Madden 23 Is Facing Challenges And EA May Have To Make Changes


Madden 23 Is Facing Challenges And EA May Have To Make Changes

BuyMMOG    2023-03-06 12:04

Insider Gaming, a reputable publication, recently reported on the status of the upcoming Madden 23 game, revealing that the franchise faces a pivotal year. Confidential sources consulted by Insider Gaming indicate that the game is struggling to keep major controversies and technical issues at bay, with storage date problems causing unrecoverable file corruption. As a result, Electronic Arts (EA) and Madden are going back to the drawing board to produce an error-free game or face a potential plummet that could seriously jeopardize the franchise.

However, is the situation as dire as it seems? The answer is no. While Madden 23 did suffer from technical setbacks, it did introduce a game-changing feature called FieldSENSE for next-gen players. Additionally, Madden 23 excelled in its Ultimate Team feature and introduced several unique and fun programs, including the MUT Practice Mode.

Despite these positives, Madden 23 is far from perfect. Its Face of the Franchise mode falls well below expectations, and technical setbacks continue to plague the game. Thus, EA Sports must prioritize resolving its technical errors and dedicate the same amount of attention, passion, and creativity towards Face of the Franchise as they do towards other features and modes like Ultimate Team and Franchise Mode. Moreover, Madden needs to offer more, such as a 3v3 street-style mode or a story mode featuring NFL stars.

As Madden 24 looms ahead, the franchise needs to deliver an error-free experience and an upgraded Face of the Franchise experience. If it can do so, it may become one of the best Madden games over the last two decades.

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