Monopoly Go 1st Anniversary Bash: A Guide to Milestones and Rewards


Monopoly Go 1st Anniversary Bash: A Guide to Milestones and Rewards

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Monopoly Go 1st Anniversary Bash: A Guide to Milestones and Rewards

Join in the celebration of the Monopoly Go 1st Anniversary Bash! This event is packed with excitement and special rewards that players won't want to miss. Below is a comprehensive article outlining the event details, formatted for SEO to ensure visibility and structured engagement.

Event Schedule

The 1st Anniversary Bash in Monopoly GO! is set to start from April 16th to April 18th

Celebrating One Year of Property Building Fun

As Monopoly Go hits its first monumental anniversary, the game invites its patrons to partake in a unique engagement - the Anniversary Treasures mini-game. Players will have the chance to reminisce and gather specially-crafted commemorative tokens that showcase the journey of Monopoly Go since its inception.

Navigating the Milestone Mechanisms

Over the course of the event, players can achieve up to 48 distinctive milestones. Each represents a challenge and an opportunity to collect a variety of Monopoly-themed rewards that only amplify the gaming experience.

Comprehensive Reward Rundown

The most alluring aspect of the event lies in the rewards - a range that promises something for every participant. Displayed here in a clear, easy-to-understand table, see at a glance what lies in store at each milestone:

<span style="font-family: Poppins;">Fancy Styled Table</span>
IndexEvent PointsReward
153 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
3101-Star Green Sticker Pack
475125 Free Dice Rolls
5154 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
6151-Star Green Sticker Pack
7205 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
82510-Minute Rent Frenzy Boost
9150230 Free Dice Rolls
10257 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
11301-Star Green Sticker Pack
13358 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
14450600 Free Dice Rolls
15502-Star Yellow Sticker Pack
166010-Minute Cash Grab Boost
177010 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
19900800 Free Dice Rolls
20603-Star Pink Sticker Pack
216514 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
239010-Minute High Roller Boost
2415001200 Free Dice Rolls
2512015 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
262004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
2715017 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
28140100 Free Dice Rolls
30170125 Free Dice Rolls
3118020 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
332504-Star Blue Sticker Pack
3418001500 Free Dice Rolls
3525022 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
363505-Minute Cash Boost
376005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
3870030 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
3940002800 Free Dice Rolls
4070015-Minute High Roller Boost
41900500 Free Dice Rolls
4280040 Anniversary Treasures Tokens
441100700 Free Dice Rolls
4612505-Star Purple Sticker Pack
4875006500 Free Dice Rolls + 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack
<span style="font-family: Poppins;">Monopoly Go 1st Anniversary Bash: A Guide to Milestones and Rewards</span>

Conclusion: Make Your Move

The Monopoly Go 1st Anniversary Bash stands as not merely a celebration of the game's first year, but as an exemplar of how far the community has come. Don't miss out on the merriment and the bountiful rewards—it's time to roll the dice to build, strategize, and prosper. Bring your best game to the board and let's make this anniversary bash a commemorative victory!

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