Next Treasure Event: 'Nocturnal Treasures' Release Date,Rewards And More


Next Treasure Event: 'Nocturnal Treasures' Release Date,Rewards And More

Jack    04-28 14:49

<span style="font-family: Poppins;"><span style="font-family: Poppins;">Upcoming Monopoly GO Event: Unveiling the "Nocturnal Treasures"</span></span>

Next Treasure Event: 'Nocturnal Treasures' Release Date,Rewards And More


As the "Parade Partners" event draws to a close on May 01, the anticipation for the next big event begins. Aptly named "Trésors Nocturnes", or "Nocturnal Treasures", the upcoming event in Monopoly GO promises an exciting array of rewards and activities for players eager for more. But worry not, as buymmog continues to be your steadfast guide, offering valuable tips and insights to help you seize every opportunity for victory.

Release Date

The "Nocturnal Treasures" event is scheduled to make its grand entrance on May 03, 2024, at 3:00 PM, and will conclude on May 07, 2024, at 9:59 PM. This swift-paced event offers a unique and engaging experience, allowing players to navigate through its challenges efficiently without the need for prolonged effort.

<span style="font-family: Poppins;"><span style="font-family: Poppins;">Unveiling the "Nocturnal Treasures" - Monopoly GO Event</span></span>

Event Rewards

The "Nocturnal Treasures" event opens up a treasure trove of opportunities with a dazzling array of rewards. Players have the chance to advance swiftly in Monopoly GO with these lucrative prizes. It's imperative not to overlook the bountiful offerings of this event, which stands as one of the game's most rewarding experiences.

Here is the list of potential gains for participants:       

1x50 dice
3x100 dice
41 pack of orange cards (2 stars) + Silver + x5 picks
5x200 dice
6x250 dice
8x100 dice
9x250 dice
101 pack of pink cards (3 stars) + Silver + x10 picks
11x250 dice
12A shield
13x150 dice
14x500 dice
151 pack of blue cards (4 stars)
16x200 dice
17x400 dice + picks
18A "ChubbyCheeks Gnome" counter
20Silver + x2500 dice + 1 Wild Sticker
A noteworthy reward includes the elusive "ChubbyCheeks Gnome" pawn, a shield, and a staggering 2,500 dice topped with a Wild Sticker. Accumulating rewards up to 5,000 dice in total makes this event a not-to-be-missed spectacle in your Monopoly GO calendar!

How To Getting Nocturnal Treasures Event Picks

Accumulating picks within the "Nocturnal Treasures" event is an adventurous endeavor. Players can explore various avenues to collect these valuable picks essential for unearthing treasures.

  • Claim the complimentary gift available in the game store every 8 hours.

  • Complete the daily quick wins, which require only a few minutes of your time.

  • Engage in weekly events and tournaments for additional opportunities.

Once amassed, picks are utilized to chip away at bricks, revealing hidden items that vary in size – some requiring a single pick while others demand a more considerable investment. Though the concept may initially appear daunting, the event design ensures intuitive play, and participants will swiftly grasp the mechanics.      


The "Nocturnal Treasures" event in Monopoly GO is a pivotal milestone for players looking to enrich their experience with substantial rewards. With the diverse range of prizes, including the exclusive "ChubbyCheeks Gnome" pawn, shields, and up to 5,000 dice, the event positions itself as a must-play for enthusiasts and strategists alike. There is little room for hesitation; take action, strategize, and make the most of this ephemeral opportunity to bolster your arsenal and ascend the ranks in Monopoly GO.

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