Summary of Commanders Madden 23 Ratings


Summary of Commanders Madden 23 Ratings

BuyMMOG    2022-07-27 12:06

It has become an annual event to discuss the first Madden ratings, and the slate included in Madden 23 is no exception. EA Sports has been using Madden's Twitter account for the past week to share the positional ratings. The lineup for the Washington Commanders in the most recent version of the game has now been fully disclosed, giving us a complete look at every player who will be in it.

Two of the top 10 players at each position are on the Commanders, who have a team rating of 81. Terry McLaurin trails Jonathan Allen on the team with a rating of 91, the ninth-best rating for a receiver, while Jonathan Allen leads with a rating of 92, the fourth-highest rating for a defensive lineman. The commander's top rookie, Jahan Dotson (75), was selected in the first round.

The Commanders have a total of 12 players that have at least an 80 or better. Chase Young (86), William Jackson III (83), and Antonio Gibson (80)are among them, while Kendall Fuller, who has the third-best overall rating (89) on the squad, is also among them (80).

These are the Commanders' top-rated players at each position:

QB Carson Wentz: 73

RB Antonio Gibson: 80

WR Terry McLaurin: 91

TE Logan Thomas: 78

G Andrew Norwell: 80

C Chase Roullier: 80

T Charles Leno: 80

DT Jonathan Allen: 92

DE Chase Young: 86

LB Cole Holcomb: 79

CB Kendall Fuller: 89

S Kam Curl: 79

Players for the Commanders performed well in some of Madden's different categories as well. With a combined speed rating of 94, four players—Mclaurin, Percy Butler, Curtis Samuel, and Troy Apke—lead the squad. Butler also has the team's greatest acceleration (96), while McLaurin has the best catching (97), stamina (96), and spectacular catches for the Commanders (95).  Here, View the Madden ratings for the remaining NFL teams.

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