All Rewards and Milestones in monopoly go Circuit Champs


All Rewards and Milestones in monopoly go Circuit Champs

Jack    05-16 16:43

All Rewards and Milestones in monopoly go Circuit Champs

Introduction to Circuit Champs

Monopoly GO's Circuit Champs tournament stands as a thrilling test of strategy and luck. In this guide, we'll explore how you can navigate through the challenges and emerge victorious with exclusive rewards.

What is Circuit Champs?

The Circuit Champs is not just another event in Monopoly GO but a gateway to unparalleled excitement and rewards. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Competitive Play: Engage in head-to-head battles on a leaderboard where only the most strategic players thrive.
  • Rewarding Milestones: Achieve specific milestones to unlock a treasure trove of rewards tailored to enhance your Monopoly GO journey.

Rewards and Milestones

The Circuit Champs tournament is laden with enticing rewards and critical milestones designed to enrich your Monopoly GO voyage. Each achievement not only marks your progress but also unlocks exclusive treasures. Here is the rewards and milestones for the Circuit Champs event:

Milestone Points Circuit Champs Rewards
1 45 120 Partner event tokens
2 55 50 Dice Rolls
3 80 Sticker Pack (1-Star x2)
4 90 140 Partner event tokens
5 120 90 Dice Rolls
6 150 High Roller 5 Minutes
7 140 160 Partner event tokens
8 200 Sticker Pack (2-Star x3)
9 250 150 Dice Rolls
10 230 Sticker Pack (3-Star x3)
11 260 Cash
12 275 180 Partner event tokens
13 300 Sticker Pack (4-Star x4)
14 400 Cash
15 400 250 Dice Rolls
16 450 220 Partner event tokens
17 500 Mega Heist 25 Minutes
18 600 Cash
19 700 400 Dice Rolls
20 800 Sticker Pack (4-Star x4)
21 900 350 Partner event tokens
22 1,000 Cash
23 1,200 650 Dice Rolls
24 1,300 Cash
25 1,800 Sticker Pack (4-Star x4)
26 2,000 1,100 Dice Rolls
27 1,500 Cash Boost 10 Minutes
28 2,500 450 Partner event tokens
29 2,600 Cash
30 3,200 1,700 Dice Rolls

Strategies to Win

To ensure your place amongst the champions in the Circuit Champs, a strategic approach is paramount. Consider the following tactics:

  • Planning Ahead: Analyze the board and anticipate moves to optimize your strategy for each round.
  • Leveraging Power-Ups: Make the most of available power-ups to gain an edge over competitors.
  • Collaboration: Team up with friends for strategic plays, maximizing the chances of securing top rewards.


The journey through Monopoly GO's Circuit Champs is both challenging and rewarding. Armed with the right strategies and an understanding of the coveted rewards, you're set to make a mark. Dive into the tournament prepared, and may your endeavors lead you to victory and prestige within the Monopoly GO community.

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