album draws to a close, players receive the highest vault they can unlock with their stars. It's crucial to utilize surplus stars before the album concludes, ensuring a comprehensive experience.

In conclusion, the Monopoly Origins season in Monopoly GO promises an immersive and rewarding journey for players. Brace yourselves for the challenges and joys that await, and may your dice rolls lead you to victory in claiming these exceptional rewards during this eventful season.

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