Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Schedule For March 22th 2024


Monopoly GO Golden Blitz Schedule For March 22th 2024

03-19 09:58

New Golden Blitz: Play the Game and QA Pals

We have just uncovered the next Golden Blitz for Monopoly Go, scheduled for March 22th! The duration of the upcoming event is 24 hours.

Get ready for these two 5 stars golden stickers: Play the Game and QA Pals.

Event Schedule

Start: 2024/3/22 17:00 PM EST

End: 2024/3/23 16:59 PM EST

About the Event

This exclusive event allows players to trade the Play the Game and QA Pals stickers, which are typically not tradable. Seize this unique opportunity to enhance your collection and engage in up to five trades during the event period.

Prepare for the Blitz

Begin preparations by identifying potential trading partners and strategizing your trades. This event is a significant opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire rare stickers and make valuable trades.

You can also buy Play the Game and QA Pals HERE once the event is available.

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