10 Best Ways to Get Polychrome or Summons in Zenist Zone Zero


10 Best Ways to Get Polychrome or Summons in Zenist Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero Jack    07-10 16:13

10 Best Ways to Get Polychrome or Summons in Zenist Zone Zero

Hello everybody, and welcome back to another video! Today, I'm giving you the 10 best ways to get Polychrome or Summons in Zenist Zone Zero. If you don't know already, Polychrome is the material you use to get your summons. It's this little wavy, weird-looking thing—I don't even know how to describe it. But anyways, today we're going to be talking about how you can get the most of those as possible, along with some standard summons and a lot more stuff.

1. Officer Mumu

The first way I have for you is actually right in front of us: Officer Mumu. He's a really easy way to get some Polychromes. He's in three different locations in the game: Brand Construction Street, Ballot Twins Road, and Lumia Square. In each of these locations, he has a little board for you with a bunch of tasks. All you need to do is complete them, and you get 10 free Polychromes. You can do this in all three squares for a total of 480 Polychromes. Now, that's a nice little additional amount, but it's not the biggest thing in the world.

2. Character Leveling

Let's talk about how to get some guaranteed 160 Polychrome worth of wishes, and that's in your character menu. When you level up your characters like Ca, Grace, and Ellen (doesn't matter who), you get free Master Tapes. It works the same way as Genshin and Honai, where for every level cap (20, 40, and 60), you get three Master Tapes in total. I strongly recommend leveling up all of your characters to at least level 20 to get one Master Tape. In fact, you don't even have to level them to 20—only to 10. Ascend them, and then you get your very first Master Tape. So, I strongly recommend doing that.

3. Errands Book

The next easy way to grind Polychromes is through your Errands Book. There are two different ways to get Polychromes here: the daily missions and the primer. For your daily missions, you get 60 Polychrome in total. In the primer, you can complete different trials to get more Polychrome. You can ascend this to get 50 for the first one. I'm not sure what it is after the first one, but I'm sure you get even more Polychrome.

4. Hollow Deep Dive System

You also have the Hollow Deep Dive system. All you have to do is complete story exploration or combat missions to get even more Polychrome. Click on any of the stages, then click the little search in the bottom left corner to see how much a stage will give you. For the first clear reward, you get 30, plus an additional 30 for the observation data. On Hard Mode, some challenges give you 20 Polychrome. The hard stages generally give less than the easy stages but can still be fun for an extra challenge.

5. Limited Events

There are numerous limited events that offer a ton of rewards, including Polychrome. These events can give you up to 100 free pulls. While you might not need this video until much later due to these events, it's good to know how to maximize your rewards.

6. Arcade Achievements

The arcade gives you more Polychrome inside the achievements you get from playing games like Snake Duel and Souls Hound. Once you beat these games, go to achievements and claim a bunch of Polychromes. Each game has specific requirements, such as reaching a depth of 500m in Souls Hound or obtaining five items in Snake Duel.

7. Overworld Exploration

A bit of Overworld exploration can also yield Polychrome. There are lots of little chests hidden throughout Zen Zone Zero, each giving you five Polychrome when claimed. Not the greatest reward, but better than nothing.

8. Achievements Menu

Your achievements menu provides more Polychrome for completing basic achievements in the game, like reaching agent level 30. Go through this list, see what you need to do, and claim the Polychrome.

9. VR Device and Workbench

The VR device gives you summons through character trials. For each trial you complete, you get 10 Polychromes. The workbench, while not the best way, also provides Polychromes. For every tutorial you go through in the proxy handbook, you get a singular Polychrome.

10. Character Trust Meter

The character trust meter is another simple way to grind Polychrome. By raising the trust level with a character, you can get up to 80 Polychrome at max trust. Just interact with the character to increase trust.

Finally, the remodeling shop provides Bon tokens, which are useful in combat. By leveling up your Bons, you get Bon tokens for more summons.

Remember, commissions and the inut level also give Polychrome. For example, at level three, you get 200 Polychrome, and at level five, you get two Master Tapes. Grind inut exp to increase these rewards.

Endgame Modes at Scott Outpost

In the endgame modes at Scott Outpost, you can grind the most Polychrome. The Shiu Defense mode and the Hollow Zero are the best sources. In Shiu Defense, you get 100 Polychrome per grade (A, B, S). In Hollow Zero, you get Polychrome, Bon tokens, and more by completing stages and bounty commissions.

24-Hour Store

Finally, the 24-hour store offers PS Master Tapes and encrypted tapes, which you can buy using residual signals. These reset monthly, so make sure to buy them out every month.

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