FIFA 23 Facing A Predicament


FIFA 23 Facing A Predicament

BuyMMOG    2022-10-23 17:59

Now the revisions of Hypermotion 2, a new version of the mo-capped, machine learning-aided animation engine are applied to how chemistry works in FUT, and the addition of the women's game are all highlighted in the game's promotional materials. The FIFA marketing crew is really putting in an effort. I can't say how well the new features stand up since the game has so many problems and hasn't even gone live yet, two weeks after its release.

Moreover, the problem wasn't primarily related to the level of play on the football field. Sure, there were bugs and glitches in the start, but when was the last time two players really ran into each other in FIFA? FIFA is in a precarious position, as we will describe in detail below.

The Previous Code

Without a question, it has maintained the same atmosphere and presentation style for a long time. It's not hard to imagine that the rubber bands, nuts, and bolts that power the football are thousands of years old.

And extrapolating from there, a meaningful update to the franchise will need an even bigger investment from EA. They would be building a brand-new football game by stripping it down to its bare-bones, code-level essentials. None of the systems that were refined until they died, had evaluations in the 7–8 range, and nevertheless managed to sell 10 million copies despite widespread disapproval that still exists today.

If it were to go, then what? The hope for a more thrilling football game? This is something the marketing team should really talk about, since right now they tweak the animations so little that it seems like they did a full overhaul. They don't require major improvements to transport troops.

We must not lose sight of the fact that a revenue stream of several billion dollars is at risk here. If the new and improved game fails to attract players, FUT will lose $1.62 billion. No company, regardless of size, can afford to disregard the obvious truth that cash is disappearing without a trace.

However, there are many who, like Barford, are certain that EA will include this major improvement when they release their game the following year. Changes made to the name, from FIFA to EA Sports FC after more than 25 years, suggest a newfound sense of purpose for the franchise. When would it be best to start fresh and let go of the old?

The One Who Suffered

In the same way that EA Sports Football likely will, FIFA became a victim of its own popularity. And when we stop buying those pointless, small FUT packs, that'll be all the multibillion-dollar firm needs to make a better football game. If poor meta scores were the reason for the demise of FIFA, it would have happened a long time ago. Critiques of FIFA's mediocre quality, lack of ambition, and controversial loot boxes have been voiced loudly and violently by the game's own esports community in recent years, and similar opinions have spread across the gaming world at large. The strategic strategy was not changed.

I've been playing FIFA games annually since many years ago, so I feel confident saying that this year's little improvements to the animation system won't save the series. It's easy to get into the Twitter conspiracy theory that EA Canada and its parent company are lazy, incompetent, or malicious since they consistently release games that are almost identical year after year.

There's no question that the FIFA development crew is full of talented people who are motivated by passion. Each one of them is a football nut who knows every detail of each game, including the wins and losses. They're not at all like the Shakespearean witch coven you would imagine from reading internet harassment, huddled around a cauldron as they conjure up yet another 94th-minute triumph.

Changing this is only possible with a prudent long-term approach and utilization of FUT 23 coins at a cheaper price. Now, at long last, we have the EA Sports Football Club we've been waiting for.

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