The Next Partner Event in Monopoly Go is Fountain Partners April 2024


Next Monopoly Go Partner Event: Fountain Partners April 2024

04-01 14:31

Next Partner Event in Monopoly Go (April 2024)

In the dynamic world of Monopoly GO, players not only compete to dominate the board but also have the opportunity to collaborate through Partner Events. These events are a unique aspect of the game, offering a break from the competitive rush and allowing players to team up for mutual benefits. Unlike regular gameplay, Partner Events focus on cooperation, strategy, and collective effort to achieve shared objectives.

The excitement for the next Partner Event is always high among the Monopoly GO community. These events not only provide a chance to earn exclusive rewards but also strengthen the bonds within the player community. As we gear up for the upcoming "Fountain Partners" event, let's delve into what we know so far, including its release date, gameplay mechanics, and how it builds on the legacy of previous Partner Events.

The Next Partner Event in Monopoly GO: Fountain Partners

The upcoming Partner Event in Monopoly GO for April 2024 is "Fountain Partners." In this event, players will team up to undertake tasks related to constructing and decorating fountains. A new token, "Mr. Shell," will play a central role in the event mechanics. Participants will need to collect "Mr. Shell" tokens to progress through event challenges and unlock exclusive rewards.

Fountain Partners Event Preview

This event directly follows the "Spring Treasure" mini-game, continuing the engaging series of community-centric activities within Monopoly GO.

Release Date

"Fountain Partners," the next Monopoly GO Partner Event, is scheduled for April 2024. An exact date is yet to be announced. There are rumors that it will be released on the 6th. Players are advised to stay tuned to official channels for the specific launch day.

All Previous Partner Events

Event NameDate StartedDate Ended
Hot Rod Partners8th March 202413th March 2024
Valentine Partners9th February 202414th February 2024
Gardening Partners8th January 202413th January 2024
Gift Partners15th December 202320th December 2023
Thanksgiving Partners21st November 202326th November 2023
Spooky Car Partners27th October 20231st November 2023
Toy Partners2nd October 20237th October 2023

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How to Play Partner Events?

To participate in "Fountain Partners" or any Monopoly GO Partner Event, follow these steps:

  1. Open Monopoly GO and navigate to the Partner Events section on the event's start date.

  2. Team up with friends or other players. 

  3. Collect the event-specific token, "Mr. Shell" in the case of "Fountain Partners", by completing each partner slot.

  4. Use the collected tokens to progress through event milestones, contributing to your team's overall success.

  5. Reach milestones together to unlock rewards for each team member, even the grand prize.

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