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I would like to start by saying that when I started playing Madden it was probably one of the worst experience for me because it was hard for me to get certain cards because of the prices of the cards I would start by packs and I feel like I wasn’t getting anywhere and I would spend so much money on packs and I would get a little out of it ever since I started purchasing coins from BUYMMOGXP I’ve never felt any better the experience is awesome and amazing and the fact that I’m able to create a team that I like in such little time because of the process I have to go through with you guys is so amazing I feel so comfortable enough to give you guys my account information I just wanna thank you guys for the bottom of my heart for allowing us as gamers to Be great in a game we love to play so much and I want to thank you for making everything so easy and you guys keep up the great work
Earl fort
01-11 21:25
I have bought coins twice throughout the year and delivery came within 10-30 minutes both times and its trustworthy
Cae lett
01-11 21:22
Awesome Customer Support and quick delivery 
Joel fey
01-11 21:12
Great site love BUYMMOG great customer service and super legit would recommend to anyone who is a first time buyer you won’t regret it. Get that god squad 
New ckle
01-11 21:07
Amazing was skeptical at first cause I never bought coins but they make it easy and the customer service is really good they solved an issue I had within 30min will definitely recommend to anyone who wants fast legit in game currency will definitely buy again! 
Mot bart
01-11 02:08
This website may not be the fastest but it is the chepest what I do is when I wait for my coins I play a game over superstore KO or somthing like that I rate it 5 stars
Wins bey
01-11 01:02
Best Place to Buy Lucent
Ken dam
01-11 00:38
The Coins are stupid cheap, fast delivery, and legit sells. No scams and are 100% reliable to make your madden god squad
Watt man
01-11 00:22
Best coin buying website super legit 
Brook croft
01-11 00:12
BUYMMOG is super legit I have bought over probably 10 million coins or equal to like 400$. I don’t even have to look at any other site I just go to BUYMMOG and buy from here. During my experience I have always got my coins in under 30 mins and never had a single problem. They are also very cheap and the most reliable I reccomed buying from here.
Grace ine
01-11 00:07
Great website love it
Elroy phne
01-10 23:26
Aún no e tenido la necesidad de comprar monedas pero por lo que veo es muy confiable, recomendado!
Jane gess
01-10 23:26
I love you thanks for all the nut team coins 
Grote boyle
01-10 23:24
Stupid cheap, 100% reliable, and are no scam. Best website to get coins on
Hi dith
01-10 23:15
I highly recommend you use BUYMMOG. They are literally the cheapest coins on the market, I’ve used them countless times, and it’s always really smooth and super quick. If there’s any problems ever they just send you an email and the customer support is super nice. I highly recommend you use BUYMMOG to build your team. 
Ze kin
01-10 04:54
1000% legit! You’ll get your coins super fast too! 
Shir dith
01-10 01:37
Best Lucent site for sure
Crane swift
01-09 23:37
Y’all are alway so reliable man it’s crazy.
Wheat rob
01-09 22:20
Definitely most legit coin buying website truly appreciate y’all services
Blume drew
01-09 21:29
I highly recommend BUYMMOG. They are the cheapest stickers on the market, they’re super quick. If there is any issue with the card, customer support is amazing and super nice. I love using BUYMMOG, I’ve used them countless times to get my album finished. Save your money and buy stickers. I love this site.
Ad boyce
01-09 21:28
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