NBA 2K23 Dunk And Shoot Meter Guide


NBA 2K23 Dunk And Shoot Meter Guide

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By mastering dunking and maximizing the use of the shot meter, players can enhance their overall performance and gain an advantage over opponents in NBA 2K23. This article provides a comprehensive guide to dunk and shoot meter in the game, with practical advice and strategies for players of all skill levels.

How to Dunk, Contact Dunks, Tips & Techniques for NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, dunks have always been a reliable source of highlight-reel plays and awe-inspiring posters. Guards, forwards, and centers can all benefit from dunk packages, which are more varied than ever. Players can perform a variety of dunks based on their position, height, weight, and wingspan.

Having the skill to know when and how to dunk can be a crucial weapon in your arsenal, allowing you to score more points and gain a psychological advantage over your opponent.There's nothing better than getting under your opponent's skin and running to win the game because they have a monster jam in their center.

This dunking tutorial will teach you the basics, controls, and strategies for finishing strong in the paint in NBA 2K23.

NBA 2K23 dunk technique

In NBA 2K23, players can dunk in two ways: by pressing the shoot button or by using the right stick to aim towards the rim while holding down the sprint trigger. To perform a slam dunk, players on PS5 can press the square button and R2 trigger simultaneously, while Xbox users can press the X button and RT trigger. Additionally, players can use the right stick to aim towards the hoop while holding down the R2 or RT trigger to perform a dunk.

With the 2K23 dunk meter

In NBA 2K23, the dunk meter is back for another season. timing your dunk or layup in the green box of a player is similar to using the shot meter. Timing is crucial for all finishes, including layups, dunks, and alley-oops, as they require the shot meter to be used.

The green box will come in different sizes. The chances of successfully performing a dunk will increase if the player is in a good position and has a higher dunk rating. However, an opponent guarding the paint can make the finish more difficult. Traits and specializations like Lob City Finisher or Fearless Finisher can give players a significant boost when attempting to finish dunks near the rim.

What contact dunk specifications must you meet in order to dunk in 2K23?

You must fulfill the following conditions in 2K23 in order to perform contact dunks:

Elite Contact Dunks: 92+ Driving Dunk and 80+ Vertical

Elite Bigman Standing Contact Dunks: 90+ Standing Dunk, 75+ Vertical and at least 6’10”

Small Contact Dunks: 86+ Driving Dunk, 85+ Vertical and under 6’5

Elite Alley-Oop: 85+ Driving Dunk and 60+ Vertical

Pro Contact Dunks: 84+ Driving Dunk and 70+ Vertical

Pro Bigman Contact Dunks: 80+ Standing Dunk, 65+ Vertical and at least 6’10”

Pro Alley-Oop: 70+ Driving Dunk and 60+ Vertical

Your chances of landing a contact dunk can be increased by equipping the greatest dunking badges.

Elite finishers are more likely to dunk over defenders during contact plays. Contact dunks can be unlocked by players with the pro or elite packages, but they are harder to complete against opponents with strong paint defense and blocks.

Doing a two-hand dunk

To perform a two-hand dunk, you must press the R2 or RT trigger while rushing and holding the right stick toward the hoop, or you can flick up on the right stick. In NBA 2K23, the two-hand dunk is among the simplest to execute.

The move is most effective when used during a fast break or when there are no defenders in the paint. For this slam, it is advised to select a player with a higher vertical and dunk rating, such as LeBron James or Kevin Durant.

How to do a flashy dunk

Holding down R2 or RT while moving toward the hoop and flicking up-up on the right stick for a one-handed flashy dunk or down-up on the right stick for a two-handed flashy dunk are two ways to perform the flashy dunk. Every player who possesses the pro or elite dunk packages with the associated dunk rating and vertical can execute a dazzling dunk.

The player's height, rating, and court position at the time of the move determine the type of flashy dunk that he or she will execute. Running from the wings results in a one-handed hammer, while rushing from the baseline results in a sideline dunk.

How to perform an off-hand or dominant strong hand dunk

By holding down R2 or RT and flipping the right stick to the left or right while the player is running to the paint, the dominant strong hand or off-hand slam may be executed. The direction you flick the right stick in when completing the move will determine which hand the player uses to dunk.

A weak hand dunk is produced by flicking the right stick to the left while using the player's weaker hand.

Whether they finish with their dominant or off-hand depends only on the impact and gravity of the dunk. You receive two flair points as long as the player completes the move.

In 2K23, how to perform a putback dunk

When the ball is about to leave the paint, hold down the shot button (square or X) to complete a putback slam. In NBA 2K23, the putback dunk is executed when a player misses a shot and your player is in close proximity to the paint to spectacularly rebound the miss.

A solid putback dunk requires timing and space. In NBA 2K23, securing a putback dunk requires pressing the button while the ball is still in the air and avoiding any competition for the rebound.

Doing standing dunks in NBA 2K23

Hold down the shoot button (square or X), or flick the right stick up while holding R2 or RT, to perform a standing dunk. In NBA 2K23's pro or elite dunk packages, forwards or centers can do standing dunks. For this action to be executed, your player must be standing and undefended.

How to perform an aggressive dunk

While sprinting, flip the right stick in any direction while holding the R2 or RT trigger to perform an aggressive dunk. Any player with the top-tier dunking packages, like Ja Morant, Vince Carter, and Zion Williamson, is capable of making aggressive dunks.

When you have excellent dunkers, it doesn't matter whether the opposition's defenders are close to the paint because they have what it takes to finish brilliantly over them. Your chances of completing the move rise if the player sprints from the backcourt and has high endurance.

Gaining contact dunks

In NBA 2K23, a contact dunk is executed by racing toward the hoop while holding down R2 or RT and pointing the right stick upward. The paint must be guarded by a defender for your player to complete a contact slam over him.

NBA 2K23 dunk techniques and advice

1.Recognize your players

To determine whether a player can execute the pro and elite dunk packages, it is critical to learn about their dunk rating and vertical. This aids in determining if you can dunk while sprinting or standing for a particular guard, forward, or center.

2.Examine the paint.

One particular ability, dunking, not only earns two points but also showy points from the crowd. But, users must be wise to know when to attempt a slam or settle for a jump shot if there is a competitor in front of them. Although dunks may seem impressive, scoring is more crucial.

3.Dunk differently in different situations

NBA 2K23 allows players greater freedom than ever to score whichever they feel is appropriate at the time. Avoid attempting a dunk while a shot-blocker is in the paint and avoid using an off-handed dunk when the other player is driving with their dominant hand covered.

4.Learn the techniques.

In NBA 2K23, learning the dunks on the practice court can be a quick way to keep one step ahead of the opposition. Gaining mastery of the maneuvers during practice is essential for long-term success as learning them during play may be challenging to execute consistently.

5.Take use of NBA 2K23's dunks.

In NBA 2K23, there are several different dunks to pick from. When winning games, feel free to experiment and have fun. When you perform a dazzling dunk in-game that offers you a psychological advantage over your opponent thereafter, explore and rejoice.

What to do after a slam to hang on the rim?

After performing a dunk, flick down-down on the right stick and adjust your momentum with the left stick to cling onto the rim. You can raise yourself to the rim by using the appropriate stick.

NBA 2K23 how to dunk rather than make a layup

Make sure you are using the right stick to complete the moves in order to increase the likelihood that you will dunk the ball as opposed to playing a layup; doing so should prevent the computer from forcing your player to go for a layup.

You'll observe that in NBA 2K23, the computer-controlled components tend to execute a layup or a dunk depending on many factors, including the player, the opponent, and the angle of attack on the paint. The objective of the game is for the offensive player to get the best shot under the circumstances.

How to disable NBA 2K23's dunk meter

In NBA 2K23, here's how to disable the dunk meter:

Play the game while pausing, then go to Options and choose the Controller Settings.

Save the changes by changing the Shot Timing setting to Shots Only, which excludes dunks and layups.

All You Need to Know About Shot Meter Types and Settings for NBA 2K23

There are a ton of strategies available in NBA 2K23 to defeat any enemy. Timing jumpshots is the one crucial element that must be mastered, regardless of the various strategies employed.

Some individuals prefer to develop a rhythm for their shots instead of using a shot meter.The shot meter is a fantastic signal that can teach a newbie how to "green" or locate the ideal release for the jumpshot of the players that they consistently utilize, but it could become distracting on the screen.

So, these are a few tips to help you maximize the shot meter in NBA 2K23.

What is the shot meter in NBA 2K23? How do you use it?

In NBA 2K23, the shot meter serves as a reference point and an indicator of how accurate jumpshots are. Some players choose not to use the shot meter, as was already explained, but its goal is to enable you to make reliable jumpshots in the game.

NBA 2K23 provides players with more options to customize the shot meter than previous versions of the game. The primary modifications pertain to the types of shot meters available and the accompanying sound effects. While some may overlook its significance, the shot meter is a critical tool for mastering jumpshot timing.

When you release it at the peak of their player's release, you make the ideal jump shot. The difficulty is that various players from any squad could release at different times and to different peaks.

In NBA 2K23, playing on the Superstar or Hall of Fame difficulty settings can make it especially challenging to achieve a perfect shot.You'll need to practice a lot and take jumpshots with a variety of players before you can discover the ideal release.

Follow the next steps to turn off the shot meter in NBA 2K 23:

Go to the Main Menu, then choose Features, Controller Settings, and then Shot Meter.

Turn off the Shot Meter setting.

You can experiment with your preferred settings in the Controller Options section, such as turning off the shot meter or altering how it appears during gameplay.

How to modify 2K23's shot meter

By changing the shot meter type, noises, and vibration in the Controller Settings menu, you can personalize your shot meter.

To modify your shot meter in NBA 2K23, follow these steps:

Choose "Features" from the Main Menu;

Go to the Controller Settings page.

You can modify several parameters from this page, including your Shot Meter, Shot Timing, Perfect Release, Shot Meter Type, and Perfect Release SFX.

How to enlarge the shot meter

In NBA 2K23, it is not possible to manually resize the shot meter. However, at launch, the largest available shot meter is the Comet (High) shot meter type, which players can choose to use. If the player is open as opposed to attempting a jumpshot with two defenders all over them, the shot meter does automatically grow in size.

What are the best settings to use on the shot meter?

The basic objective is to continuously convert buckets, even though shot meter configuration preferences can vary greatly. Here are our recommended shot meter settings for NBA 2K23, suitable for both novice and seasoned players.

For newcomers:

It is recommended to have the shot meter on only for jump shots, not for layups.

Choose the right shot meter type,The Comet (High) recommended cause it bigger.

To shoot free throws in NBA 2K23, it is recommended to turn off the shot meter and rely on the player's animation and muscle memory for consistent timing.

To shoot in NBA 2K23, press the Square button on PlayStation or the X button on Xbox.

Sound is largely irrelevant.

Veterans should:

Jump shots, layups, and free throws should all have the shot meter turned off (this increases your shot window).

rely on the player timings.

To shoot in NBA 2K23, press the Square button on PlayStation or the X button on Xbox.

How to fix a malfunctioning shot meter

Go to the Controller Settings and switch the Shot Meter option from Off to On to correct the shot meter. Players often experiment with different shot meter techniques, so it is advisable to ensure that the shot meter is working properly with your preferred settings before starting a game.

Can you alter the shot meter's color?

The shot meter's color cannot be altered. This feature was available in NBA 2K22 but has been removed in NBA 2K23.

In NBA 2K23, the shot meter is an excellent tool for fostering player development.The ability to compete with the best players in this game cannot be achieved simply, but mastering the shot meter can give you a significant advantage over your opponents, whether you're playing against a team or an individual.

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