Monopoly Go Next Partner Event: AQUA Partners


Monopoly Go Next Partner Event: AQUA Partners

Monopoly Go Jack    06-16 12:29

Monopoly Go Next Partner Event: AQUA Partners

Welcome to the mesmerizing underwater world of Monopoly Go, where the spirit of adventure meets the joy of collaboration. As we dive into the depths of gaming fun, the introduction of Partner Events has unveiled a vibrant layer of engagement and excitement. This guide is your beacon to understanding and making the most out of the eagerly awaited AQUA Partners event. Set to launch soon, this event promises to immerse participants in a thematic oceanic exploration like never before.

What is a Partner Event in Monopoly Go?

Partner Events in Monopoly Go offer a compelling blend of teamwork, strategy, and collective accomplishment. Unlike the traditional solo play, Partner Events:

  • Encourage players to form alliances, working together towards shared objectives.
  • Center around the collection of event-specific tokens, which are pivotal for engaging in prize wheels spins and unlocking a plethora of rewards.
  • Highlight the essence of strategy and cooperation, as progress and success within the event depend on well-coordinated efforts and resource sharing among teammates.

The upcoming AQUA Partners event is set against a captivating underwater backdrop, promising an interesting twist to the conventional gameplay and enriching the Monopoly Go universe with its unique theme.

When is the Next Monopoly Go Partner Event?

There is currently no precise information on the release time, but it is expected to commence after the conclusion of the Peg-e event. The AQUA Partners event is anticipated to start around June 22nd.

This thrilling event is not just a race for riches but a quest for collaborative triumph. As we edge closer to the launch date, the anticipation builds. Will you and your team emerge victorious from the depths of the oceanic realm?

How to Participate in AQUA Partners

Joining the AQUA Partners event in Monopoly Go is your ticket to an exciting underwater adventure alongside fellow players. Here's how you can dive into action:

  • Event Access: Upon the event's launch, you'll find the AQUA Partners event icon on the game's main screen. Simply tap on it to access the event details.
  • Forming Teams: Partnership is pivotal in the AQUA Partners event. You can join forces with friends or use the in-game feature to get matched with other players seeking a team.

Participation is just the beginning. In the vast realm of AQUA Partners, teamwork and strategy will be your guiding stars. Ready your fleets, strategize with your team, and set course for victory. The ocean's treasures await those brave enough to seek them.

How to Get Partner Event Tokens

Collecting tokens is a fundamental aspect of flourishing in the AQUA Partners event. Beyond engaging with the event's theme and collaborative efforts, a direct approach to success lies in the strategic acquisition of tokens. Here's an effective strategy to consider:

  • Active Participation: Regular gameplay, such as completing daily challenges, trading properties, and winning in competitive play, remains a steadfast method for earning event tokens.
  • Event-Specific Missions: Watch out for missions unique to the AQUA Partners event. Completing these can significantly boost your token count while immersing you deeper into the event's narrative.
  • Team Milestones: Working with your team to reach collective milestones often results in a substantial token bonus. Effective communication and strategy are key.
  • Direct Purchase: For those looking to expedite their token collection, the option to buy dice presents a direct path to obtaining more event tokens, thereby enhancing your ability to navigate through the event's challenges more smoothly.

While the traditional paths of participation and teamwork form the backbone of the token collection strategy, the facility to buy dice offers a tangible and immediate advantage. Balancing your approach between earned and purchased tokens can significantly impact your event progression, unlocking new layers of gameplay and rewards in the enchanting depths of AQUA Partners.

The Rewards for Monopoly Go AQUA Partners

The AQUA Partners event is not just about the journey through mysterious aquatic realms but also about the treasures that await. Here's a glimpse into the bountiful rewards participants can earn:

  • Exclusive Stickers: Unique to the AQUA Partners event, these collectible stickers are not just a mark of your adventures but also keys to unlocking special rewards.
  • Loads of Dice: Essential for game progression, dice are among the prized rewards, aiding in your quest for Monopoly dominance.
  • Cash Prizes: A substantial amount of in-game cash can be won, providing a significant boost to your economic power within the game.
  • Coop Icecream Truck Tokens: These rare items offer unique gameplay advantages and are instrumental in navigating the more challenging aspects of the game successfully.

Puffer Fish Tokens

Prize Box

Participation in the AQUA Partners event not only enriches your Monopoly Go experience with exciting gameplay and team collaboration but also rewards your efforts with treasures that enhance your journey in the Monopoly Go world. Ready to dive in and claim your rewards?


The AQUA Partners event promises not just to be another chapter in the ever-evolving saga of Monopoly Go, but a memorable journey that blends the essence of strategic planning, teamwork, and the thrill of exploration. With unique rewards such as Exclusive Stickers, Loads of Dice, Cash Prizes, Puffer Fish Tokens, and the enigmatic Prize Box, participants are in for a treat that transcends the conventional gameplay experience.

As the anticipation builds for the event's start, now is the time to forge alliances, strategize, and prepare for the plunge into the depths of AQUA Partners. The treasures that lie beneath the virtual sea are not just tokens of victory but symbols of adventure, camaraderie, and the endless possibilities that Monopoly Go offers. Will you and your team rise to the challenge and emerge as the undisputed champions of the AQUA realm? The ocean calls - it's time to dive in and discover what wonders await.

Are you ready to embark on this adventurous quest and claim the bountiful rewards? The waters of AQUA Partners are teeming with opportunities, and the tide is just right for an unforgettable expedition. Gear up, gather your allies, and set sail towards victory. The world of Monopoly Go awaits your exploration, and the AQUA Partners event is your gateway to a treasure trove of excitement and rewards. Dive in now and let the adventure begin!

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