Go Get NBA 2K23's Lowest Price Now


Go Get NBA 2K23's Lowest Price Now

BuyMMOG    2022-11-21 11:38

NBA 2K23 is now on sale for between $30 and $40 at a number of stores.

Best Buy

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions are available at Best Buy for $30, while PS5 and Xbox Series X copies cost $35. However, in order to take advantage of the lower pricing, you must join into your free My Best Buy account.


NBA 2K23 is available on sale on Amazon if the Best Buy promotion sells out. Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch standard physical copies cost $30, while PS5 and Xbox Series X copies cost $40. The game is also available digitally for multiple platforms, with prices ranging from $35 for PS5 to $27 for Switch or Xbox One codes.


Last but not least, Xbox owners may get a deal on NBA 2K23 digitally from the Microsoft shop. The Xbox One edition is $27, and the Xbox Series X version is only $35. The Michael Jordan Edition's digital edition is also discounted to $50 from its regular price of $100.

The most recent installment of 2K's long-running annual basketball series is NBA 2K23. Although there are a few concerns with in-game commercials and microtransactions, Mark Delaney writes that NBA 2K23 is "an amazing basketball game developed with an extreme attention to detail and a love of the game" and that it "looks and feels lifelike and exhilarating in every drive."

There are also various other holiday offers available for fans of different sports teams, including discounts on NHL 23 and PGA Tour 2K23. And of course we also offer you NBA 2k23 MT for sale! Go check now!

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