Monopoly Go: All Fountain Partners Event Rewards & Milestones


All Fountain Partners Event Rewards & Milestones in Monopoly Go

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All Fountain Partners Event Rewards & Milestones in Monopoly Go

All Fountain Partners Event Rewards & Milestones in Monopoly Go

Monopoly GO players, gear up for the Fountain Partners event, a thrilling opportunity to team up and conquer challenges together! Set to run from April 6th to April 11th, this event promises a fresh wave of excitement with exclusive rewards and milestones. Whether you're a seasoned player or new to the game, participating in the Fountain Partners event is your chance to showcase strategic skills and earn impressive rewards. Read on for a complete guide on how to dive into this event, earn more tokens, and successfully claim all the milestones and grand prizes designed for the most collaborative minds in Monopoly GO.

Event Release Date

Mark your calendars! The Fountain Partners event kicks off on April 6th and will run through April 11th. This limited-time event offers a unique window for players to team up, tackle challenges, and earn exclusive rewards. Make sure to log in and participate during these dates to not miss out on the action and the opportunity to enhance your Monopoly GO collection and achievements.

Fountain Partners Event Rewards and Milestones

Unlocking milestones in the Fountain Partners event is your ticket to some of the most coveted rewards in Monopoly GO. Here’s exactly what you stand to gain at each level:

Milestone LevelPoints RequiredRewards
12,500200 Dice
313,000200-300 Dice, Cash, Cash Boost
426,500300-500 Dice, 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack, High Roller
532,000400-600 Dice, Cash, 4-Star Blue Sticker Pack, Sticker Boom
Grand Prize320,000 (80k x 4)5,000 Dice, 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack, Shell Mr. M Token
Fountain Partners Event Milestones Fountain Partners Event Grand Prize

A glimpse into the milestones and grand prize for the Fountain Partners event.

How to Play Fountain Partners

Engaging in the Fountain Partners event involves strategic collaboration and gameplay. Follow these steps to maximize your participation and rewards:

  1. Form a Team: Collaborate with friends or join forces with other Monopoly GO enthusiasts. If you're in need of teammates, the game often provides options to connect with others seeking team members.

  2. Collect Tokens: Accumulate event-specific tokens — by engaging in various game activities throughout the event period.

  3. Spin the Wheel: Use your collected tokens to spin the event wheel. Each spin grants you points, contributing towards your team's milestones. Strategic spinning is key to maximizing your points and progressing through the event's milestones efficiently.

  4. Reach Milestones, Earn Rewards: As you and your team accumulate points, you'll unlock rewards associated with each milestone. The ultimate goal is to reach the grand prize, which requires collective effort and strategic gameplay.

Success in the Fountain Partners event is achieved through teamwork, strategic planning, and active participation. Make the most out of this event by collaborating closely with your team and utilizing your resources wisely.

How to Get More Fountain Partners Tokens

Gathering more tokens for the Fountain Partners event, is crucial for progressing through milestones and unlocking rewards. Here are the most effective ways to increase your token count:

  • Daily Login Rewards: Logging into Monopoly GO every day during the event period automatically grants you event tokens.

  • Completing Daily Tasks (Quick Wins): Achieving daily objectives not only advances your gameplay but also rewards you with additional tokens.

  • Free Shop Rewards: Visit the in-game shop daily for a chance to receive free tokens, among other valuable gifts.

  • Main Event and Tournament Participation: Engaging in Monopoly GO’s main events and tournaments during the Fountain Partners event can provide extra event tokens.

  • Buy Partner Event Slot Carry: Buy partner event carry service from is also another way, but in stead of giving you tokens, they will finish your rewards and milestones directly.

Consistently engaging with these methods ensures a steady stream of event tokens, enabling you to spin more and progress through the event’s milestones.

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