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I ordered coins for many purchases. It came via free shipping in a couple of hours as promised. Exactly what I ordered. Lower price than all the other sellers. Perfect condition. No sweat. No problems. As good as service described in their store. 5 star!
Sails leif
2022-10-18 09:28
This was the only place that had my extra 2K coins in stock. I ended up buying a few. Wonderful experience, arrived very quickly.
Webb ray
2022-10-18 09:28
Satisfied customer here. I just got my order and I am happy with my orders.
She bey
2022-10-17 17:54
I respect a company that does what they say they will do.
Phoe penn
2022-10-17 17:51
Solid. Got exactly what I paid for at market price. Purchase and delivery pulled off flawlessly with good speed of service. The path to 5 stars would be to somehow offer better pricing. I will note that the price that I paid was right in line with everyone else, though.
Up croft
2022-10-17 17:51
Good experience. Swap some players. Asked for status of delivery 2 hours and wait a little longer.... But they were very courteous!! Reassure me that they are not scammers at all, I will purchase again!
Rho brey
2022-10-17 15:57
buymmog has been a solid company that I've bought a number of coins and players. They seem to be a responsive and fair company.
Jo lyn
2022-10-17 15:46
I love their services, I also noticed that my account is safe for certain, it's worth it!!!
Za phil
2022-10-17 15:46
So comfortable. My account don't get banned. Really nice.
Ge xy
2022-10-17 09:20
This was the only place that had my FIFA 23 coins in stock. I ended up buying them. Wonderful speed, arrived very quickly.
Ray lew
2022-10-17 09:17
Great experience. Got the wrong platform, asked for replacement and offsetting the difference which, was so easy and fast.
Sax phael
2022-10-17 09:17
I was in doubt about buying from buymmog, according to the current policy - I had a pleasant surprise, though. I've placed an order on 14 October, and got the coins within 2 hours devoid of being banned. Super in time delivery and the things were just as described - the price was perfect indeed, great deal.
Christ sor
2022-10-15 17:46
I was very hesitant to try buymmog because of the negative reviews, but I decided to try it and I am so happy that I did! They had the lowest prices out of all of the websites.
Jes thus
2022-10-15 17:46
I had never heard of them before, but honestly was a bit nervous ordering from this company, helpfully they have benignant service despite that EA keep belligerent to us.
Joan lard
2022-10-15 17:27
I found exactly the coins I wanted, to my expectation, available to deliver immediately. They arrived promptly. Totally satisfied with the experience.
Gal les
2022-10-15 09:05
coins was as described. Arrived early. Excellent experience with buymmog over the years.
Fo yule
2022-10-15 08:03
Fast and inexpensive shipping keeps me coming back!
Sy clark
2022-10-15 08:03
I have always like buymmog . You have to pay for all returns. For that reason, I will purchase more often.
Blume vian
2022-10-14 18:00
I am on Xbox one and have a valid ea play subscription and lack players. Bought the coins and I can’t wait to get the players I want.
In cy
2022-10-14 17:55
Shipping to the account twice as originally estimated by 2 hours. Second time this year. Your service, has consistently attracted me. You’ve had me as a long time customer for good.
Cleve wolf
2022-10-14 17:55
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