FIFA 23: The Worst Mistakes - What is Wrong with EA?


FIFA 23: The Worst Mistakes - What is Wrong with EA?

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When it comes to mistakes and failures, EA Sports is far up there. Especially this time of year. The early release of FIFA 23 marked the start of a rollercoaster ride riddled with EA flaws.Things are truly going bad, especially in Ultimate Team. We'll demonstrate what EA Sports has accomplished this year in detail.

A new low point in EA Sports' history of flops is reached with FIFA 23. The FIFA community is already accustomed to early leaks of important information like the Team of the Year and the TOTY Icons. Anyone who has ever played Ultimate Team is aware of EA's failures. erroneous ratings that need to be changed, incorrect cards in packs, or just an early release date for the game.

When it comes to handling one of the top games in the world professionally, EA isn't exactly the best example. Stay tuned because it's going down as we examine every FIFA 23 flop from this year!

EA has released it once more. Has a game ever been played without errors? In my opinion, no. The following are FIFA 23's major mistakes:

1. EA unlocks FIFA 23 on Xbox before its official release

One of the biggest mistakes in a long time was this. FIFA 23 may be played on Xbox one month before it was officially released. Players who had pre-ordered the game at the time the issue occurred could, among other things, access the Ultimate Team mode and play the complete game.

Naturally, the EA jokes and leaks concerning the FIFA 23 ratings and other topics quickly became popular. Although we were able to complete our FIFA 23 Top 100 before the deadline, this does make us wonder what EA is actually doing behind the scenes.

2. SBCs in Ultimate Team cannot be completed

Before FIFA was released, players could complete 23 SBCs via the Web App. However, a lot of bugs angered the populace.

The list of concerns regarding the SBCs was quite extensive. The inability to submit challenges was the main issue. Other problems were completely insurmountable. What a letdown, FIFA 23's opening moments were...

The earliest SBC awards were made non-transferable, say FIFA experts SebFut and Rannerz, as part of an EA strategy to make FIFA Points more desirable from the outset. A terrible update, EA!

3. Hero Pack Failure

The EA flops haven't even been going for a month. The Hero Pack Fail for merely 25,000 coins may be fresh in your memory. Even though it was barely active for roughly 15 minutes, thousands of players naturally accepted the freebie.

Therefore, it makes sense that the transfer market crashed. However, not everyone was fortunate; several missed the pack, and on top of that, the team's worth decreased. Hero card holders get a big L. EA has not responded to the issue up until this point. Unbelievable!

4. World Cup Mode too early

Before FIFA 23's official release, there was a way to get access to the World Cup mode. I'm genuinely curious how this is possible. Just crazy, really!

In addition to being leaked a month beforehand (like every other FIFA event), the FIFA 23 World Cup mode was also accessible to PlayStation users via a simple method and was even PLAYABLE, WTF!

5. Wrong Price Ranges on Black Friday

EA made a mistake yet again. EA made a bunch of mistakes just before the Black Friday promotion in FIFA 23 began. They changed the pricing ranges of numerous well-liked Team of the Week cards over night. However, everything about it was plainly wrong and too low. Because the impacted informs' unaware owners sold them for too little money, a lot of players lost a lot of cash.

The losers were the players with active transfer lists. Most of the time, you can re-offer all players with only one click, without having to check the card's pricing again. Ousmane Dembele, Theo Hernandez, and Wissam Ben Yedder inform cards were sold for sums of up to 20,000 coins.

6. In-Game Icon Facing Issues

There were numerous concerns in the FIFA community about some of the then-new World Cup Icons because they simply looked bad. But that didn't really come as a surprise. Something that EA simply messed up.

Some icons resembled NPCs and didn't even resemble themselves. Didier Drogba was moving around in the meantime while sporting the Paolo Maldini look. Quite unusual! Fortunately, even though it took some time, the bug has already been fixed.

7. FIFA 23 Hackers

This year, the FIFA community is furious with both EA Sports and, of course, the hackers as well. They are now present everywhere, whether it be in the Weekend League or when stealing accounts. Be cautious! Already, major streams have been compromised.

But with FIFA 23, account hacking is just one major issue. Players are also reporting cheaters in Division Rivals and the WL in increasing numbers. Turn off Crossplay to avoid this issue, as the majority of gamers are PCs!

8. Statistics Are Covertly Changed

The FIFA 23 Centurions have been made more worse, as if they weren't horrible enough already. Particularly well-known is Zlatan Ibrahimovi. Important in-game statistics for Centurions Team 2 players have been changed by EA without notifying the public.

Team 1's Centurions had various errors that needed to be fixed, specifically Trent Alexander-pace Arnold's statistics. However, that cannot be compared to the hidden stat adjustment. Many people lost millions of dollars when the value of Ibra and Co. plummeted.

Let's hope that by the time of the next installment, things will be different. In the fall of 2023, EA will give us EA Sports FC, while FIFA will give us the newest version of FIFA 24. The future is exciting.

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