Madden 23 – The Golden Ticket Raffle and Release of Player 1


Madden 23 – The Golden Ticket Raffle and Release of Player 1

2023-05-23 12:01

The NFL offseason is in full swing, but that hasn't slowed down Madden 23 Ultimate Team, which continues to deliver exciting new programs. April was an extraordinary month for Madden 23, as it marked the highly anticipated return of the beloved Golden Ticket Program.

Yes, that's right! Inspired by "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," the Golden Ticket Program made a comeback in Madden 23, giving fans the chance to draw unique 99 overall Golden Ticket player items that can be personalized. Obtaining these highly sought-after Golden Tickets in Madden 23 requires a stroke of luck, as they can only be acquired through packs available during specific store hours in Ultimate Team.

Curious about how the Golden Ticket drawing works and what's included in the new Madden 23 Ultimate Team Golden Ticket Release 1? Well, you've come to the right place. Here, we'll dive into the process of obtaining these Golden Tickets and provide details about the customization requirements.

So, without further ado, let's jump right in and explore all the essential details about the Golden Ticket Program in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23 – The Golden Ticket Program

If you've watched any of the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" movies or read the book, you'll naturally grasp the mechanics of this program in Madden 23. During the introduction of the Golden Ticket Program last month, Madden 23 Ultimate Team provided players with the opportunity to obtain Golden Ticket Packs within designated time slots in the Pack Market. These exclusive packs were available for purchase at a price of 5,000 MUT Coins. Upon opening a Golden Ticket Pack, players had the chance to acquire either a valuable Golden Ticket or, in case luck was not in their favor, a compensatory quick sell item worth 5,000 coins. Let's now examine the specific time periods during which these sought-after Golden Ticket Packs were accessible in Madden 23 Ultimate Team:

Golden Ticket Packs Slot 1 – April 6(7 PM EST to 9 PM EST)

Golden Ticket Packs Slot 2 – April 8(9 PM EST to 11 PM EST)

Golden Ticket Packs Slot 3 – April 11(9 PM EST)

You may have noticed that the closing time was missing for the third window. This was because Madden 23 didn't expect to have two remaining Golden Tickets from April 8. To address this, they added ten additional Golden Tickets for that slot and allowed extra time for fans to secure them all.

During each time slot, players were limited to purchasing a maximum of three Golden Ticket Packs. Once the windows closed, the packs disappeared from the market. In total, there were only 17 Golden Tickets available per window in Madden 23, making them highly sought after and prone to selling out quickly if not promptly acquired.

When can we expect the next Golden Ticket release in Madden 23 Ultimate Team?

Is another Golden Ticket window approaching in Ultimate Team? Absolutely! On May 3, Madden 23 announced that a fourth Golden Ticket drop would go live on May 18. And as expected, Madden 23 has indeed released the fourth Golden Ticket today, May 18.

However, this latest Golden Ticket drop is different from the previous ones.Yesterday, Madden 23 hosted a live stream on their Twitch channel where they revealed the Golden Ticket Release 1. This release showcased a fresh collection of pre-customized Golden Ticket players that are now available for fans to acquire within the game. For a comprehensive coverage of this latest release and more detailed information, please continue reading the section below.

Madden 23 – Golden Ticket Release 1 Players

Last night at 7 PM EST, Madden 23 Ultimate Team hosted a live stream for the Golden Ticket Release 1, revealing five out of the 30+ new 99 overall rated players that can now be randomly acquired from packs in the Marketplace. The players featured in the Golden Ticket Release 1 form the most recent collection in this program, which has been developed in collaboration with NFL athletes and the Madden Community.

Madden 23 – Golden Ticket Player Customization

If you happened to be one of the lucky recipients of a Golden Ticket from the first three slots, not only could you choose which player would receive the Golden Ticket, but you also had the opportunity to customize that player's ability buckets.

Keep in mind that the player you selected for the Golden Ticket had to be one already present in Madden 23 Ultimate Team (MUT). Players who are not in MUT were not eligible to be chosen for the 99 overall Golden Ticket. For example, neither of the Manning brothers made it into MUT this year, which was surprising. Consequently, you couldn't select them as your desired player for the Golden Ticket item.

Whether you have a theme team or not, this program provides a unique opportunity to acquire a free, guaranteed 99 overall rated card of your choice. Although the odds may be stacked against you, you never know when luck will smile upon you in Madden 23.

With that covered, don't miss out on exploring Madden 23 Ultimate Team's new Backyard Ballers Program, which introduces over 40 new Out Of Position players. And if you're in search of more 99 rated player items, look no further than the Ring Of Honor Program, making its debut in Madden 23 and featuring some of the game's best players.

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