NBA 2K 24: What We Know So Far


NBA 2K 24: What We Know So Far

BuyMMOG    2023-07-27 17:44

We officially have 43 days until the release of NBA 2K 24, and 2K is slowly releasing more and more news leading up to the release date. Since NBA 2K 24 is coming out on September 8th, just like NBA 2k23, we can expect lots of news on the same dates as last year. J.A. Bridgford tweeted, "First Look trailer should be coming out next week." I'm not sure if he knows someone who works for 2K or what, but this could be very true. Last year, on July 30th, 2K released the NBA 2k23 Gameplay trailer, so I feel like the trailer for NBA 2K 24 will most likely be dropping next Monday.

Now, the real question is, will the 2k24 Gameplay trailer actually show gameplay or just a lot of NBA players' sweat running down their forehead and legs? I don't know much about you guys, but graphics don't mean much to me anymore. You could give me old gen Graphics, but as long as the gameplay is solid, that's all I really care about. Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments section.

Now, we have some big news. NBA 2k Game tweeted, "MSCHF x Lil Durk x #nba2k24?" Obviously, those big red boots that cost 500$ will be in NBA 2k 24. Let me know down below how much VC do you think those will cost in Swags? No one's really talking about this, but I feel like there's a big reason why Lil Durk is on a four-wheeler in the tweet. This could possibly be a new Quest reward, level 40 award, or even a legend reward. You guys know that keysticks played hundreds and thousands of hours to unlock the Stuart Little car for Legends, so could this be a hint at legend or maybe the first season level 40 reward? 

Now, obviously, we know that there's cross-play in NBA 2k 24. They literally let us know, like eight to nine times. A lot of people that watch my videos may only play 2K, so let me break this down. So in NBA 2k 24, you're most likely just gonna have a 2K account, similar to Fortnite with Epic accounts. A lot of people had speculation that it may be cross-play, but we may not be able to play with opposite console users. But on 2K's website, it states, "This grab your friends and enjoy the ultimate basketball experience in NBA 2k 24 thanks to cross-play between new generational consoles. Compete with or against players around the world in Dynamic Co-op matches, thrilling online tournaments, or casual pickup games." So they basically just debunked all the rumors. It clearly says, "Compete with or against players," so that's really good news.

2K also confirmed that cross-platform will not be added as a feature in NBA 2k 24. Here's what Evidence Stacks that work for 2K had to say about this: "The question was if you make a MyPlayer on Xbox, can you then use it on PlayStation? The answer is no. We have cross-platform multiplayer, but it's not cross-platform progression. So when you make a save on Xbox or PlayStation, you can't take it to the other one." So, some of you may be confused, but let me break this down. Basically, what this means is if you make, like, a 99 overall play shot build on the PlayStation 5, you won't be able to use the same exact player on the Xbox Series X. Kinda a bummer because on Fortnite, all your skins are connected to one account or cloud, so you can use the same account on PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. But I believe the reason why 2K didn't add this feature is that a lot of people would probably be boosting. Imagine you're playing Park on PS5 and then having someone else play Wreck on that same build on Xbox. That's boosting, and that would be crazy.

Coaster put out a poll on YouTube and asked, "Where will you be for NBA 2K 24?" And this poll has 129,000 votes. That's a lot of votes, and 64 percent of people said new gen. This is really crazy because at this point, I would think it would be easily over 80 percent of people would be playing new gen. Let me know in the comments section, are you going to be on new gen or old gen for 2K 24, and let me know why.

I just feel like 2K really needs to focus on new gen and leave old gen inthe past. This year for 2K 23, there were certain things about old gen that were better than next-gen, and it doesn't make any sense. For example, a My Court and a permanent 1v1 Court. I tweeted a few days ago and said, "NBA 2K 24 New Gen needs a permanent 1v1 Court. Drop a like right now if you agree." I'm hoping the new beachfront City for new gen looks better and has way better features than old gen neighborhood in 2K 24.

I need you guys to be on the lookout for new news. A lot of people just wait for 2K to tweet some new information about 2K 24 and what's to come, but there's way more information out there if you just look. There's actually a full article on GameStop's website describing NBA 2K 24, and they said this: "Hoop in Paradise. Make your mark on scenic coastal neighborhood rich with postcard views and blistering competition. Use the revamp player builder to create a my player that suits your skill set, so you can play to your strengths and get the most out of the new updated bad system. Explore Cliffside terrain, complete a new set of streamlined quests, and take on rival players and the ultimate my career backdrop.

Now, I'm pretty sure this article may be describing old gen, but it may be describing new gen. It says Coastal neighborhood, so I think that's why they're describing old gen. But it also mentioned we have a new revamp build system, so that's good. Anything will be better than NBA 2K23's. It also mentioned to explore Cliffside terrain, so I'm hoping we have a beautiful scenery in the city/neighborhood.

In the same article, it says, "Make your moves, enjoy the most authentic gameplay yet, with an emphasis on seamless mechanics and attention to detail. Showcase your deep arsenal of moves with revamp interior defense and dribble combo control for more rewarding skill-based actions and effectiveness." So, they just mentioned that it would have the most authentic gameplay yet.

2K recently announced they're going to be introducing the new Pro play technology in NBA 2k 24. So, I'm assuming that's what this means. If you don't know what Pro play is, they're basically just taking the real footage from NBA games and using those animations in NBA 2k 24 for the gameplay.

No one has brought this to attention, but in the product description, it says, "This feel more responsive gameplay and polished visuals." One huge issue we have in 2K is the input delay, and you guys know what I'm talking about. When you flick your right stick to dribble, it doesn't happen right away. It basically takes a whole second. And yes, before people comment, I play on a monitor and I use a wired controller, so that is not the issue. I'm really hoping to see more improvement on that issue this year in NBA 2k 24.

And if you head over to 2K's website and read the description for each version of NBA 2K 24, we have some pretty cool information. The 25th anniversary edition bonus content will be 100K VC, 15 six types of my career skill boost, 15 Gatorade, and an electric skateboard. Now, these are the main ones that I care about. There's obviously my team rewards as well, but as you guys can see, skill boost and Gatorade boost are back in the game. But the biggest thing that stands out to me is the electric skateboard.

J.A brings forth also tweeted NBA 2K23's peak for Twitch viewership was 181,000 viewers. Will NBA 2K 24 break this? In my opinion, I think the peak viewership would be about 250,000, considering we have cross-play and especially if Duke Dennis, Kai Snout, and other huge creators stream this game on day one.

Overall, NBA 2K 24 is expected to offer an authentic gameplay experience with seamless mechanics and attention to detail, as well as improved input delay. The new coastal neighborhood and Cliffside terrain offer exciting new gameplay possibilities, and the electric skateboard bonus content is sure to be a hit with fans. While there are some disappointments, such as the lack of cross-platform progression, the confirmed cross-play and new features make NBA 2K 24 a highly anticipated release.

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