Madden NFL 24 Beta: An Insider's Guide to Sign-Ups, Access Codes, Features, and More


Madden NFL 24 Beta: An Insider's Guide to Sign-Ups, Access Codes, Features, and More

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Anticipation for Madden NFL 24 has been building, with its August release date drawing closer. A privileged subset of fans have already had the opportunity to experience the game through a closed beta test. If you've been wondering about how you might secure a beta access code, or what the beta version includes, we've got you covered. This comprehensive guide will take you through everything you need to know about the Madden NFL 24 beta.

Beta Sign-Ups: How They Work

EA began registrations for the Madden NFL 24 beta in April. Email notifications were sent out to those who made the cut. The distribution of codes happens in waves, so if you haven't received one yet, it's worth keeping an eye on your inbox.

While there's no promise, EA may extend the beta test to include more users. This beta isn't tied to any purchasable version of the game, so there's no straightforward way to buy access. Following Madden's social media channels could increase your chances of obtaining a code, as EA occasionally shares additional codes there.

EA has also catered to players impacted by the Franchise save issue for Madden NFL 23, granting them access to the Madden NFL 24 beta. It's crucial that the email address linked to your EA Account is your main email to ensure you don't miss any notifications.

Downloading the Beta: A Step-by-Step Guide

To download the beta on PlayStation:

  1. Log into your Sony Entertainment Network account on PSN.

  2. Click on the PlayStation Store icon on the system home screen.

  3. Select "Redeem Codes" at the bottom of the menu on the PlayStation Store.

  4. Enter your access code and get ready to play.

If you're on Xbox:

  1. Navigate to "Games" under Store.

  2. Click on "Use a Code".

  3. Sign in if prompted.

  4. Enter or key in your 25-character code and dive in.

For the EA App:

  1. Go to your EA App Library.

  2. Select "Redeem Code".

  3. Enter your provided code and start playing.

Inside the Beta: What to Expect

The current beta allows players to explore four modes: Play Now, H2H Ranked, Franchise, and Practice. Over time, additional modes such as Superstar: The League, Superstar: Showdown, and Madden Ultimate Team will be rolled out.

Cross-play is a new feature for the Madden series and is included in Play Now, H2H Ranked, Superstar: The League, Superstar: Showdown, and Madden Ultimate Team modes. It is automatically enabled, with PlayStation and PC users able to disable it from within the Madden 24 settings, while Xbox users need to alter console settings to disable it.

The beta also serves as a preview of more than 500 new plays. However, players are reminded that the playbooks in the beta are provisional and may change prior to the official launch.

Beta Progress: What Happens Next?

It's important to note that any progress made in the Madden NFL 24 beta will not carry over to the full game upon its release. Also, every update to the Madden NFL 24 beta will wipe any progress made in Franchise mode.

Beta Streaming: The Rules

Beta users are strictly prohibited from recording, streaming, or capturing content, as well as from posting any reactions online. Those found violating these rules may face expulsion from the beta and potential ban on their Madden account.

Known Issues: What to Watch Out ForWhile the Madden NFL 24 beta offers a thrilling preview of the game, it's not without its quirks. Here are some of the known issues that players might encounter:

Gameplay Issues

  • Crashes in Mini-games when transitioning between games with a large number of props.

  • Formation Substitution screen fails to update after a substitution is made.

  • Post Play User triggered Touchdown Celebration doesn't trigger online.

  • A series of Catch Holes (catches not playing) on offense and defense.

  • Some Accurate passes are not thrown to a catchable location, affecting both AI and user-controlled passers.

Franchise Mode Issues

  • Player Ratings, Development Traits/Abilities, and Stats are not finalized.

  • Known issues with character models/gear when editing players or coaches.

  • Backgrounds may occasionally change when navigating through different screens.

  • Only users on your friends list can be invited to join an Online Franchise League.

  • Users will be unable to download or upload Draft Classes through Madden Share.

Providing Feedback: How to Contribute to the Beta Experience

EA is eager to receive community feedback on the Madden NFL 24 beta. Players can report issues and provide feedback using a dedicated link. It's highly recommended to be as detailed and specific as possible when submitting feedback.

Launch Details and More

Madden NFL 24 is set to launch on August 18. If you're interested in learning more about the game or its various editions, be sure to check out the Madden NFL 24 preorder guide.

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