Monopoly Go Next Treasures Event: Sunset Treasures (July 4th)


Monopoly Go Next Treasures Event: Sunset Treasures (July 4th)

Monopoly Go Jack    07-04 10:13

Monopoly Go Next Treasures Event: Sunset Treasures (July 4th)

Monopoly GO is a popular mobile game that brings the classic Monopoly board game to life with exciting events and challenges. One of the most anticipated events in the game is the Treasures event. Despite the previous information indicating that the new treasure event would be Dino Treasures, the official sources have recently changed the name and rewards of the treasure event. The new name for the treasure event is Sunset Treasure Event, which is the same name used in mid-March.

What is Sunset Treasures in Monopoly GO?

The Sunset Treasures event in Monopoly GO is a limited-time event that offers players the chance to earn exclusive rewards and achieve special milestones. During this event, players can collect various treasures by using pickaxes to dig through different locations on the game board. The event adds an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game, as players must decide how to best use their resources to maximize their rewards.

Sunset Treasures is designed to enhance the overall gaming experience by providing unique challenges and valuable prizes that are not available during regular gameplay. It encourages players to engage more deeply with the game and compete with others to see who can gather the most treasures.

All the Monopoly GO Sunset Treasures Rewards and Milestones

During the Sunset Treasures event, players can earn rewards by reaching specific milestones, with 20 levels of rewards available. Here are some of the rewards and milestones you can expect:

    Level Size Reward
    1 4x4 50 Dice Rolls
    2 4x6 Cash
    3 5x5 100 Dice Rolls
    4 5x5 2-Star Sticker Pack, Cash, 5 Pickaxes
    5 5x5 150 Dice Rolls
    6 8x4 200 Dice Rolls
    7 7x7 3-Star Sticker Pack
    8 4x4 175 Dice Rolls
    9 8x5 200 Dice Rolls
    10 8x4 Scarab Sentinel shield
    11 5x7 600 Dice Rolls
    12 7x7 10 Pickaxes; Cash
    13 7x7 400 Dice Rolls
    14 6x6 3-Star Sticker Pack, Cash
    15 5x5 200 Dice Rolls
    16 8x7 4-Star Sticker Pack, Cash, 15 Pickaxes
    17 8x7 Pharaoh Scottie token
    18 5x6 500 Dice Rolls
    19 8x7 Cash
    20 8x7 5-Star Sticker Pack, 2,500 Dice Rolls, Cash

    The rewards include a Scarab Sentinel shield and a Pharaoh Scottie token, while the grand prize also includes a 5-star sticker package and 2500 dice.

    How to Get Pickaxes for Sunset Treasures

    Pickaxes are essential tools for participating in the Sunset Treasures event. Here are some ways to acquire pickaxes in Monopoly GO:

    • Daily Login Rewards: Make sure to log in to the game daily to receive free pickaxes as part of the daily rewards.
    • Completing Tasks and Challenges: Participate in various tasks and challenges within the game to earn pickaxes as rewards. These tasks can range from simple daily missions to more complex event-specific challenges.
    • Special Events and Promotions: Keep an eye out for special events and promotions that offer pickaxes as rewards. These can be time-limited opportunities to stock up on pickaxes.

    Efficiently collecting and using pickaxes is crucial for maximizing your progress in the Sunset Treasures event. Plan your strategy and prioritize tasks that offer the most pickaxes to ensure you can dig through as many locations as possible.


    The Sunset Treasures event in Monopoly GO is an exciting opportunity for players to earn exclusive rewards and achieve special milestones. By understanding what the event entails, the rewards and milestones available, and how to get pickaxes, you can make the most of this limited-time event. Engage with the game, strategize your moves, and enjoy the thrill of uncovering treasures in Monopoly GO!

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