Don't Underestimate Four Dallas Cowboys in Madden 23


Don't Underestimate Four Dallas Cowboys in Madden 23

2022-08-08 17:40

The Madden 23 ratings show how underappreciated the Dallas Cowboys are despite the fact that we all enjoy playing football. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to play for the Dallas Cowboys or in the NFL. The player ratings for the classic video game's 2023 release were made public by the yearly football simulation Madden. This time of year, everyone is discussing whether certain players are under or overrated.


Do Madden ratings even matter in the grand scheme if they do not affect the actual game? Naturally, they do. The athletes ask for their respect. Here, we examine in-depth select Cowboys players who the video game designers underestimated and show why they ought to have received higher ratings.

Trevon Diggs, the cornerback, generated more discussion about his skill level than any other player in the NFL. Although there are strong feelings on both sides, the low rating of 84 must be unexpected.

It's challenging to lead the NFL in any noteworthy statistic, but Diggs did so in two. Ironically, they serve as the basis for the argument about whether the corner is overrated or underappreciated. The NFL's No. 7 quarterback had the most interceptions and passing yards allowed. Interceptions are occasionally fortunate, but not if you keep receiving them. This previous season, the Alabama product had 11 picks, which is the highest since Everson Walls intercepted the same number of passes in 1981.



So far, Diggs' past as a wide receiver has been profitable. Last season, he intercepted 21 passes, ranking second in the NFL. The corner handled the ball 49 times during his career in 28 games. He prefers to take a chance when diving for the ball.


The league-leading yards against by the third-year corner are not very outstanding but are understandable. Ironically, Marshawn Lattimore, who was adored, only allowed 81 fewer yards. All of this is accomplished while allowing a greater completion rate, quarterback rating, more touchdowns, and ten fewer touches of the ball.

Why not include Lattimore's 91 overall since we're on the subject? Even though Diggs' rating in Madden is inflated due to his prior success as a dominant corner in the NFL, Diggs shouldn't be penalized. Throughout his two NFL seasons, he has been among the better "risk-it-for-the-biscuit" cornerback.

Griffin had 35 ball touches in his final 40 games, while Diggs had 32 in 16 games this past season. Diggs leads in the majority of other categories as well, aside from yardage. Even if Dallas' best cornerback's ratings are really low, I can see his desire to improve himself. As long as he corrects a few errors, I anticipate his overall to increase from an 84 to at least an 87. Diggs still has a ton of potential given that he has only played cornerback for four years (including college).

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Here are some experiences we can conclude to make you more clear about how Madden is going, when determining its ratings, Madden is frequently erratic. Star players, or at the very least the best player at their position on their respective teams, tend to draw the most of the attention.


Although wide receivers frequently take the spotlight in the NFL, talented tight ends have grown to be quite valued. Players have transformed the sport and shown how much it helps to have a superstar at this position on your squad.


Someone has established a reputation for himself after attending the Witten school for tight ends in 2019, and we may spot some recognizable hints here and there.


In the NFL last season, the fourth-round pick from 2018 was perhaps the second-most reliable tight end. The Cowboys' running backs benefit from the positioning and technique. The two players' performance as receivers in the previous season differs mostly in two ways. One is that when targeted, Dallas' tight end has a considerably higher passer rating and a higher catching %. The offensive performance of America's Team is also very different from that of the Detroit Lions. Hockenson had less assistance, but Schultz faced stiffer opposition. Therefore, consistency is the solution to everything.


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