Next Monopoly GO Partner Event: Robo Partners


Next Monopoly GO Partner Event: Robo Partners

Jack    05-13 18:44

Next Monopoly GO Partner Event: Robo partners

Introduction to "Robo Partners"

As anticipation crescendos within the Monopoly GO community, eyes are set on the horizon for the highly awaited "Robo Partners" event,which will kick off on May 16 . An official start date remains veiled in excitement, leaving players in eager speculation.

Timing and Patterns of Monopoly GO Partner Events

Monopoly GO historically orchestrates its Partner Events with a familiar rhythm, unraveling new adventures commonly a month apart. Notably, the release typically heralds near the start or mid-month, save for occasions tied to seasonal festivities, when fanfare peaks towards the month-end.

Yet, "Parade Partners" recently cast a ripple through this cycle, crowning the month of April 2024—an early emergence that may foretell an accelerated introduction for its successor "Robo Partners".

Mechanics of Partner Events in Monopoly GO

Embark on a journey of collaboration in "Robo Partners," where joining forces with fellow Monopoly GO enthusiasts is key. Collect event-themed tokens by teaming up, and then spin the prize wheel to attain points that propel you through the event, unlocking milestones one by one until the grandiose final reward is within grasp.


Collaboration in "Robo Partners"

Whether with trusted allies or newfound companions, "Robo Partners" champions the collaborative spirit. As the event commences, players are greeted with the opportunity to form alliances. An inviting interface displays profile icons, ready for your selection, and a green plus button – your gateway to forming a winning coalition on the virtual board of Monopoly GO.

Rewards for the "Robo Partners"

The Robo Partners event upholds its traditional gameplay mechanics, mandating the accumulation of 80,000 points for each partnership segment to advance. Progressing through these segments not only elevates your position but also assures receipt of the familiar, yet coveted rewards.

Contributions from each level cumulatively require 80,000 points per partnership segment, encapsulating the journey towards achievement,and here is the rewards for each slots:

And now, here is what we all expected for the partner event: the illustrious grand prize! Fulfilling the requirements of all four segments bestows the exquisite Robo Penguin token. Furthermore, esteemed participants will be endowed with an impressive bounty of 5,000 dice rolls and a Wild Sticker—a truly magnificent reward that stands testament to your dedication and skill.

Are you ready to roll the dice and collect those tokens? The "Robo Partners" event invites one and all to leave their mark on the Monopoly GO landscape. Team up, strategize, and may the best partnership clinch the opulent grand prize!

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