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The Nets' NBA2K23 Stats Have Remained Mostly Unchanged

2022-09-07 16:31

It is time for the NBA2k23 ratings, and there hasn't been much of a shift from last year when the Nets were predicted to win the NBA championship in the end. Kevin Durant's rating stays the same at 96, but Kyrie Irving's rating rises from 91 to 92 despite the fact that he played in just 29 games this season. Ben Simmons stayed at the 84-point mark despite the fact that he did not play at all! It did not make Durant happy, on the other hand, the stance taken by KD was supported by the Nets...

In the overall standings, Durant is tied for second place with four other players, one spot behind Giannis Antetokounmpo, who scored 97 points. At the moment, KD, LeBron James, Joel Embiid, Steph Curry, and Nikola Jokic are all tied for first place with 96 points. Irving, James Harden, Anthony Davis, and Jimmy Butler are the other three players that are tied with him for the tenth spot. Simmons is currently ranked 46th.

This is the whole roster, along with the relevant numbers:

Kevin Durantcomes in at number 96

Kyrie Irving comes in at number 92

Ben Simmons comes in at number 84 

 Mr. T.J. Warren comes in at number82

Nick Claxton comes in at number 78.

Seth Curry comes in at number 78.

Joe Harrisnumber 76

Cam Thomas, number 75

Edmond Sumner, number 75

Royce O'Neale is numbered 74.

Day'ron Sharpe, number 74

Patty Mills, number 73

Kessler Edwards, number 72

Markieff Morris, number 72

David Duke Jr .number 72

Yuta Wanatabe number 71

There are currently no ratings for the two Williams, Alondes' two-way, or Donovan's Exhibit 10 performance.

The fact that Simmons has only hit five 3-point shots in his career led to a rating of 58 for him as a 3-point shooter. This wasn't a surprise. KD finished second among 3-point shooters, behind only Harris (90), and slightly ahead of Seth Curry, who is the top 3-point shooter in the NBA right now in terms of percentage. KD's score was 88. Harris is tied for second place with Desmond Bane in the 3-point ratings for NBA 2K23. At number 99, Steph Curry holds the top spot.

There are a few more peculiarities to be found. Warren, who has only participated in four games in the last two years, received an 82, which is an increase of two points from his most recent healthy season, when he received an 80 heading into 2021. Sumner maintained his level of 75 despite not participating in any games throughout the previous season.

Patty Mills, who had a career-high last season in terms of scoring, including coming close to setting a Nets record with 277 three-pointers, had her rating fall from 77 to 73. While this was going on, Joe Harris, who had two operations on his ankle and missed all but 14 games, had his score decrease from 79 to 76.

Two of the younger Nets saw growth in their membership numbers. Cam Thomas improved his score to 75, while Day'Ron Sharpe saw his score improve to 74.

As he did on Tuesday, Durant expressed his dissatisfaction with his rating from the previous year, claiming that he was worthy of a score of 99, which he had previously attained when playing for the Golden State Warriors. Aside from him, the only other players to ever get a rating of 99 or higher were Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, and LeBron James. Only O'Neal scored a perfect 100.

On Friday, NBA 2K23 will be available for purchase, and its cover will feature, among other players, Devin Booker.

NBA 2K23 Roster for the Brooklyn Nets - 2K Ratings Predicting Which Players' Ratings Will Jump and Fall the Most - Andy Bailey - Bleacher Report

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