Madden 24 MCS Tokens Guide: How to Get All Tokens and 90 OVR Harvest Tariq Woolen

In Madden 24, securing MCS Tokens is crucial for enhancing your Madden Ultimate Team. Follow this comprehensive guide to maximize your rewards and claim the coveted 90 OVR Harvest Tariq Woolen.

Madden 24 MCS Tokens Acquisition:

  • Link EA and Twitch Accounts:

    • Ensure seamless reward redemption by linking your EA account to your Twitch account.

  • Watch Official MCS Streams:

    • Tune in to designated Madden Championship Series (MCS) streams on Twitch.

    • Earn MCS Tokens based on your watch time during these streams.

  • Ultimate Kickoff Tournament (September 5-6):

    • Participate in the Madden 24 MUT Ultimate Kickoff tournament.

    • Obtain up to four MCS Tokens during the event.

  • September 5 Rewards:

    • 15 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 60 minutes: MCS Drop pack

    • 120 minutes: MCS Drop pack

    • 180 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 240 minutes: Standard Drop pack

  • September 6 Rewards:

    • 15 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 60 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 120 minutes: MCS Drop pack

    • 150 minutes: MCS Drop pack

  • Upcoming MCS Streams (October 18, November 14, December 6, January 10):

    • Stay updated with the schedule and watch for MCS Token rewards.

  • October 18 Rewards:

    • 15 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 60 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 120 minutes: MCS Drop pack (89 OVR Isaiah Polo-Mao)

    • 150 minutes: MCS Drop pack

  • November 14 Rewards:

    • 15 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 60 minutes: Standard Drop pack

    • 120 minutes: MCS Drop pack (90 OVR Tariq Woolen)

    • 150 minutes: MCS Drop pack

Completing the Madden 24 MCS Champion Set:

  • Collect MCS Player Items:

    • Accumulate six special MCS player items using the earned MCS Tokens.

  • Redeem 88 OVR Micah Parsons:

    • Watch the Ultimate Kickoff event and redeem 3x MCS Tokens for the 88 OVR Micah Parsons.

  • Watch Streams for Challenger Player Rewards:

    • Tune in to the subsequent four streams (October to January) for 120 minutes each to receive Challenger player rewards.

    • Example Player Rewards:

      • 89 OVR Isaiah Polo-Mao

      • 90 OVR Tariq Woolen

  • Complete the MCS Champion Set:

    • Following the six major events and the Madden Bowl, a special Champion set will be released.

    • Add all acquired MCS Token players to the set.

    • Secure a high OVR player as the ultimate reward.

Optimize your Madden 24 experience by diligently following these steps to acquire MCS Tokens and build a formidable Madden Ultimate Team.

Creating Custom Courts and Jerseys in NBA 2K24: A Step-by-Step Guide
Creating Custom Courts and Jerseys in NBA 2K24


Customization in NBA 2K24 is a game-changer, allowing you to tailor your gaming experience to your unique style. Whether it's stepping onto a court that reflects your personality or seeing your team don jerseys you designed, customization takes your immersion to the next level. This guide will walk you through the process of creating custom courts and jerseys in NBA 2K24, a rewarding endeavor that transforms you from a player into a creator.

Designing Custom Jerseys:

Step 1 – Unlocking the Customization Feature:

To begin, you must unlock the customization feature by collecting 75 MyTeam cards. These cards are your ticket to personalizing your jerseys, and you can earn them by participating in various game modes, such as Domination, Triple-Threat, and Challenge mode.

Step 2 – Navigating to the Design Menu:

After amassing enough MyTeam cards, head to the MyTEAM homepage. Look for "Lineup Management" and click on "Edit Lineups." This will be your design hub, where you can modify the appearance of your jerseys.

Step 3 – Choosing Design Elements:

The game offers a diverse palette of 23 different patterns for your jerseys. You're not limited to patterns alone; you can also select the type of vest your players will wear. It's advisable to use dark colors for Home jerseys and light colors for Away jerseys to prevent confusion during gameplay.

Step 4 – Uploading Custom Logos:

For a truly unique touch, you can upload a custom logo. To do this, visit and upload your logo. Keep in mind that patience is essential, as it may take a day or longer for your logo to become available in the game.

Creating Custom Courts:

Step 1 – Preparation and Tools:

Before delving into court design, it's essential to gather the necessary tools. Templates and mods can be incredibly helpful. Consider using resources like the template provided by TGsoGood on YouTube as a starting point.

Step 2 – Creating the Court Design:

Using a template, design your custom court on your computer. Make sure to resize the image to 2048 by 2048 pixels, maintaining a 1:1 aspect ratio to ensure it fits perfectly in the in-game court. Save your masterpiece as a JPEG file.

Step 3 – Uploading the Court Design:

Upload your custom court design to, and once again, exercise patience, as it may take up to 24 hours or more for your design to appear in the game.

Step 4 – Implementing the Design in the Game:

Once your design is available, go to the 'Design Floor' option in the game. Choose 'Custom Image' and select your uploaded design. Adjust the image size to fit the court precisely according to your vision.

Step 5 – Adjusting Court Lines:

Bear in mind that the game will overlay its own lines on your custom design. To prevent any conflicts, it's advisable to exclude lines from your initial design. The game's default lines will ensure your custom court still complies with NBA standards.


Customization in NBA 2K24 is more than just a visual enhancement; it's about crafting an immersive and personalized gaming experience. While the process may demand some time and effort, the result is a gaming environment that heightens your engagement in every match. So, embrace your creative side and make NBA 2K24 uniquely your own.

Unlock the 94 OVR Freaky Giannis Antetokounmpo in NBA 2K24 MyTeam

If you're a passionate NBA 2K24 player and looking to add the powerful 94 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo to your MyTeam roster, we've got the inside scoop on how to complete the Giannis Antetokounmpo collection. This exclusive card is the ultimate reward in the Freaky series, and we've outlined the steps to secure it.

Step 1: Magic Johnson (93 OVR)

To embark on your journey to obtain the coveted 94 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo, your first task is to collect the legendary Magic Johnson. Here's how you can achieve that:

  • Gather a squad of 11 Freaky players. You can find these players on the Player Market.

Now, let's break down the cards and their respective costs:


How to Unlock

92 OVR Freaky Paul George

175,000 VC / 245,000 MT

90 OVR Freaky Manu Ginobili

75,000 VC / 105,000 MT

90 OVR Freaky Andrei Kirilenko

85,000 VC / 119,000 MT

87 OVR Freaky Xavier McDaniel

40,000 VC / 56,000 MT

87 OVR Freaky Buddy Hield

40,000 VC / 56,000 MT

85 OVR Freaky Sergio Rodriguez

9,600 VC / 13,440 MT

85 OVR Freaky Kris Humphries

9,600 VC / 13,440 MT

83 OVR Freaky Isaiah Stewart

4,000 VC / 5,600 MT

83 OVR Freaky Gary Payton II

4,000 VC / 5,600 MT

79 OVR Freaky Sim Bhullar

2,000 VC / 2,800 MT

78 OVR Freaky Reggie Evans

2,000 VC / 2,800 MT

Step 2: Steve Smith (90 OVR)

Now, proceed to acquire the 90 OVR Steve Smith to move closer to Giannis. Here's what you need to do:

  • Collect the following cards:

    • 87 OVR Freaky Tyrese Maxey: 40,000 VC / 56,000 MT (or complete Freaky Shooting Guards Agendas)

    • 85 OVR Immanuel Quickley: 9,600 VC, 13,440 MT (Get 15 assists with shooting guards over multiple games)

    • 83 OVR Aaron Brooks: 4,000 VC / 5,800 MT (Score 45 points with a shooting guard in a game)

Don't forget to complete the Tyrese Maxey Freaky Agendas set, which includes tasks like making 20 3-pointers with shooting guards, scoring 40 points in the paint, and winning 15 Triple Threat Offline, Triple Threat Online, or Co-op games.

Step 3: Shawn Bradley (90 OVR)

The next challenge involves Shawn Bradley. Here's how you can add him to your collection:

  • Collect the following cards:

    • 87 OVR Freaky Wes Unseld: 40,000 VC / 56,000 MT (or complete Freaky Centers Agendas)

    • 85 OVR Freaky Chuck Hayes: 9,600 VC / 13,440 MT (Get 11 assists with centers over multiple games)

    • 83 OVR Freaky Bismack Biyombo: 4,000 VC / 5,600 MT (Get four blocks with centers over multiple games)

To unlock Unseld, complete the two Agendas that unlock Hayes and Biyombo, in addition to scoring 40 points in the paint, grabbing 30 rebounds with centers, and winning five Domination, Unlimited, or Salary Cap games.

Step 4: Shaun Livingston (90 OVR)

Now it's time to secure the 90 OVR Shaun Livingston:

  • Collect the following cards:

    • 87 OVR Freaky Spud Webb: 40,000 VC / 56,000 MT (or complete Freaky Point Guards Agendas)

    • 85 OVR Freaky Earl Boykins: 9,600 VC / 13,440 MT (Score 36 points with a point guard in a game)

    • 83 OVR Freaky Yuta Tabuse: 4,000 VC / 5,600 MT (Make four free throws with point guards over multiple games)

Unlock Spud Webb by completing the Agendas that unlock Boykins and Tabuse, and achieve tasks like getting 50 assists with point guards, making 20 3-pointers with point guards, and winning 10 Clutch Time Offline or Clutch Time Online games.

Step 5: Chet Holmgren (Chet Holmgren)

The final stage involves completing the Chet Holmgren collection:

  • Collect the following cards, all available at a 22% discount for 240,707 VC:

    • 92 OVR Freaky Brandon Ingram: 175,000 VC / 245,000 MT

    • 90 OVR Freaky Peja Stojakovic: 80,000 VC / 112,000 MT

    • 87 OVR Freaky Michael Ray Richardson: 40,000 VC / 56,000 MT

    • 85 OVR Freaky Kermit Washington: 9,600 VC / 13,440 MT

    • 83 OVR Freaky Ha Seung-Jin: 4,000 VC / 5,600 MT

Once you've successfully collected all these cards, you will have completed the Giannis Antetokounmpo collection, and your reward will be the mighty 94 OVR Giannis Antetokounmpo himself. Good luck on your journey to assembling this powerful MyTeam roster!

Embark on an Adventure in Monopoly Go Jungle Jam: Earn Rewards and Roll the Dice!

Scopely’s popular social game, Monopoly Go, is back with the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event, offering players a chance to earn free dice, cash rewards, and more. With the conclusion of the Halloween-themed content, tycoons are once again venturing into the jungle to collect points and complete milestones, all in pursuit of lucrative in-game rewards.

The Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event kicked off on November 1, 2023, and runs for two days. During this event, players must land on specific tiles to earn rewards, including free dice rolls and cash.

Here is a comprehensive list of the Monopoly Go Jungle Jam event milestones, each with its required points and rewards:


Required Points




10 free dice rolls



Cash Rewards



Green Sticker pack



75 free dice rolls



Cash Rewards



Green Sticker Pack



10 Mins Rent Frenzy



Cash Rewards



225 free dice rolls



Cash Rewards



Green Sticker pack



Cash Rewards



400 free dice rolls and Golden Green Sticker pack



Cash Rewards



10 Mins of Cash Grab



Cash Rewards



Orange Sticker Pack



850 free dice rolls



Cash Rewards



Pink Sticker Pack



Cash Rewards



1.4K free dice rolls and Golden Pink Sticker Pack



15 Mins High Roller



Golden Orange Sticker Pack



200 free dice rolls



Cash Rewards and 300 free dice rolls



Blue Sticker Pack



250 free dice rolls



Cash Rewards



1.9K free dice rolls



Cash Rewards



Cash Rewards



Blue Sticker Pack



Cash Rewards



2.6K free dice rolls and 15 Mins of High Roller



Pink Sticker Pack



25 Mins Rent Frenzy



Cash Rewards



Cash Rewards and 700 free dice rolls



1K free dice rolls



Golden Blue Sticker Pack



Cash Rewards



Golden Blue Sticker Pack and 7K free dice rolls

As you embark on this jungle adventure, it's essential to prioritize collecting Sticker Packs, which can enhance your progress. Moreover, the Epic Myths season is drawing to a close, making it even more rewarding to complete Sticker Albums, as they can unlock additional bonuses throughout the event.

To expedite your progress, aim to land on the four corner tiles of your board, as they are particularly valuable for accumulating points. Additionally, for a limited time until November 3, 2023, you can earn four points each time you land on the two Jail tiles (one Free Parking and one "GO" tile), which can prove to be a significant advantage.

With some milestones requiring a substantial number of points, consider using roll multipliers to reach your goals more efficiently. And for those seeking to trade cards, note that Scopely has now enabled players from certain regions to exchange extra Gold Cards, providing more opportunities for advancement.

So, if you have 1000 dice,and want to finish the Jungle Jam,you can buy the service on our site,our Boosting 8000-10000 Dice can help you finish this adventure and make sure you have 8k-10k dice.

Crack the Monopoly Go Candy Corn Challenge: Tournament Schedule and Reward Guide

The Candy Corn Challenge in Monopoly Go is a 24-hour tournament that took place from October 28 to October 29, 2023. The goal of the tournament is to collect tokens by performing Shutdowns and Bank Heists, earning points to achieve a higher ranking and win various in-game rewards. Here's a summary of the schedule, rewards, and tips on how to win the Candy Corn Challenge in Monopoly Go:

Tournament Schedule:

  • Duration: October 28 to October 29, 2023

Rewards Based on Rank:

  • Rank 1:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 1.5K free dice rolls

    • 400 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

    • Exclusive Ghost tokens

    • Golden Purple Sticker Pack

  • Rank 2:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 750 free dice rolls

    • 400 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

    • Ghost token

    • Golden Blue Sticker Pack

  • Rank 3:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 600 free dice rolls

    • 400 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

    • Ghost token

    • Golden Pink Sticker Pack

  • Rank 4:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 500 free dice rolls

    • 400 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

    • Ghost token

    • Golden Yellow Sticker Pack

  • Rank 5:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 400 free dice rolls

    • 400 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

    • Ghost token

    • Pink Sticker Pack

  • Rank 6:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 350 free dice rolls

    • 350 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

  • Rank 7:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 300 free dice rolls

    • 350 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

  • Rank 8:

    • Cash Rewards

    • 250 free dice rolls

    • 350 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

9-10. Rank 9 – 10:

  • Cash Rewards

  • 200 free dice rolls

  • 350 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

11-15. Rank 11 – 15:

  • Cash Rewards

  • 50 dice rolls

  • 350 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

16-25. Rank 16 – 25:

  • Cash Rewards

  • 300 Spooky Car Partners event tokens

26-50. Rank 26 – 50:

  • Cash Rewards

How to Win the Candy Corn Challenge: To maximize your chances of winning the tournament, follow these tips:

  • Save up plenty of dice rolls, especially with the Spooky Soiree event underway, as it can help you earn additional rewards.

  • Focus on landing on the Railroad tiles, as they will earn you different point values based on your actions:

    • 2 points for a blocked Shutdown

    • 4 points for a successful Shutdown

    • 6 points for a Small Bank Heist

    • 12 points for a Bankrupt Bank Heist

  • Utilize roll multipliers to increase your rewards and reach higher ranks more quickly.

  • Take advantage of the daily free dice rolls offered in the game to increase your chances of success.

By following these strategies and earning as many points as possible, you can aim for a higher rank in the Candy Corn Challenge in Monopoly Go and claim the corresponding rewards.

EA FC 24 Update 4 Patch Notes: Changes to Acrobatic PlayStyle and Precision Passes

The developers behind EA FC 24 have exciting news for the gaming community. An upcoming update is on the horizon, bringing with it a series of changes that will impact the way you play. In this article, we'll dive into the patch notes for EA FC 24 Update 4, highlighting the modifications that are set to roll out soon.

Gameplay Evolution

EA FC 24 has been a topic of debate within the gaming community, with players sharing mixed opinions on its strength. The introduction of the PlayStyle feature has garnered positive feedback for its ability to set cards apart from one another. Evolution, allowing players to upgrade Ultimate Team members, marks a significant shift in the game's dynamics. While Evolution players aren't prevalent in opponents' squads just yet, the developers have more options in the pipeline, making it clear that these cards will become increasingly viable.

However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the world of EA FC 24. The game has faced criticism for a range of issues, from troublesome glitches to players exploiting a 71-depth defensive strategy to pin opponents in their half of the field. Some PlayStyles have dominated over others, creating an imbalance that has irked the player base.

Proactive Balancing Efforts

In response to these concerns, the game developers have taken a proactive stance, working to address these issues in the early stages of EA FC 24's lifecycle. The most recent announcement of Update 4 showcases their commitment to refining the gaming experience. Let's take a closer look at the key changes outlined in the patch notes:

EA FC 24 Update 4 Patch Notes

While a precise release date for Update 4 has not been specified, EA Sports has confirmed that it will be available for all versions of EA FC 24 soon.

Ultimate Team Enhancements

The developers have made the following changes:

  • Added an Evolutions Overhead Indicator on/off setting in the Game Settings.

Addressed various issues, including:

  • The penalty kick accuracy indicator was invisible during penalty kick shootouts in Champions matches.

  • A visual bug where a Bronze Tifo incorrectly displayed for some Rivals Milestone Stages.

  • Challenges with placing specific Player Item pairs in the same squad, such as Gerd Müller & Bobby Charlton, Franck Ribéry & Jairzinho, and Abily Camille & Xabi Alonso.

  • Incorrect display of the Founders Evolution Player Item.

  • An issue where exiting the Transfer Target compare price screen after bidding on a Player Item did not work as intended.

  • Visual problems in the New Item screen when swapping duplicate Items for tradable versions and the Quick Sell value not displaying.

  • Inability to automatically scroll longer Pack descriptions in the Store.

  • In Rivals, the pause menu displayed the opponent's Squad name instead of the Club name.

  • Season Progression tifo rewards were sometimes unavailable for preview.

Gameplay Improvements

Several changes have been introduced to enhance gameplay:

  • Reduced the degree of curve on first-time Precision Passes taken at extreme angles.

  • Slightly decreased the potential accuracy of acrobatic shots.

  • Players will now prefer to use the foot closest to the touchline when crossing from a wing position (except for Trivela Crosses and High Crosses).

The patch notes also address various issues, including problems with ball behavior, passing accuracy, shot animations, goalkeeper actions, and more.

Career Mode Fixes

In Career Mode, the following issues have been resolved:

  • Continuing press conference tutorials after the first press conference in Manager Career.

  • Scout Reports for lower league clubs displaying reports for high OVR top league players uninterested in moving to a lower league.

  • Absence of GK PlayStyles, Any PlayStyles, and None scouting instructions in Career Mode.

  • Incorrect display of expiring contracts warning in Manager Career, even when other contracts were renewed.

  • Correcting the Brand Exposure Objective in Manager Career.

  • Adjusting the frequency of the "Read A Book By A Club Legend" Activity in Player Career.

  • Accurate display of the offered contract's target team at the end of a Player Career season.

Club and VOLTA Improvements

The developers have also addressed a range of issues in clubs and VOLTA mode, making the gaming experience smoother and more enjoyable for players.

General, Audio, and Visual Enhancements

Several general changes have been implemented, including updates to UI elements, crowds, broadcast packages, stadia, and audio. Additionally, 17 new starheads have been added, with one updated starhead to look forward to in the next server release.


EA FC 24's Update 4 promises to bring significant changes and improvements to the game, addressing issues and enhancing the overall gaming experience. While a precise release date is yet to be confirmed, players can look forward to a more balanced and engaging experience in the near future. Stay tuned for further updates from EA Sports as they continue to refine EA FC 24.

Discover the Exciting New Features and Rewards in NBA 2K24 Season 2

NBA 2K24 Season 2, which was released on Friday, October 20th, brought a variety of new content and rewards across different game modes. Here's a summary of what's new in Season 2:


  • Progressing through the Season reward path in MyCAREER will earn you various rewards, including banners, shot meters, 2XP Coins, and even a Slime BMX Bike at Level 20.

  • Both new and current-gen players can unlock a mascot costume for MyCAREER at Level 30.

  • At Level 40, New Gen players receive a Gold Floor Setter, while Current Gen players receive an Extra Badge Point.

  • Season 2 adds twenty more NBA Players and Legends to use as templates for MyCAREER, including names like Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, Jason Kidd, and Steve Nash.


  • MyTEAM mode received a significant amount of content in Season 2. Starting at Level 1, players are rewarded with a Free Agent Victor Wembanyama Card.

  • At Level 40, players can unlock Diamond Wilt Chamberlain to add to their lineup.

  • Players who purchased the Pro Pass also get access to an Amethyst Donovan Mitchell and a Hall of Fame Hyperdrive Badge.

  • Other rewards in Season 2 include a Diamond Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as the Ultimate Season Reward, Amethyst Terry Dischinger for earning all 3 Ruby Player Rewards in all 3 rounds of Salary Cap, and Amethyst Coach Gregg Popovich at Level 35.

  • New diamond cards like Tim Duncan, Carmelo Anthony, and Michael Jordan are introduced as collection rewards or special inserts in the pack market.

  • An in-season MyTeam Tournament and more Double XP events are on the way to help players progress through the Season Pass.

The W Online:

  • The W Online didn't receive a major overhaul, but it offers new rewards for Season 2, providing additional ways for players to earn more rewards.

  • Weekly goals include items like the Breanna Stewart Heroine Edition Jersey, Team Accelerator Boosts, Team Resilience Boosts, and more.

  • Seasonal goals include rewards like the Tiffany Hayes Jersey, MyTEAM Stewie 2 Shoe Card, Sandy Brondello MyTEAM Coach Card, and various clothing bundles and logo cards.

  • It's worth noting that The W Online content is available only to new-gen players; current-gen players cannot access this mode or its rewards.

2K Beats:

  • Season 2 of NBA 2K24 introduces new music from various artists, including Rae Sremmurd, Young Dolph, Pusha T, and more. These new tracks contribute to enhancing the in-game music variety for players.

Season 2 Rewards: 

While not all rewards and their specific levels are detailed, some of the expected rewards for Season 2 include:

  • Skull Face Paint

  • Carbon Fiber Cyborg Suit

  • Diamond Shoe + Boosts Option Pack

  • 45,000 earnable VC (Virtual Currency)

  • 25,000 earnable MTP (MyTEAM Points)

  • Sci-Fi Armor and Gloves

  • An alternate artwork Diamond Wilt Chamberlain card

  • Amethyst Donovan Mitchell

  • Oversized Eyeball Hoodie

  • Eyeball Cargo Sweats

  • Hyperdrive Hall of Fame Badge

There are also different Season Pass options (Pro and Hall of Fame) that can help you unlock all rewards, but it's not necessary to purchase the more expensive Hall of Fame Pass if you actively play the game. The Pro Pass should be sufficient for most dedicated players.

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links (Daily Updated)

Discover Monopoly Go, a new element introduced by Scopely that promises an improved gameplay experience. In the world of digital entertainment, Scopely has launched Monopoly GO on the Google Play Store and iOS on April 11, 2023, revolutionizing the classic board game.

How to Play Monopoly Go:

To begin your Monopoly Go adventure, follow these steps:

  1. Install the game from the Play Store or iOS.

  2. Open the game to access the classic board displayed on your screen.

  3. Click the "Go" button to roll the dice and start your journey.

  4. The game centers around collecting coins and constructing a village, similar to the mechanics of Coin Master.

Monopoly Go Free Dice Links(update everyday):

25 free dice 30.10.2023-2

25 free dice 30.10.2023-1

25 free dice 29.10.2023-2

25 free dice 29.10.2023-1

25 free dice 20.10.2023

25 free dice 19.10.2023

25 free dice 18.10.2023

25 free dice 17.10.2023

25 free dice 16.10.2023

25 free dice 15.10.2023

25 free dice 14.10.2023-3

25 free dice 14.10.2023-2

30 free dice 14.10.2023-1

20 free dice 13.10.2023-2

25 free dice 13.10.2023-1

25 free dice 12.10.2023-3

25 free dice 12.10.2023-2

25 free dice 12.10.2023-1

25 free dice 9.10.2023-3

30 free dice 9.10.2023-2

25 free dice 9.10.2023-1

25 free dice 8.10.2023-2

25 free dice 8.10.2023-1

25 free dice 8.10.2023

25 free dice 7.10.2023

25 free dice 6.10.2023-2

25 free dice 6.10.2023-1

25 free dice 5.10.2023-7

25 free dice 5.10.2023-6

25 free dice 5.10.2023-5

25 free dice 5.10.2023-4

25 free dice 5.10.2023-3

25 free dice 5.10.2023-2

25 free dice 5.10.2023-1

25 free dice 4.10.2023

25 free dice 3.10.2023

25 free dice 2.10.2023-2

25 spin dice 2.10.2023-1

25 spin dice 1.10.2023

25 spin dice 30.9.2023-2

25 free dice 30.9.2023-1

25 free dice 29.9.2023-2

25 free dice 29.9.2023-1

25 free dice 28.9.2023

25 free dice 27.9.2023-2

25 free dice 27.9.2023-1

25 free dice 26.9.2023

25 free dice 25.9.2023

25 free dice 24.9.2023

25 free dice 23.9.2023

25 free dice  22.9.2023

25 free dice link 21.9.2023-2

25 free dice link 21.9.2023-1

25 free dice link 19.9.2023

25 free dicelink 18.9.2023-2

25 free dice link 18.9.2023-1

25 free dice link 17.9.2023-2

25 free dice link 17.9.2023-1

25 free dice link 14.9.2023-2

25 free dice link 14.9.2023-1

25 free dice link 13.9.2023-2

25 free dice link 13.9.2023-1

25 free dice link 12.9.2023

25 free dice link 11.9.2023

25 free dice link 10.9.2023

25 free dice link 9.9.2023

25 free dice link 8.9.2023

25 free dice link 7.9.2023

25 free dice link 6.9.2023

25 free dice link 5.9.2023

25 free dice link 4.9.2023-3

25 free dice link 4.9.2023-2

25 free dice link 4.9.2023-1

25 free dice link 3.9.2023

25 free dice link 2.9.2023

25 free dice link 1.9.2023

25 free dice links 31.8.2023

Tips to Acquire More Monopoly Go Free Dice & Rewards:

Maximize your Monopoly Go experience with these valuable tips:

  1. Hourly Bonus: Receive special dice gifts every hour to enhance your gameplay and advance levels.

  2. Collect Coins and Build Properties: Utilize the welcome coins provided at the beginning of the game to develop your village properties.

  3. Invite Friends and Family: Earn free 30-roll bonus gifts by inviting your loved ones to install and play Monopoly Go.

  4. Complete Daily Tasks: Engaging in daily tasks is a great way to obtain additional gifts and bonuses.

  5. Daily Treats: Open the Monopoly Go game daily to receive free treats such as rolls and coins.

  6. Quick Wins: Utilize the quick wins option, located on the left side of the game menu, to swiftly build your village and earn more free rewards and bonus gifts. Fill the quick wins bar to receive a weekly bonus.

  7. Community Chest: Access the community chest, located in the middle of the game board, to find more links for free dice rolls and coins.

  8. Net Worth Upgrade: As you complete each board level, the net worth bar will fill up, offering different levels of upgrades that include free dice rolls, coins, and cards.

Monopoly Go Free Dice on Facebook Page:

For daily freebies, follow the official Monopoly Go Facebook page. Regularly check their posts and claim exclusive gifts.


Please note that the information provided on this page is for entertainment and informational purposes only. We do not offer real money, and all links provided are in-game prizes without monetary value. References to "coins," "currency," or "money" are solely for game purposes and do not represent real-world currency or value. We cannot guarantee increased winning chances or endorse third-party products or services. The reward links shared on this page are collected from Monopoly Go's different social handles. To learn more, refer to our Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.

In conclusion, Monopoly Go offers an exciting and immersive gameplay experience for fans of the classic board game. Implement the provided tips to enhance your gameplay, collect more dice, and unlock rewarding benefits. Install the game, roll the dice, and delve into the virtual world of Monopoly Go!


Welcome to this edition of the daily report. Let's start by taking a look at the latest news. 

A large number of TOTW players have been leaked, with the most notable ones being Valverde and goalkeeper Giroud. Even EA is getting in on the official activities. 

There are two fast wingers, Coman and Sterling. 

The data predictions are as follows: Lukaku and Romelu are also selected for the weekly black team. 

Additionally, there are Aubameyang,Tavernier,Milinkovic-Savic and McTominay. 

The candidates for the best player of the month in Ligue 1 have been announced as follows.

Next up is today's message. The 87+ hero draw has been leaked and will be available soon.Finally, we can start drawing. 

Moving on to today's new content. Today, one SBC and two missions have been added. The UEFA Bergwijn SBC costs 30,000. It is a 4-star, 2-reverse, low-medium type with a height of 178. The Stockey model controls the acceleration type. The data for the reverse mentality is average, unless used with Eredivisie players, I do not recommend making it. 

The new mission, "Winner's Lounge," requires you to achieve 20 victories in the DRG camp, and you can get a very handsome VIP area decoration.

There are two refreshed sales packs today.


Welcome to today's daily news. Let's take a look at the latest card news. The four players shown in the image have been leaked but have not yet made their debut. They are expected to be released in the coming days.

Next up is today's briefing. The mini team of RTTK Team 2 has made their appearance. The players featured are Matić, Hincapié, and Götze. Here are their stats:

The progress of the Best of September in the top five leagues is as follows: the La Liga SBC has already been released, the Premier League and Serie A are about to be announced, and the Bundesliga and Ligue 1 will soon announce their list of candidates.

The Amazon Prime Member Combo Pack has been added to the code repository and continues to be a great pack released monthly.

Next, let's talk about the new additions. There is a new SBC with a task to complete. The legendary Beckham is available for 400,000 coins. He has three-star weak foot and three-star skill moves, high composure, and stands at 182cm tall. His traits include control and acceleration. He has a golden free kick trait and is known for his shooting, finesse shots, through balls, long passes, crosses, and volleys. As an attacking midfielder card, Beckham's data and model are solid, and his passing ability is even top-tier. However, the downside is his three-star weak foot and skill moves. Considering the cost of 400,000 coins, slightly higher than the market price, it is reasonable. But from the perspective of his strength and cost-effectiveness, it is not recommended to complete the SBC. Beckham fans might want to try the loan task first. If it feels good to use, then you can consider completing it.

There is a new Champions League game event with a 6-day duration. You can participate in 4 matches each day. Winning ten matches will reward you with a pack containing five 80+ rated players. Your Division Rivals rank will affect the matchmaking mechanism for some friendly matches. The difficulty of the tasks is relatively high.

Lastly, there are updates on three promotional packs.


Welcome to today's daily news.    First, let's take a look at the latest card news.    The pre-loaded interface for the RTTK event is shown below and will be launched this week.    The official upgrade rules have also been announced.    For Champions League cards, winning the group stage earns an additional point, and advancing to the round of 16 earns another point.    For Europa League and Europa Conference League cards, winning the group stage and winning the remaining two matches each earn an additional point, and advancing to the round of 32 earns another point.    Currently, six players have been leaked, including players from Manchester City and Manchester United: Haaland and Bruno Fernandes.    The leaked values are as follows, and there are also leaks about De Paul and Saka.    The official announcement includes three players: Openda, Bernucci, and Machado.

Next up is today's briefing.

The Week Black event will go live this week, featuring Kane, Son Heung-min, Kanté, Cancelo, Savic, Tazgo, Ramos, Mitoma, and other practical players.    Overall, the quality is quite good.

The first week of FC24's weekly competition will be delayed and start on October 6th.

The September La Liga Player of the Month nominees have been announced, with Berenham once again making the list along with Lewandowski and Williams.    Who do you think deserves the Player of the Month award now?

All formations with five defenders and three defenders will be banned in professional tournaments.    This change is intended to enhance the enjoyment of the matches.    What is your evaluation of the "park the bus" formation?

Moving on to today's new additions, an SBC and a task have been added.    The loan Basic Hero Players selection is now available, costing 8,500 for a set of 83-rated players,The significance of this SBC is unclear.    The Theme Team Chase task is now available, with a final reward of a pack containing five 80+ players.    The requirements for the four tasks can be combined in pairs, and it is estimated that six SBCs can be completed in six matches.    The current SBC takes 8 minutes per match, so it's quite good to finish it within an hour. 

Two promotional packs have been refreshed today.


Raazer has leaked several second-week black ball players, including Kantemir Mitoma. The predicted values are as follows:

Raazer has had instances of inaccurate leaks, so it is not recommended to consider Raazer's leaks as a market standard. Please use them as a reference only.

Next is today's briefing:

Patch 1 has been fully updated, resolving some issues that may have affected game stability for PC players. 

In UT mode, if your lineup or substitutes include Hegerberg, the match will not start. Placing Hegerberg within the club will resolve this issue. Currently, EA is working on fixing this problem. EA is investigating the cause of disconnections with opponents in Club mode after starting a match. 

The FC24 Professional Tournament Qualifiers will begin on October 1st, and online registration will be open. Interested players can visit the official website for instructions.

Next is today's added content: 

There will be one new SBC and one task recently added. The 78+ upgrade will be available, costing 8 gold cards. The SBC will last for 3 days and can be repeated 4 times daily. This time, the task is "Me & Swoosh Classic." Completing the task will reward you with 4 legendary rental players: Ronaldinho, Henry, Carlos, and Scholes.

Two promotional packs will be refreshed today.


Welcome to this edition of the daily news. Let's start by taking a look at today's briefings. Patch 1 for the PC version is soon to be released, addressing stability issues for players' gameplay.

Next, we have some new additions. One SBC and two missions have been introduced. The basic lineup features Akpon with a cost of 75,000, consisting of an 84-rated and an 86-rated team. The player is a versatile center-forward with a height of 6'1",3 star skill and 3 star weak foot utilizing a high and average model with excellent attributes in speed, shooting, and physicality. The player's overall performance reaches its peak in the game's big model, making it an impressive choice. However, there are some noticeable drawbacks. The star player requires a certain level of skill for the fancy moves and the reverse foot technique. It may also present challenges in the Dutch league. If you plan to acquire this card, completing the upcoming tasks would be advisable.

Squad Foundations:Eredivisie is up. By accomplishing the specified tasks, you can obtain three Dutch league players and some combination packs. On the goalkeeper position, we have Cillessen, standing at 6”1’ tall, slightly shorter but still a chem link card. On the left back, we have Smal, a left-footed left-back with a 2-star skill moves and 3-star weak foot rating. With a height of  6”0’, he follows the high and average model. However, it's recommended not to use his fancy moves and reverse foot technique as a full-back due to his slower speed. As a chem link player, he doesn't meet the highest qualifications.

Driouech is a left-footed winger with a 3-star skill moves and 3-star weak foot rating. At a height of 5”9’, he also follows the high and average model. Although his fancy moves, reverse foot, and intermediate skills are average, he compensates with his speed, 98 agility, and 96 balance. His physical attributes are also impressive, making him a reliable option for the wing position. Those interested in Akpon's card should pay attention to these details.

Additionally, there is a new friendly match task called the Evo Lounge. By achieving 7 victories in the friendly match mode's Evo Lounge, you can complete all the tasks and receive two 83+ rated players as the final reward.

Today, there are four promotional packs available for refresh. If you wish to open packs, it is recommended to open two Gold promotional packs. However, it is currently not advisable to open non-tradeable packs during the early stage of the game, as they may result in losses. If you obtain unusable cards, they cannot be converted into coins. Therefore, it's not recommended for players to open two non-tradeable promotional packs.

The Most Comprehensive Guide on the Internet! FC24 Opening Service 10,000-word Strategy, Everything You Need to Know is Here, Part 1: Key Time Points and Web App Login Day Guide.

Introduction - New Legendary Card Designs, Spending Suggestions, and Market Fun

As we all know, due to copyright reasons, FIFA has officially been renamed EAFC starting from this generation. Most of the licenses are still intact, including various leagues and clubs that we are familiar with. The only affected aspect is the authorization for national team events. The biggest impact on FC24 is that there won't be activities related to the European Championship next summer, like we had for the World Cup last year. However, this impact is not significant as EA will find alternative ways to release cards related to the European Championship. Another change is that there are no bronze statues on the weekly black market for national team match days (actually, previous generations didn't have them either, only FIFA23 did).

One significant change is the transformation of legends. In terms of chemistry, legends now provide a chemistry link to various leagues, which makes the usability of legends in FC24 much better than in FIFA23. Legends in FIFA23 were relatively weak due to chemistry reasons, so the strengthening this year is more logical. It is believed that the usage rate of some obscure player cards will greatly increase. In FIFA23, it was quite difficult to achieve full chemistry with a player from a small league or nationality. It was far less convenient compared to earlier versions of FIFA, where a green link on the wing could solve the problem directly. With many stars moving to Saudi Arabia this year, legends will play an important role in connecting those stars with players in the top five leagues.

At the same time, EA has introduced new designs and integration for legends. During the server launch, there will only be one version of legends, which is referred to as the "Base" version. Although it shares the same name, its strength falls between the previous low-rated and mid-rated versions, and some can even be considered slightly higher than the previous mid-rated versions. Here are some representative examples:

In addition, there are new Hero cards added this year, giving players more options for team combinations.

The King Card is still held by Mbappe, and Haaland's overall rating has also increased to 91.

I won't list the data of other players one by one. Currently, Futbin has updated the complete player database for FC24, so you can go and take a look to prepare for your starting lineup in advance!

Now let's talk about spending money in the game. Many friends have been asking how much money they need to spend at the start of the server. My advice is that you can start from zero spending to the 1st or 5th group. The purpose of spending money is not only the excitement of opening packs and quickly acquiring desired players but also, from a market perspective, to shorten the time needed to accumulate initial funds. How to go from 0 to 500,000 and then engage in simpler and easier transactions is the topic of the essay at the start of the server. If you don't have time to engage in the market during the early stages of the game, you can spend in the 1st or 2nd group, combined with the green points given in the Ultimate Edition (I believe most UT players have pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition), and you can definitely set sail. If you want to be a pure zero spender, that's also fine. The joy of the UT market is immense, and the sense of achievement from starting from scratch is not only experienced through the increase in coins. You don't need to constantly catch up; starting from zero and building your team at your own pace is a great achievement. In real life, things can be so demanding, and if the game is always about chasing and fearing not keeping up with the pace, it can be truly exhausting. There is no concept of missing out on the UT market; if you engage in it, you will reap rewards, and in the end, everyone arrives at the same destination.

Spending money in FC also requires some considerations. My advice is that the best time to spend money is at the start of the server, and the earlier, the better. If you really want to spend money at other times in the game, I only recommend the annual Blue Event period. If you are a heavy spender, for example, if you plan to spend on 50 groups in this edition, then spend immediately at the start of the server. Spending all at once is much better than spending on a few groups every day when there are promotions. And based on my experience, those players who spend on a few groups every day actually end up spending more in the end compared to spending all at once.

The amount of money to spend actually depends on the game's progression route. I have been involved in UT for 8 years and has tried various routes. I believe that the most enjoyable and longest-lasting route is micro-spending. If you heavily spend from the beginning, you will find that most of the game's content has nothing to do with you because your squad is too strong. There is a kind of sadness in having everything, and every year after the annual Blue, I have a period of time when I don't feel like opening the game because my squad has graduated, and there is a lot of money that I can't spend, and I have no goals.

With micro-spending, you will look forward to new content every day, constantly adjusting your squad, constantly "fiddling around," and one of the biggest joys of this game is "fiddling around." I have heard many players say that after buying a certain player or completing a major SBC, they stop "fiddling around" and just focus on playing. In fact, "fiddling around" is the core of this game, and the focus of this core is the market.

The close integration with reality also keeps us hooked to this game because we love football. Do you remember the Klaiber showdown card in FIFA 21? That Eredivisie match was the most-watched in the history of the league. The World Cup last year was a true celebration, watching the matches and playing with dynamic cards. The Champions League every year is always a highlight. I believe that next year's European Championship will also bring more excitement to the game, especially after the TOTS event, adding to its playability.

Next, let's go back to the preparations for the FC24 launch!

Key Time Points during the Launch Period

Let's first outline the important time points during the launch period and the recommended actions.

All times are EDT Time.

  • September 19th, morning: Influencers with early access codes can enter the game. If you have a way to inherit or recharge green points, it is recommended to quickly start opening packs, form teams, and invest in mid-range or higher-rated practical cards.

  • September 20th: Web App goes live, TOTW1 goes live. For specific strategies, please refer to the later section on Web App login guide.

  • September 21st: The new version of the Companion App goes live and is available for download.

  • September 22nd, 0:00 AM: Players who purchased the Ultimate Edition can enter the game. The specific time you can enter the game depends on the local midnight time in the region where you purchased the game. You can see the countdown on your game interface. If you have purchased EA Play membership on PC but not the Ultimate Edition, you can also start the 10-hour trial at this time. EA Play Pro members have unlimited trial access.

If you log in to the game before November 1st, you will receive the FC Founder icon and some rewards.

  • September 22rd, 1:00 PM: Exclusive Nike Mad Ready event for the Ultimate Edition goes live.

  • September 24th: SQB rewards for the first week are distributed. Starting with SQB matches as soon as you enter the game is a good choice.

  • September 28th: DR rewards for the first week are distributed. After finishing SQB, continue grinding DR!

  • September 29th: Standard edition players can log in to the game at midnight in their respective regions.

  • September 30th, 1:00 AM: RTTK event goes live.

Web App Login Day Guide

For friends who are new to FIFA, the Web App is a web-based tool for managing your team. You can open packs, buy and sell players, and set up your team, among other things.

This is different from the mobile app, which is called the Companion App and will be available on September 21st.

Before logging into the Web App, it is recommended to reset your backup code on the EA website and make sure to note it down. The login verification channels will be congested, and some players may not receive the SMS or email verification code for several hours. When you have a backup code, you can quickly log in to the game.

That's why it's also recommended to load up on FIFA Points in FIFA 23 now. This way, when you log in to the game, you can carry them over. In previous years, many players missed out on the opportunity to invest at the start of the game because there were too many players trying to recharge FIFA Points, leading to delays and having to queue for customer support.

The following image is an official announcement from EA regarding the transferability of FIFA Points:

The next image shows the interface for transferring FIFA Points from previous years:

Moving on, after logging into the Web App, you will enter a screen where you can choose a "Starter Pack" for beginners, which will look something like the one below.

My suggestion is to choose England, France, or Spain because players from these countries are effective in many leagues, making it easier to complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). When selecting jerseys, try to choose rare ones as they will provide more coins when quick sold (QS).

Then, you will receive some packs called "loyalty packs," which are distributed based on the number of days and duration you have played FIFA 23. These packs are tradeable and provide you with some initial funds. If EA shamelessly changes loyalty packs to untradeable, it's best to log out at that point.

There are two points to note here. First, you can even log in to the Web App without buying FIFA 24. Just log in to the game within the specified time frame, and you can continue using your account. Last year, one of my friends opened a pack with a black In-Form KDB on an account without purchasing the game, which made me decide to join in.

Second, if your Web App transfer market is banned in FIFA 23, will it carry over to FIFA 24? The answer is not always. Some people won't be banned and can start trading in FIFA 24 directly, while others might face a ban, but it's not permanent and can be unlocked by playing matches, which is like a reset. This is the worst-case scenario. If your account is still banned at this point, it's best to take a break. However, the impact is not significant.

After opening the tradeable loyalty packs, if you pack a black, legend, or hero card, you have two choices:

First, if you decide to focus on the market, choose to quick sell (QS) the card and get the funds in hand. At this point, there won't be enough coins in the market to determine the prices of these cards, so it's best to take a loan against them and redeem them within seven days. (Note that you can redeem 5 times within 7 days, but it's better not to hit the 5 times limit in case there are bugs later. Of course, it's rare for anyone to pack 5 of these cards.) Once you have the initial funds, you can start trading based on Advanced SBCs.

Second, if you don't have time to trade due to work or study commitments, you can keep the card and take a completely passive approach. Just familiarize yourself with the interface.

If it's the previous Ultimate Team (UT) version, I would only recommend the first approach. In previous versions of the Web App, the market was quite profitable. However, in FIFA 23, EA made a significant change by making the rewards from Advanced Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) untradeable. As a result, the profits decreased significantly, and the market liquidity became almost zero. These SBCs absorbed the coins generated from loyalty packs, and besides a few early players, the overall market started to stagnate. Those early players rarely consider or pay attention to the SBC-related cards and simply quick sell them. These cards neither generate profit nor enter the market, leading to their demise.

At this point, even if you are proficient in mass bidding (which I emphasized in FIFA 23 and will discuss further in future articles) or find bricks with low competition, you will face significant competition. Moreover, players will gradually quit the game due to having nothing to do and no cards to buy.

Market trading is not a sprint but a marathon. Taking a few days to rest will not hinder your trading pace throughout the game. If this year's loyalty packs are still untradeable, even I won't consider grinding during these days.

However, if you still want to grind, there is a way. The three aforementioned SBCs will be crucial for your coin progression, ranging from tens of thousands to even 1-1.5 million coins. Moreover, it won't require as much time as you might imagine, and there is almost no trading risk involved.

At this point, you can try opening a few bronze packs. In the initial hours, some bronze cards can be sold for a good price. Open a few packs and list the player cards at a high price. However, don't open too many packs and keep some funds for filter trading.

Since Futbin is not available at this time, you won't be able to see the overall market prices. You can only rely on what you have in front of you, so you need to find suitable filters on your own. It's actually quite simple. For example, consider this SBC:

Requirement: 11 players from different leagues with a total chemistry of 27. A possible solution is using players from the same nationality but different leagues, such as the previously mentioned England pack. English players are present in many leagues, including two in their domestic league. This is the process of choosing bricks to move. You can try different player combinations and consider which cards you would use to complete the SBC. Then, search for cards that meet the criteria. For this SBC, an easy filter to consider is:

Rare Gold Cards - England - RM

Use this filter to search for Buy Now prices. Once you've determined the prices, you can scan for cards below the tax threshold using Buy Now or mass bidding methods. You can find detailed instructions in the Fatigue Trading Guide in the trading group (dropdown menu), so I won't go into too much detail here.

At this point, the profit per card is roughly around 200-500 coins. If you find it difficult to move the cards or face intense competition, change the filter.

This is the basic approach but requires a considerable amount of practical experience, especially knowing when to change bricks. I have already researched and found usable filters during these days. As long as the SBC requirements remain the same (they usually don't change each year), I will send them to the members of the trading group shortly after the Web App goes live.

This process is quite exhausting but aims to accumulate coins for the next investment in pack opening. If you manage to accumulate 35,000 coins or even buy a Van Dijk card, it will be a significant achievement. Last year, during this stage, I managed to acquire a mid-range gold card pack through a lot of hard work. In addition to Van Dijk, it included gold cards like Militão, Kondogbia, De Roon, and Llorente. These cards skyrocketed in value, almost tripling or quadrupling.

However, this approach is not suitable for everyone. It requires a lot of time and effort, and it goes against the principles of my trading group. I aim to establish a trading system that suits Chinese players, with a suitable time zone, less time-consuming strategies, and minimal actions to earn money easily.

The mentioned strategies above are what you can do within the first two days after logging into the Web App until you can officially enter the game.

Beginner's Guide to Winning in the Goblin Map: Priest Class and Strategies

Are you a newcomer looking for tips and tricks to excel in the Goblin Map? Look no further! In this guide, we'll introduce you to the Priest class, share skill recommendations, and provide effective strategies to increase your chances of victory. Let's dive in!

  • Choose the Priest Class: The Priest class is an excellent choice for newcomers due to its exceptional healing abilities as an Advanced Therapist. Additionally, Priests are skilled in shield mastery, enhancing their survivability. Give it a try and experience the advantages firsthand!

  • Level 10 Recommendation: Once you reach level 10, we highly recommend unlocking the Brewmaster talent. This talent provides significant advantages in battles, granting you an edge over your opponents.

  • Level 15 Talent Options: Upon reaching level 15, you have two excellent talent choices: Perseverance and Holy Aura. Both talents offer valuable benefits to your gameplay, so choose the one that aligns with your preferred playstyle.

  • Primary Skill: When selecting your first skill, opt for Smite over Holy Purification. Smite proves more effective when individually attacking monsters, enhancing your combat prowess. Holy Purification, on the other hand, may attract unintended attention from enemies, making it less suitable for newcomers. However, once you become familiar with the game mechanics, feel free to experiment and switch to Holy Purification.

  • Secondary Skill: Spell Memory is your secondary skill, and we recommend learning the following spells: Lesser Healing, Sanctuary, Protection, and Blessing. These spells will provide you with essential healing and defensive capabilities, ensuring your survival in challenging situations.

  • Pre-Battle Preparation: Before engaging in combat, remember to apply Protection and Blessing buffs to yourself. Protection creates a shield that blocks 20 points of physical damage for 20 seconds, while Blessing slightly increases your strength. These buffs will significantly bolster your combat effectiveness.

  • Self-Defense Strategies: As a newcomer, it's advisable to avoid player battles in the Goblin Map. However, if the situation demands it, your self-defense abilities will prove invaluable. Lesser Healing is a quick self-healing spell ideal for countering poison damage. Sanctuary offers continuous healing, making it an excellent choice when facing poison-related challenges.

  • Benefits of the Priest Class: The Priest class boasts high healing capabilities, making it a strong choice for newcomers. Additionally, exploring the map during the early stages will help you familiarize yourself with the surroundings. Compared to other professions, Priests possess superior survivability, granting you an advantage against opponents.

  • Utilize the Brewmaster Talent: If you acquire Brew, take advantage of the Brewmaster talent. Before engaging an opponent, activate Blessing and Protection, consume the beer, and attack with a stick. This combination significantly increases your chances of victory.

  • Poison Tactics: With Lesser Healing and Sanctuary at your disposal, you can endure poison damage and sustain yourself without relying on other players. When encountering opponents, consider leading them into poison-infested areas. Typically, other players will hesitate to follow, giving you an opportunity to heal and engage in combat, potentially securing a kill.

  • Evacuation Point Strategy: In the center of the map, you'll find the crucial evacuation point. This point opens in the later stages of the game, allowing a designated person to evacuate. To optimize your chances of survival, explore the area and complete your search before waiting for the evacuation point to open. Once available, make your way to the evacuation point for a safe escape.

By following these tips and strategies, you'll enhance your gameplay experience and increase your chances of success in the Goblin Map. Embrace the power of the Priest class, master your skills, and adapt to different scenarios for a thrilling and victorious journey!

Preseason Tasks and Rewards in FIFA 23: Everything You Need to Know

Are you ready for the upcoming FIFA 23 preseason tasks?   In this article, we'll provide a detailed explanation of the tasks and address some common questions.   One question that often arises is whether rewards can be transferred between different console series.   Let's clarify this: PS4 and PS5 are considered the same console series, allowing you to share accounts and rewards between these platforms.   Similarly, Steam, APP, and EPIC users can share rewards as they utilize the PC's EA APP software during game startup.   However, keep in mind that Xbox and NS platforms are separate, so rewards can only be transferred within the same platform by using the same EA account.

Now, let's delve into the rewards you can expect.   All rewards are non-tradeable and will be distributed before October 12, 2023.   To claim your rewards, simply log in to EA FC 24's Ultimate Team before November 12.   The preseason rewards in the early stages of the game are truly impressive.   If you're a dedicated FIFA player, it's definitely worth completing these tasks to receive the rewards.   Among the rewards, you'll find 15 players from the top five leagues, including five players rated 83+, three players rated 84+, and four players rated 82+.   These rewards are invaluable during the initial phase of the game.   Additionally, you'll receive 10,000 coins that can be used to secure your desired players early on.

Now, let's address the difficulty of certain tasks that have raised concerns among players.   First up is the "New Era" task, which is relatively simple.   Every two days, you'll need to complete an SBC (Squad Building Challenge) using a full bronze lineup.   Upon completion, you'll receive two Rare Gold Player Packs, a Base Hero Loan Pack (5 games), and a Coin Boost (1000 coins x 5 games).   This task can be easily accomplished upon logging in.   The second task, "Join the Club," offers even better rewards.   In the first week, you'll receive three rare gold players from each of the top five leagues.   This task isn't particularly challenging either.   You just need to field a squad from each league and score a total of four goals.   Victories are not required, so you can even score a goal and then indulge in other activities while the game finishes.   Completing this requirement for all five leagues will take approximately 20 matches,each game takes about 15 minutes,so finish the task need about 300 minutes, equivalent to five hours.   It can be completed in a single afternoon.   With a task duration of 15 days, it's easily achievable within that time frame if you play at a normal pace.

Now, you might be wondering if these tasks are worth your time and effort.   Well, it depends on your personal circumstances.   If you're a free-to-play or minimal spender, these rewards are highly valuable, and we strongly recommend completing the tasks.   On the other hand, if you're the type of player who already opens ten or twenty sets at the beginning of a new season and has sufficient resources to support your squad, you may choose to skip these tasks as you can obtain good cards through other means.   Ultimately, it comes down to your personal energy and enthusiasm.   If you have the drive to complete the tasks, go for it!   However, if you're lacking the energy, remember that it's just a game, so don't stress too much.   It's all about having fun.   But if you're up for the challenge, it can be a worthwhile endeavor that sets you up for success in FIFA 23.

EA FC 24: Top Ten Rated Players Revealed

In EA FC 24, EA has released the player ratings, with Kylian Mbappé, Erling Braut Haaland, Kevin De Bruyne, and Alexia Putellas jointly topping the list with a rating of 91. In this article, we introduced the top ten players in terms of their ratings in EA FC 24. The ratings are based on the players' performances and abilities in the real world. We discussed the achievements and improvements of each player, including Mbappé's consistency, Haaland's remarkable goal-scoring record, De Bruyne's assist efficiency, Putellas' leadership in women's football, Messi's success with Paris and Argentina, Kerr's continued dominance, Lewandowski's efficiency, Kane's transfer and improvements, Benzema's performance and transfer, and Courtois' outstanding goalkeeping skills. EA FC 24 brings an exciting lineup of players with diverse talents and achievements.

Kylian Mbappé

Last season, Mbappé made 43 appearances for Paris, scoring 41 goals and providing 10 assists in various competitions. At the national team level, Mbappé also led the team to the World Cup final. Compared to last season, Mbappé's overall rating remained the same, with a slight increase in shooting and a two-point increase in physicality. I believe Mbappé will still be the most usable gold card in EA FC 24.

Erling Braut Haaland


Last season, Haaland played 53 matches, scoring 52 goals and providing 9 assists in various competitions. In the English Premier League, he played 35 matches, scoring 36 goals and providing 8 assists. In the UEFA Champions League, he played 11 matches, scoring 12 goals and providing 1 assist. In the 22/23 season, Haaland led Manchester City to win the English Premier League and the FA Cup, as well as the club's first-ever UEFA Champions League title, completing the treble. In comparison to FIFA 23, Haaland's data has seen significant improvements. His overall rating has increased from 88 to 91, and his shooting, passing, and physical attributes have all improved compared to last season.

Kevin De Bruyne

In the 2022-23 season, De Bruyne made 32 appearances in the English Premier League, scoring 7 goals and providing 16 assists. He became the player with the highest assist efficiency in the Premier League, contributing an assist every 151.6 minutes. In the UEFA Champions League, he provided 7 assists, helping Manchester City win the English Premier League and the Champions League, and he was selected for the UEFA Champions League Best XI. De Bruyne's speed have slightly decreased, while his passing and physical attributes have improved.

Alexia Putellas

In the recently concluded Women's World Cup, Putellas led the Spanish women's national team to win the championship. She also led Barcelona Women's team to win the Spanish Women's Super League title. These achievements have propelled her to surpass Kerr and become the highest-rated female football player.

Leo Messi

Throughout the 22/23 season, Messi made 32 appearances for Paris in Ligue 1, scoring 16 goals and providing 16 assists, helping the team win the French league title. After the season, he transferred to Miami International. In the Qatar World Cup, Messi led Argentina to victory, scoring 7 goals and providing 3 assists, and clinching the World Cup title.

Sam Keer

For Kerr, this has been yet another remarkable season. She made 38 appearances in various competitions, scoring 29 goals and once again achieving the double crown of the FA Women's Super League and the FA Cup. Kerr was awarded the Club's Player of the Season and the Season's Best Player, making it her second consecutive year to win these honors. She also received the accolade of the FA Women's Super League Player of the Year at the London Football Awards for the second year in a row.

Robert Lewandowski

Last season, Lewandowski made 44 appearances for Barcelona, scoring 31 goals. In La Liga, he played 34 matches and scored 23 goals, while in the Champions League, he played 5 matches and scored 5 goals. In the Europa League, he played 2 matches and scored 1 goal. He continued to display his high efficiency on the field. In terms of ability ratings, his overall rating decreased slightly, but his specific data, such as passing and physical attributes, showed improvements.

Harry Kane

In the 2022-23 season, Harry Kane made 47 appearances for Tottenham Hotspur, scoring 33 goals. In the English Premier League, he played 38 matches and scored 30 goals, while in the Champions League, he played 8 matches and scored 2 goals. At the end of the season, he transferred to Bayern Munich for a transfer fee of 100 million. In terms of player ratings, his overall rating increased slightly, with improvements in PAC (pace), SHO (shooting), PAS (passing), and PHY (physical) attributes.

Karim Benzema

Last season, Benzema made 38 appearances for Real Madrid, scoring 27 goals. In La Liga, he played 24 matches and scored 19 goals, while in the Champions League, he played 9 matches and scored 3 goals. After the season, he made a free transfer to Al-Ittihad Club. However, Benzema's rating decreased by 1 point, with slight decreases in PAC (pace) and DRI (dribbling) attributes.

Thibaut Courtois

Courtois continued his outstanding performances last season, making a total of 49 appearances. In La Liga, he averaged 2.9 saves per game, while in the Champions League, he contributed a remarkable average of 4.2 saves per game. In terms of ability ratings, his overall rating remained unchanged, but attributes such as DIV (diving), KIC (kicking), REF (reflexes), and POS (positioning) have all seen some improvements.

EA FC 24 brings together a captivating lineup of players with diverse talents and impressive accomplishments. The ratings are based on their real-world performances and abilities, making them highly desirable in the game. Whether it's Mbappé's speed, Haaland's goal-scoring prowess, De Bruyne's playmaking abilities, or Putellas' leadership, these top-rated players promise an exciting and competitive gaming experience in EA FC 24.

Dark and Darker: Rising from Legal Battles to Deliver an Immersive RPG Experience

Dark and Darker, a highly anticipated game set to be released on Steam, has faced a sudden and unexpected setback due to a legal dispute. The developers, Ironmace, found themselves entangled in a DMCA and copyright strike initiated by Nexon, who accused them of stealing code from a canceled game called P3. This legal battle has left fans wondering about the fate of Dark and Darker.

Can Dark and Darker Still be Played?

Despite the legal turmoil, Dark and Darker has managed to make a comeback. As of Monday, August 7, 2023, the game is available in early access. Players can purchase the current version of the game, although a definitive release date for the full version has yet to be announced.

Paid Game, Controversial Pricing:

However, Dark and Darker's return hasn't been without controversy. Many fans on Reddit have expressed dissatisfaction with the game's pricing model. Unlike most games that offer in-game items for purchase, Dark and Darker is not free to play. Players must pay $35 to acquire the game or opt for the $50 founder's edition.

How to Download Dark and Darker 2023:

To download Dark and Darker, interested players must first purchase the game from the official website. An Ironmace account is required to complete the purchase. Once the game is acquired, players need to download Blacksmith, the game's launcher. After installing Blacksmith, they can dive into the immersive world of Dark and Darker.

Disappearance from Steam:

Dark and Darker faced a setback earlier this year when it was removed from the Steam storefront due to a copyright infringement claim filed by Nexon, the publisher. This unexpected removal left many players disappointed and uncertain about the game's future.

Legal Victory for Dark and Darker:

However, there is a glimmer of hope for Dark and Darker. On August 18, Ironmace announced that a United States District Court had dismissed Nexon's lawsuit against the studio and its co-founders, Terence Park and Ju-Hyun Choi. This legal victory provides some reassurance to fans who were concerned about the game's fate.

Challenging Solo Gameplay:

Dark and Darker poses a significant challenge for solo players, even in its solo-only mode. Both players and non-player enemies deliver powerful blows, making it crucial to master dodging, understand your character's abilities, and rely on a bit of luck when confronting the final portal.

Possible Console Release:

Although not confirmed, there are indications that Dark and Darker may eventually be released on PS4 and PS5 consoles. Developer Ironmace Games has hinted at plans to bring the game to consoles, but only after the PC version is fully released. However, no specific timeline has been provided.

Built on Unreal Engine:

Dark and Darker is built on the powerful Unreal Engine. Ironmace has denied the allegations of code theft, asserting that the game was developed from scratch using Unreal Engine assets and original code. The controversy even led to a police raid on Ironmace's office in Seongnam on March 8, 2023, in search of evidence related to the accusations.

Choosing the Right Class in Dark and Darker:

When venturing into the treacherous world of Dark and Darker, selecting the appropriate class is crucial. The Fighter class is considered the best all-around choice for solo play, offering a balance of strong attacks, blocking capabilities with a shield, and even self-healing skills. However, the Ranger class has gained significant popularity during playtest sessions, providing players with the ability to eliminate dangerous foes from a distance using the Recurve bow.


Dark and Darker's journey has been filled with unexpected twists and turns. Despite legal challenges and controversies, the game has managed to make a comeback in early access. Players can still enjoy this immersive RPG by purchasing the game, although concerns about pricing persist. With a recent legal victory and the possibility of a future console release, fans of Dark and Darker can remain hopeful about the game's future.

NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

In this comprehensive review and analysis, we delve into the details of the NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog. We'll dissect every aspect of the game, from its highs and lows to its overall impact on the gaming community. By the end of this article, we'll have formed an opinion on whether this new mode lives up to the hype.

Earning My Team Points in NBA 2K24

One standout feature in the NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog is the new methods of earning My Team (MT) points. The game developers have made it easier to generate MT points by simply playing the game, a marked improvement from previous versions where the primary way to earn points was through opening packs or sniping. This is a significant upgrade, addressing one of the most prominent flaws in the previous versions.

Changes to Card Tiers and the Auction House

In addition, the developers have introduced a restriction on card tiers, with 92 to 94 overall cards being the highest tiers for the first two seasons. This is a positive move towards improving the pace of the game and keeping the competition balanced.

However, a striking change in NBA 2K24 is the disappearance of the Auction House. In its place, we now have the Player Market, a platform where players can buy and sell cards with MT points. This change comes with its own set of pros and cons. On one hand, it provides a more streamlined way to acquire cards, but on the other, it might lead to an increased spend for players to build a competitive team.

Card Grading and Value Depreciation

The game has also introduced a card grading system. The higher the grade of a card, the more it sells for. This means that a card's worth is not just determined by its player but also by its grade, adding another layer of strategy to the game. Another interesting feature is that cards do not depreciate in value. Regardless of how long you've owned a card, it will still sell for its original value. This means that even if a card becomes less relevant in gameplay over time, it doesn't lose its value in the market.

Earning XP and Season Rewards

In NBA 2K24, players earn XP through gameplay and limited-time challenges. This makes the process of levelling up more engaging and challenging. The season one rewards include a level one LeBron James and a level 40 Kyrie Irving. However, to unlock the ultimate reward, a Brandon Roy card, players need to complete every single game mode.

Changes to Agendas

The game's developers have revamped the agendas, making them more integral to the gameplay. Instead of just offering XP, the new agendas provide specific cards and other in-game items, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The Salary Cap Mode

One feature that has stirred up some debate is the new salary cap mode. In this mode, a card's salary is determined by its usage, not its quality or tier. This could potentially create imbalance, especially if a lower-rated card that's popular among players ends up costing more than a higher-rated but less used card. Such a system might discourage the use of budget players in the salary cap mode, which could be a concern for players who prefer to build teams on a budget.


The NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog brings a host of changes to the game, some exciting and others controversial. While the ease of earning MT points and the elimination of card value depreciation are welcome changes, the removal of the Auction House and the introduction of the salary cap mode have raised some eyebrows. It remains to be seen how these changes impact the gaming experience in the long run. But for now, the NBA 2K24 My Team Death Vlog is an intriguing addition to the franchise, promising a new era of strategic gameplay and intense competition.

NBA 2K 24 MyPlayer Mode: Dominate the Court with Ideal Teams by Position


In NBA 2K MyPlayer mode, choosing the right team and position is crucial for achieving dominance and success. This article explores the optimal teams for each position, providing insights into both individual domination and team triumph. Whether you aim to showcase your skills or secure championships, we have the ideal teams to help you achieve your goals.

  • Point Guard: If individual domination is your goal, join the Charlotte Hornets, replacing LaMelo Ball. With the freedom to control the game and a team in need of your leadership, you can have a great time dominating on the court. However, for a winning experience, the Phoenix Suns offer a stacked lineup with Devin Booker, Bradley Beal, Kevin Durant, and DeAndre Ayton, creating an unbeatable team dynamic.

  • Shooting Guard: To dominate as a shooting guard, opt for the Washington Wizards, replacing Jordan Pool. With the ability to do whatever you want on the court, this team allows you to take charge and showcase your skills. However, if you prefer playing for a broken team with a guaranteed NBA Finals appearance, the Milwaukee Bucks, featuring Jrue Holiday, Chris Middleton, and Giannis, provide an exhilarating opportunity.

  • Small Forward: For individual dominance, choose the Utah Jazz, replacing Larry Marketing. This team relies on your skills and versatility, allowing you to excel in various aspects of the game. On the other hand, if team dominance is your priority, the Cleveland Cavaliers offer a chance to assume LeBron James's role alongside talented players like Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Mobley, and Jared Allen.

  • Power Forward: If you seek personal dominance, join the Orlando Magic, replacing Paolo BanCaro. As a driving force behind the team's success, you can showcase your skills and potentially carry the team to the playoffs. However, for team dominance, the Los Angeles Clippers, featuring Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Zubach, create an exciting lineup with the potential for a championship run.

  • Center: Those aiming for individual domination should consider the San Antonio Spurs, replacing Victor Wanyama. Leading a talented squad, including Trey Jones, Devin Vassell, Kelton Johnson, and Jeremy Sohan, you can dominate the court and be the 

  • centerpiece of the team. Alternatively, the Houston Rockets, with Fred VanVleet, Jalen Green, Dylan Brooks, Jabari Smith Jr., and Kevin Porter Jr., offer a dynamic team experience.

  • Ultimate Team for Championships: The Golden State Warriors provide the perfect environment for winning championships and dominating as a team. With Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, and Draymond Green, you can thrive as the missing piece that James Wiseman was meant to be. Catch lobs, make spectacular plays, and enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience.

By strategically selecting the right team and position in NBA 2K MyPlayer mode, you can maximize your potential for individual dominance or team triumph. Whether you aim to showcase your skills or secure championships, these ideal teams will set you on the path to success.

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