Monopoly Go Golden Blitz Schedule - 17th June 2024


The Next Monopoly Go Golden Blitz Schedule - 17th June 2024

Monopoly Go Chris    06-15 10:18

The Next Monopoly Go Golden Blitz Event Schedule - 17th June 2024

Get ready, Monopoly Go enthusiasts! The buzz is all about the next Golden Blitz event, hitting the game on 17th June 2024. It's a frantic rush for gold stickers, where trading becomes fierce and the rewards are bigger than ever. Mark your calendars and get prepared, because this Golden Blitz is your golden opportunity to finish your album and outshine the competition.

The Next Golden Blitz Schedule

The excitement builds as the next Golden Blitz event is almost here! Scheduled to start at 17th June 2024, 2024 09:00 AM EST and running until 18th June 2024, 2024 08:59 AM EST the following day, this event features two 5-star golden stickers: Rockstar! and Royal Box. Make sure you're ready to dive into the trading action and make the most of these limited-time offers.


Set 19 - 9th

Royal Box

Set 21 - 9th

What is the Golden Blitz?

The Golden Blitz is a special event in Monopoly Go that provides a unique opportunity for players to trade special golden stickers, which are typically not tradable outside this event. During Golden Blitz, players can trade these golden stickers for a limited time, enhancing their ability to complete albums and gain exclusive rewards such as dice rolls.

This event is eagerly anticipated by the community for its ability to drastically change gameplay dynamics, offering a fun and competitive trading environment. The Golden Blitz not only spices up the game but also adds a layer of strategy as players must decide the best way to utilize their valuable golden stickers during the event's short duration.

How to Participate in the Golden Blitz?

To participate in the Golden Blitz event in Monopoly Go, players need to be prepared when the event starts. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of this exciting trading opportunity:

  1. Check the Event Schedule: Stay updated with the game's event calendar to know exactly when the Golden Blitz will begin and end.

  2. Collect Golden Stickers: Before the event, ensure you have collected as many golden stickers as possible. These can be found in regular sticker packs, although they are rare.

  3. Be Ready to Trade: Once the event starts, you can trade golden stickers with other players. Each player is allowed to send max 5 of golden stickers during the event, so make your trades count.

Engaging actively in the Golden Blitz can significantly advance your position in the game by helping you complete sticker sets that are otherwise challenging to finish. Take advantage of this time to trade aggressively and wisely.

How to Get Golden Stickers?

Securing golden stickers in Monopoly Go is a strategic advantage for participating in Golden Blitz events. Here are essential tips to help you acquire these valuable stickers:

  • Open Packs Regularly: Golden stickers can be found in any sticker pack, but they are rare. Increase your chances of obtaining them by consistently opening packs.

  • Participate in Events: Keep an eye out for special events and tournaments that award golden stickers as prizes. Active participation in these can significantly boost your collection.

  • Purchase Stickers: If you're looking to quickly expand your collection, consider buying golden stickers from trusted sources like, where they are available at competitive prices.

  • Trade Wisely: Save your valuable stickers for the Golden Blitz, but also engage in smart trades outside of the event to gather more golden stickers from other players.

By following these strategies, you can enhance your chances of collecting golden stickers, which are crucial for maximizing your success during the Golden Blitz events.

 Past Golden Blitz During Making Music Season

Below is a detailed overview of the past Golden Blitz events during the "Making Music" season:

Start Date End Date Stickers
June 7th 9 AM ET June 18th 9 AM ET
Boogie Down(18) and Ovazione(21)
May 17th 9 AM ET
May 18th 9 AM ET
New Hobby(17) and Clean Win! (20)
May 14th 9 AM ET
May 15th 9 AM ET
Funky Music (18) and Broom Rock (19)
May 2nd 9 AM ET May 3rd 9 AM ET All In (12) and Daydreams (19)
April 25th 6 PM ET April 26th 6 PM ET Rare Find (14) and La Traviata (21)
April 11th 6 PM ET April 12th 6 PM ET Merch It! (13) and We Did It (16)


How to Trade Golden Stickers?

Trading gold stickers is a key feature of the Golden Blitz events in Monopoly Go. Here’s how you can participate in trading these exclusive items:

  1. Event Specificity: You can only trade gold stickers during a Golden Blitz event. Furthermore, you can only trade the two specific gold stickers that are featured in that particular event.

  2. Selecting Stickers: To trade, simply select the gold stickers in your album as you would with any normal sticker.

  3. Setting Up Trades: Once selected, you can either set up an exchange with another player or send the stickers directly to a friend.

  4. Trade Limits: You are allowed to send up to five gold stickers during each Golden Blitz event. This is in addition to your daily allocation of five normal sticker trades.

Understanding these guidelines ensures you make the most of your trading opportunities during Golden Blitz events, helping you advance in the game and complete your sticker collections.

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