Some Madden NFL 23 "Present Packs" Disappeared & Missing; Players Requested Refunds After Getting the Wrong Items


Some Madden NFL 23 "Present Packs" Disappeared & Missing; Players Requested Refunds After Getting the Wrong Items

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One of the most well-known games in the football game field, Madden NFL 23, was created by Electronic Arts and is accessible on a number of different platforms globally, like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.


Despite being a significant improvement over prior iterations, critics have had various views of Madden NFL 23.


In-app purchases for the game include exclusive add-on packs. The creators recently released various "Present Packs" add-ons that gamers may purchase for the Christmas season.


There are various "Present Packs" available, each containing a different rating player card. Gamers have a selection of add-on packs to pick from to bolster their squads.


Some current squad members may have to be traded in order to bring in highly rated players. According to reports, the "Large Present Pack" has been the principal source of problems for games.


False player items were given to players

According to reports, a number of gamers have had a problem where they were given incorrect player cards instead of what they were intended to receive.


One was expected to get 88+ overall player cards in the Large Present Pack, up to a 94 rating. However, it seems that players persisted in receiving cards with ratings of 80 to 84 rather than the ones they were supposed to.


The problem made the players furious and disappointed.


The problem was quickly addressed by developers, but they were unable to fully cure it.


Despite the fact that players who opened the "Large Present Pack" after developers took action had no problems, those who had already done so were left with lower player cards.


For several players, this made the game unfair. Players who were impacted felt excluded.


Present packs for Madden 23 are missing or have disappeared

Another problem with the game that has been brought up by a number of players is that their inventory of player cards seems to be disappearing.


Some people allegedly opened their "Present Packs" in advance; however, due to persistent server-side connection problems, the player cards vanished without a trace.


In just one day, players saw a sharp drop in the number of cards in their inventories.


Some players even sold off their team members in order to purchase new, higher-rated player cards, strengthening their team and increasing their chances of winning games.


The "presents" were mislabeled; some individuals argued, and they couldn't tell which of them was which. Some people found the game challenging as a result since they had issues building or improving their troops.


The impacted gamer posted a demand for a refund or free players in return on social media.


Official recognition

Thankfully, the developer has addressed and resolved some of the previously understood problems with the packs in the game. Staff are currently working to resolve any gameplay issues that may still exist.

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