Monopoly Go Mini Game Spring Treasures: All Rewards & Milestones


Monopoly Go Mini Game Spring Treasures: All Rewards & Milestones

03-29 22:09

<span style="font-family: Poppins;">Monopoly Mini Game Spring Treasures: All Rewards & Milestones</span>

Monopoly Go Mini Game Spring Treasures: All Rewards & Milestones

Get ready for an exciting addition to Monopoly GO! with the Spring Treasures event, kicking off on March 30th (EST). This isn't just any event; it's a chance to dive into new challenges and scoop up awesome rewards. Think of it as a special mini-game filled with surprises that spice up the classic Monopoly gameplay we all love.

Here’s the deal: by tackling this event, you're looking at walking away with some pretty cool stuff. We’re talking 2500 Dice Rolls, a 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack, an adorable Gnome Pawn Token, and a special Spring Flowers Shield to spruce up your game. These aren’t just ordinary rewards; they’re exclusive items that you won’t find just lying around. Plus, they perfectly match the spring vibe of the event. We’ll break down all the goodies you can earn at each of the 20 milestones in this article, so you know exactly what treasures await as you play through.

Event Schedule

Get ready to mark your calendars! The eagerly awaited Spring Treasures dig minigame in Monopoly GO! is set to start on March 30, 2024, at 9:00 AM EST, and will run until April 3, 2024, at 3:59 PM EST. This limited-time event is your golden ticket to exclusive rewards and thrilling challenges. Don't miss out on this treasure hunt — it's time to dive into the adventure and claim your spoils!

All Rewards & Milestones for Spring Treasures

Every step you take in the Spring Treasures event brings you closer to fabulous rewards. Here’s what you can expect at each milestone:

125 Dice
375 Dice
4Pink Vault (200 Dice , 2-Star Stickers Pack, Cash)
6150 Dice
8200 Dice
9Blue Vault (400 Dice, 10 Pickaxe, Cash)
103-Star Stickers Pack
11300 Dice
12Spring Flowers Shield, Cash, 5 Pickaxe
13350 Dice
144-Star Stickers Pack
15400 Dice
16Gnome Token
1715 Pickaxe
18500 Dice
202,500 Dice, 5-Star Stickers Pack, Cash

Check out these exclusive token and shield you could win:


How to Get More Spring Treasures Pickaxes

The key to unlocking all the rewards in the Spring Treasures event is the mighty Pickaxe. Here's how you can stock up on these valuable tools:

  • Daily Login Rewards: Simply logging into Monopoly GO! each day during the event period will net you Pickaxes.

  • Completing Daily Tasks (Quick Wins): Achieve daily objectives to earn more Pickaxes.

  • Free Shop Rewards: Visit the in-game shop daily for a chance to claim free Pickaxes among other gifts.

  • Main Event and Tournament Milestones: Participating in other Monopoly GO! events and tournaments can also reward you with Pickaxes.

How to Play Spring Treasures

Engaging in the Spring Treasures mini-game is straightforward. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Access the mini-game by tapping the small event icon located on the right side of the screen.

  2. Upon entry, you'll be greeted with a grid filled with squares. Each square hides a piece of a hidden object tied to the event's theme.

  3. Your goal is to reveal these objects by breaking the squares. To do this, you'll need Pickaxe tokens.

  4. Strategically use your Pickaxes to uncover the artifacts. While luck plays a part, thoughtful planning on where to dig can increase your chances of success.

Keep in mind, the game is not just about luck. If you're after a specific item, like a pyramid, think about how many squares that shape would cover and aim to break those specifically, rather than going at it randomly.

What Happens to Extra Pickaxe Tokens When Spring Treasures Ends?

Wondering what becomes of your unused Pickaxe tokens after the event wraps up? Here's the scoop:

  • Any Pickaxe tokens left over at the end of Spring Treasures will automatically convert into Dice Rolls.

  • Each Pickaxe converts to three Dice Rolls, boosting your ability to continue playing and advancing in Monopoly GO!.

  • For example, if you finish the event with 10 Pickaxe tokens, you'll receive 30 Dice Rolls to use as you please in the game.

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