Monopoly GO Aqua Partners: Milestones & Rewards


Monopoly GO Aqua Partners: Milestones & Rewards

Monopoly Go Jack    06-20 11:05

Monopoly GO Aqua Partners: Milestones & Rewards

Every month, players eagerly anticipate the next partners event in Monopoly GO, with the new album 'Monopoly Games' starting soon, we're gearing up for more thrilling events. and we're excited to announce that the 'Aqua Partners' event is set to launch on June 22.Following the footsteps of engaging predecessors like the Robo Partners, this event promises a riveting experience packed with loads of free rewards, including Dice Rolls, Cash, Sticker Packs, the Puffer Fish token.

This article is your go-to resource for all details on the 'Aqua Partners' event, covering rewards, milestones.

Monopoly Go Aqua Partners Event Milestones & Rewards

Similar to previous events, the Aqua Partners event consists of 4 slots, and each partner slot requires 80,000 points.Similar to partner events at the start of other seasons, completing each slot rewards you with a 4-star pack, providing a vital way to collect stickers and get ahead early in the season.Here is the details:

As usual, after completing all four slots, you can receive an exciting grand prize:

We can observe that the Grand prize is a 5-star sticker pack rather than wild stickers. I believe that early in the season, a 5-star sticker pack is better because it not only grants you a five-star sticker but also provides an additional 5 stickers, which is a valuable reward that's hard to come by early in the season. Furthermore, the event also offers 5000 dice and a brand-new Puffer Fish token.

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