Thousands Of People Who Streamed The World Cup Illegally Were Actually Watching Pixelated FIFA 23 Games


Thousands Of People Who Streamed The World Cup Illegally Were Actually Watching Pixelated FIFA 23 Games

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Oh my God. Imagine that you were one of the 44,000 illiterate French people who believed this to be true. You are too preoccupied watching 12-year-olds square off in an epic matchup to even notice that your team advances to the World Cup semifinals. Embarrassing. Infuriating.

Furthermore, you really can't complain about that. You are unable to express your complaints on TikTok or Snapchat. If you do that, people will recognise you as a helmet dragger. Nope. You must endure suffering in silence.

Years from now, you and your wife will be enjoying a nice yet straightforward supper. upscale customary similar to your relationship: You've been looking forwards to this dinner for months. What place? a small location outside of Malibu named The Old Place. It's wonderful. The Old Place, a steakhouse and bar on the premises of a 19th-century general store with big wooden furnishings and a Wild West theme reminiscent of Pioneertown, is situated high in the Santa Monica Mountains. A meal known as a "noodle and cheese bake"—a mac-and-cheese-like dish prepared with thick egg noodles coated in melted parmesan, goat cheese, and mozzarella—is among the menu's many American comfort food classics. Other dishes on the menu include bone-in ribeye steaks and gorgeous apple pies. Delicious.

Small talk during dinner always transitions to the pitch. She loves soccer and supports both the French and American national teams. Because of the difficult economic conditions in France, her great-grandfather decided to leave and relocate to America in the early 1950s. He could provide a better life for his family because of the thriving local economy. She pauses to speak about her noodle and cheese bake while still having some food in her mouth.

"Do you recall the 17th minute of the encounter versus England in the Quarterfinals?" I'm positive you do, haha. I apologize. All people do. As the vanilla bean ice cream slowly melts over the delectable delight to create the dessert version of Sloppy Steaks, you glance sheepishly at your apple pie slice. You didn't watch; she can see it in your eyes.

"Alan," she snarls, "you mean to tell me you don't remember that Aurélien Tchouaméni blasted a belter into the bottom corner from way beyond the box in the 17th minute? She asks, clutching her white napkin tenaciously. or the goal Olivier Giroud scored in the 78th minute. Griezmann attempted a cross, and Giroud headed it into the near post. Its deflection off of poor Maguire's shoulder was surreal. You forgot about that?

You struggle to hold back your tears as they start to fall from your eyes like falling stars that were never able to attain their full potential. "No." I unintentionally violated the law by watching the FIFA 23 stream. As if that defense would be acceptable, I was conned into attending the match with tens of thousands of other individuals. Truly pathetic.

She starts to throw up steaks all over the place out of disgust. Goddamn, what a spectacle!

She says, "I can't do this any longer," as she wipes the carrots off her chin. "I fucking despise you, and all of France does, too!"

She took a few belongings from their AirBnB (a scam) after leaving the meal and headed to a motel. She talked to a few friends, took some time to collect herself, and then softly drifted off to sleep while jiggling off hard to World Cup 22 highlights like she was intended to. Kind of cool, huh?

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