Embark on a Dark Journey: Experience the Thrilling Story of Diablo 4 Through its Main Missions


Embark on a Dark Journey: Experience the Thrilling Story of Diablo 4 Through its Main Missions

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After the defeat of the three prime evils and Malthael, the world slowly recovered from the catastrophic disaster. However, a group of "treasure hunters" stumbled into the most secretive location in Sanctuary.

People seeking knowledge and those thirsting for wealth were forced to flee from the pursuit of monsters.What awaited them was an ancient door.

"Bow to the three and the door shall open!"Behind the ancient door, there was no wealth or knowledge, only bloody incantations and inevitable sacrifices!

Three pillars stood tall, with the sacrificial offerings of the intruding bandits hanging from them.Blood began to spread throughout the space."Only the pure shall enter!"

The long-dormant followers of Rathma and the worshippers of Lilith chanted incantations, opening the ritual ceremony to welcome the return of the Mother of Sanctuary, the Demon Goddess.Within the blood-woven curtains, Lilith - the Mother of Sanctuary, the Demon Goddess - returned!

In the harsh cold of the Broken Peaks, you arrived here to escape the war and chaos by leaving your homeland.In the midst of living rough, you slowly acquired the skills to survive.It seems that someone is helping you in mysterious ways.

Perhaps your legend is about to begin.

Prologue: Wandering

Dusk on the Mountain

Coming out of the cave to "hunt" for food, you headed east (right) to a small village called Nevesk. The howling of a werewolf caught your attention.

Vani, a villager, told you that a crazy monk was causing trouble in the village and had injured her.

Following Vani to the tavern, she said that evil monsters were breeding in the ruins north of the city, which may have caused the monk's madness. You thought that this matter might help you to get closer to the villagers and decided to take a look.

Darkness Within

Soon, you found the Icehowl Ruins at the north of the village (marked in gold and can be right-clicked to display a navigation line on the map).

As you walked clockwise around the tower, you encountered some low-level monsters that were no longer a match for you.

In the deep hall of the tower, you saw a Decapitated Priest.

You approached to investigate (interact), but were interrupted by a furious roar and earthquake-like rumbling.

A Hero’s Return

A giant monster X’Fal,The Scarred Baron appeared.(You just need to roll to dodge its impact, and you can stably output damage most of the time.)

This seems to be the lair for summoning monsters, as small monsters continuously join the battle.You focused on attacking The Scarred Baron, as it's better to catch the ringleader first!

After defeating the monsters, you found the rope on the well bracket and climbed out of this cursed place.

A Hero’s Reward

Back in the village, Vani was very happy and called for the villagers to celebrate.

But something was off about the drinks!You lost consciousness in a dizzy spell.The prepared cart dragged you into the slaughterhouse.This was the fate that the villagers had prepared for you!

However, the previously insane priest came to your aid at this critical moment.He made a surprise attack and killed Oswen, who was trying to dismember you.

Prayers for Salvation

The priest tells you that everyone in this village has been possessed by demons and driven insane.He himself almost lost his life here, but he managed to regain his sanity in time.

You have no choice but to fight against the villagers with the priest.After killing the leader Vani, you obtained the key to the chapel.There are strange petals in the chapel, and as soon as you touch them, you enter into a hallucination.

It turns out that this is the first stop for Lilith’s return.She stirs up the souls of chaos and slaughter.She spreads hatred and madness in the sanctuary.It seems that a bigger plan is brewing.

In Search of Answers

The priest is waiting for you to wake up from the hallucination.He tells you that the hermit to the east may be able to provide you with guidance.You arrive at the hermit's room (marked in gold).You search through the bookshelf and find a secret door.There is a strange demon skull on the table behind it (interact).It seems that the owner is pursuing some answers.

Finally, the legendary hermit Lorath has returned.He tells you that it may be Lilith  who caused all of this.He decides to go with you to Kyovashad, the largest town in the Fractured Peaks, to find a solution.

Rite of Passage

You hunt monsters all the way north.At the entrance of the town, the guards require you to perform a ritual before entering.Interacting with the nearby shrine, you realize that pride is your own sin (choose any option).

After redeeming your soul, you are allowed to enter this blessed city.You meet Lorath at the stable, and he asks you to help him get something from the merchant.You have now reached the heart of the Fractured Peaks, and there are still many stories waiting for you.

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Act 1:A Cold and Iron Faith

Missing Pieces

You arrive at the armory and buy back the weapon that Lorath pawned.Fortunately, the armorer is an honest person and does not overcharge you (you can buy Lorath's halberd for 20 gold coins).

The merchant, Ozren, also kindly tells you that  Amulet dropped a talisman necklace when he pawned the weapon.You decide to bring it back to Loras as well (click on the strange Amulet on the counter).

When you bring the items to Lorath, you ask about the origin of the  Amulet.He tells you that it is the mark of the Horadrim, an ancient organization of scholars and mages that is now on the brink of extinction with only a few members left.Nevertheless, they still uphold their oath to defend the Sanctuary.

Ill Tidings

Lorath went to the Dry Plains to try to uncover the truth.You head to the Cathedral of Light, located to the north of the city, hoping that the High Priestess can provide you with guidance.

Reverend Mother Prava is troubled by the demonic sightings in Yelesna.

Your arrival relieves her urgent situation, and she asks you to gather information from Yelesna.

The Reverend Mother says that her knight, Vigo, brought back a report from Yelesna (interact with the Vigo Report on the table).

You discover rumors of a longhorned woman lurking near the Yelesna Mine.

Yelesna is located southeast of Kyovashad, and there are two roads that lead there.

It is a small village built around the mines.

You learn from Captain Ankers that Vigo has already gone to the mine to investigate.

The captain also tells you that an entire squad of knights disappeared there last week, including a mother and daughter and a strange woman.

Please be careful.

The Knight and the Magpie


You head north to Pine Hill and arrive at the entrance to the mine, where Vigo and a girl named Neyrelle are arguing.Neyrelle is the daughter of the missing mother and daughter. She witnessed her mother following another woman with demon horns into the mine.Neyrelle wants Vigo to enter the mine to protect her mother, but Vigo thinks Neyrelle is just overly worried.

Your arrival ends the argument.For those who have seen Lilith's illusions, the woman Neyrelle described is particularly clear - the Daughter of Hatred, Lilith.Vigo also realizes the danger and enters the mine with Neyrelle and you.

You soon discover that the mine elevator is stuck, and you have to descend on foot .The mine is clearly not as peaceful as Vigo imagined, and you have to fight demons all the way.At the end of the path, Neyrelle discovers a crack leading downwards.


Although you have descended into the mine, a collapsed boulder blocks the way back.Vigo thinks you need to find another way out.You move forward along the mine, climb down ladders built by miners, and enter deeper into the mine.

Here, you discover the culprit that jammed the elevator - the corpse of a demon.After clearing the demon (interact with the corpse), the elevator can operate again.

In Her Wake

At this moment, a strange sound came from within the enormous stone door.Neyrelle thought it was her mother's voice.You and Vigo exchanged brief words and decided to investigate inside the door (Gate of Kasama).

Upon entering, you discovered a large number of slaughtered guards.The barely alive knight Grendan told Vigo that Neyrelle's mother had begged for mercy from Lilith, who had taken her deeper into the area.It was too late, she couldn't come back.

Grendan said that weapons, spells, and prayers were all useless, and that Vigo should go to Kor Valar and ask the Prava for assistance.Vigo decided to follow Grendan's advice, but Neyrelle refused to give up. You decided to follow this determined young girl and continue to track Lilith.(Next, the highlighted stone clock in the area will provide background to the story. Interested players can click to read more.)

Soon, you discovered Lilith's blood-red petal imprint on the ground.Touching the petals, you saw Lilith's conversation with Neyrelle's mother.Neyrelle's mother thirsted for knowledge, and Lilith used knowledge as a lure to make her her servant.

Continuing forward, you saw the calm abyss - the Black Lake - with no ripples, no color, no vitality, no hope.You and Neyrelle followed the ancient stone path and quickly discovered a path leading downwards.

Storming the Gates

There is a seemingly ancient door that has existed for ages, and you rushed into it without hesitation.The Blood Petals Prophetess, Lilith, has also passed through here.The vision told you that Lilith seems to be searching for her son - Rathma.

One ancient door after another was opened, and groups of demons emerged.Even the most optimistic person would realize that the situation is not good.

At the edge of the Dark Lake, Lilith taught a ritual to Neyrelle's mother.This ritual can allow them to pass through the Dark Lake.

In front of the final door, Neyrelle tried to use her ancient magic to unlock the seal on the door.And you had to fight with all your might against the swarming demons.Fortunately, you have been through many battles, and Neyrelle was clever enough, and the two of you just managed to turn danger into safety.

The Cost of Knowledge

You and Neyrelle arrived at the lakeside, but Lilith had already left.What remained here was an abandoned servant - Vhenard - Neyrelle's mother.Vhenard told Neyrelle that across the lake was the City of the Firstborn, a treasury of magic and knowledge, the place where she had always dreamed of.

However, although Lilith had opened the way, Vhenard could not pass through because she lacked the sacred element.The immense despair drove Vhenard into madness.And in this madness, demons were born!(You must quickly eliminate the demons that are connected to Vhenard. High maneuverability and ranged attacks will be relatively easier in this battle.)You and Neyrelle had to fight with all your might!Neyrelle also kept trying to awaken her mother's consciousness.But all efforts failed, and Neyrelle lost her mother.You also could not cross the Dark Lake to continue tracking Lilith.

Neyrelle left the mine alone, filled with grief and anger. She still refused to give up and wanted to find a way.You had to go back to report to the Reverend Mother (after using the elevator, talk to Neyrelle at the entrance of the mine).The future became increasingly bleak.

Light's Guidance

You returned to the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad, and the steward Josef told you that the Reverend Mother had gone to Kor Valar.

You decided to set off, but you still worried about Neyrelle's safety.(At this point, the main storyline splits into two paths: go to Kor Valar or find Neyrelle. Either order of completion is acceptable, but it makes more sense to first find Neyrelle in terms of the plot logic.)

Shroud of the Horadrim

Vhenard paid a great price for her thirst for knowledge, and Neyrelle, filled with sorrow, still remained stubborn - she wanted to find a way to cross the Darkened Holt.

You also worried about Neyrelle's safety and decided to talk to her first.In the northern area where Neyrelle often frequented, you found a strange three-faced statue (interact with it).

Suddenly, a path leading to the Darkened Holt appeared next to the statue.You didn't hesitate and rushed in.You explored theHolt and suddenly found a red flame teleportation gate.At the entrance of the gate, there was a giant wolf that could talk.

The wolf claimed to be a Bloodied Wolf and said that it was your admirer. It had helped you when you were trapped in the mountains.The Bloodied Wolf wanted to help you stop Lilith and believed that following Horadrim would lead to no good.

You followed the Bloodied Wolf and passed through a door made of flesh and blood.The Blood Wolf told you that this was an illusion brought by the three-faced statue, but it could help you escape.The Blood Wolf opened a teleportation gate that led to Neyrelle's location.It warned you again that Horadrim would eventually fall apart, and at that time, it hoped that you could stay out of it!

Fledgling Scholar

As expected, the teleportation gate worked, and you arrived at the three-faced statue with Neyrelle, who was also trapped.Upon examining the statue again (interact with it), you found a way back to reality.

Neyrelle found fragments of information about Horadric from her mother's relics.She believed that the Horadric Vault (dungeon) had the knowledge she needed.

On the table in the study, you found the required Lesser Verses and Incantations.This allowed Neyrelle to lift the seal and open hidden doors one by one.In the library, the two of you decided to split up .

Deep in the library, you encountered Lilith's apostle again and had to fight a fierce battle.(Note: roll to dodge the marks on the ground and stay away from the central area.)

After defeating the apostle, you found the book chronicles spells and theories created by Rathma.Rathma was Lilith and Inarius' first child and is also considered the first necromancer in Sanctuary.

You left the library through the teleportation gate and reunited with Neyrelle.She believed that the contents of the book would help in the journey ahead, but she needed time to study it thoroughly.You decided to give her time to study the books and went to Kor Valar to report to the Reverend Mother.

Kor Valar

After bidding farewell to Neyrelle, you arrived in Kor Valar in the north.The loyal guards learned of the Reverend Mother's orders and allowed you to enter the city.

In the square, Vigo was holding a funeral for the fallen knights.He felt guilty himself for not recognizing Lilith's malice and instead being used by her. He could be said to have escorted her to the Void City of the Firstborn.He confessed everything to the Reverend Mother and wanted to atone for his actions.

Guided by Vigo, you found the Reverend Mother.The Reverend Mother believed that although you had proved your abilities, you still needed to receive the blessings and baptism of faith.She asked you to complete the blessing ceremony first before continuing to serve yourself.(If the plot gets stuck, you can interact with the war table.)


You went outside the city to consult with Vigo about the pilgrimage.Vigo told you that you must pray at several penitent shrines outside the city to complete the ceremony.

You need to go to the shrines, read the stone tablets in front of them, and then carry the statue in front of the shrines to the next shrine.At each shrine, you need to put down the statue, read the tablet, and then carry the statue forward until you complete the entire journey.

(The quest locations are indicated, just follow them. There will be monsters along the way, but they are not difficult. Only the last elite goatman can be tricky, but you can avoid it completely by running. If you choose to fight, be sure to dodge its jumping attack, which is deadly.)

This challenge did not deter you, and in the end, you stood in front of the Snowdrift Monastery, having completed the pilgrimage.

Light's Judgment

You were granted permission to enter the holiest place in the monastery, the Hall of Ascension.It is a long upward passage, and at the end of the passage, you will face the judgment of the Heavenly Father Inarius!

Inarius has been awakened by the faithful.As one of the creators of Sanctuary, he is somewhat arrogant.He speaks in the language of the gods, saying cryptically that what we want is never what we should want.

He believed that he and Lilith could establish a neutral Sanctuary that could end the eternal war between angels and demons.But now it seems that this is far from enough.

He believes that Sanctuary and its creators have begun to rot from within (the two have gone their separate ways).And humans are too insignificant, too trivial.

He paid no attention to your words and actions, forcefully interrupting the meeting.You have no idea what plans the Heavenly Father has in mind.


After completing the Heavenly Father's judgment, you found the Reverend Mother Pravus again.Although the Heavenly Father did not indicate anything, your safe return was enough to earn the Reverend Mother's trust.

The Reverend Mother bestowed her blessing and protection upon you, formally accepting you.After wandering for half your life, you finally have a sense of belonging.

Crossing Over

The Reverend Mother has not given you any orders yet, but it seems that Neyrelle has made some progress.You once again went to meet her on the Path of the Firstborn.

She eagerly led you to the shore of the Black Lake.There lies the body of her mother.But she has learned a brief spell of necromancy from Rathma's book.She "revived" her mother and asked her to perform the ritual of crossing the Black Lake again.

Vhenard told you that your blood is the key.Using your blood as a key, she opened the passage.

The mother and daughter reunited briefly, and Vynna knew she could not sustain this lifeless shell of a body. She entrusted her love and hope to her daughter and asked her to continue moving forward.

The mother and daughter passed each other by.(In fact, Lilith and Rathma, as mother and son, also passed each other by, didn't they?)


The other side of the lake is an area that ordinary humans have rarely ventured into. It has already been corrupted by the Tumors of Hatred, and you must clear all of them to open the passage.(This means going around in a circle on both sides, climbing up the initial platform on the left side.)

Before continuing deeper into the cyst, you see the disagreement and argument between Inarius and Rathma.Rathma locked the gate leading from the Sanctuary to Hell, prophesying that someone would obtain the key to Hell and eventually conquer it.Inarius, who regretted creating the Sanctuary and was eager to return to the High Heavens, mistakenly believed that he was the one prophesied to obtain the key and attack Hell.

Deep underground is the Balance's Sanctum built by Rathma, where he sought to balance Hell and Heaven, life and death.But he was ultimately killed by his father, who became angry and ashamed.However, Inarius did not find the key and did not know that it was obtained from Rathma's corpse as prophesized.

In front of the Balance's Sanctum, you again encounter Lilith's apostle blocking your way.This time, a warrior in the armor of the Heavenly Father comes to your aid, able to resist the corruption of demon blood.(When there is a full-screen AOE, immediately enter the knight's protective shield.)

With the help of the knight, you defeat Lilith's Dirge and eliminate the final obstacle to entering the Balance Temple.(Be careful to avoid the purple magic missiles, as the damage from continuous attacks is high.)The person who helped you win the battle is Vigo!And this armor is undoubtedly a penance in itself!He maintained his faith and redeemed himself!

Upon entering the Balance's Sanctum, you see Rathma's corpse with fresh blood petals on the ground, indicating that Lilith has already seen her son.

Touching the petals, you see an illusion of Lilith. She entered the now abandoned and dilapidated Balance's Sanctum, once filled with bustling crowds (Nephalems).

She pulled out Rathma's staff from his body.It was with this staff that Inarius had killed him - killing his own son and Lilith's child.Lilith did not hesitate to crush the staff.What fell into her hand was the key to the gates of Hell, which Inarius had desperately sought.

Lilith believed that this key could not only open the gates of Hell but also open the path to the future.Her child would not have died in vain!

You feel lost for a moment. Who should you trust, the Heavenly Father or the demons?Or perhaps, should humanity forge its own path?

light's resolve

After experiencing all of this, you and Neyrelle have become close companions for life.In front of her mother's tombstone, you tell her about your own experiences.

Neyrelle, a girl who followed her mother in search of the legendary knowledge of Horadrim.You, a wanderer who has drifted through life.What awaits you both in the future?

Although hope may often be shattered, destiny has its own plans.In fact, you are both the chosen ones who will write the chapter of humanity, walking on a path where destiny intertwines.

The open beta storyline ends here, goodbye until the official release!

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